Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hades : Ruler of the Underworld

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Are you familiar with Greek Mythology? Do you like their stories? Actually, many teenagers love this topics, especially the 12 Olympian Gods. They possess different powers and traits, which can be related to our personalities. With these, we tend to pick our favorites. Who would you choose to be related to you and your personality.

Hades, in Greek, or Pluto, in Roman, the god of wealth, death, and the Underworld, is one of the 12 Olympian Deities and one of the big three, Zeus, Poseidon, and him. Zeus rules the heavens, Poseidon owns the seas and oceans, and he thrones the Underworld. These deities meet in Mt. Olympus except, him. He wasn't able to be with his brothers and sisters because he needs to do his job down to the Underworld.

Many people tend to be afraid of him. Yes, he rules the Underworld but it doesn't mean that he is scary, deadly and evil. He also wants friends, like us, but with our impressions, he had none.

Just like me, he is sad, insensitive, gloomy, and lonely. For your information, he doesn't pay attention to the world above him. He doesn't even care what's happening in the outside world. He only does one thing... .... sticking with the dead people.

Another trait that he possesses, like mine, is being envious. We all know that Hades is the eldest among his siblings but still he was assigned to take charge the Underworld. So, he envy his siblings, especially Zeus, who rules the whole kingdom.

Hades is also the invisible god because in the group of deities, he is always the outcast and the strange one. Plus, he has this kind of helmet, called as Helm of Darkness, that turns him invisible when he wears it.

Hades' place is full of sorrows, angers, and dead people, but still, he has companies. He has this three-headed dog, named as Cerberus, who serves as his pet and his guard in the Underworld. He also has his wife, Persephone, Demeter's daughter, who calms him when he's angry.

I realized that somehow, Hades and I have similarities, not with the looks but with the traits and personality. There are numerous gods and goddesses who can suit you, pick one.

Contributed by: Evan Blanco

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  1. Your artwork is very nice, Evan! You're a natural! Everything was going fine until I saw those unnecessary commas. Nevertheless, your article was great!


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