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Kampai : A Mini Japan in Antipolo City

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Konnichiwa! Minna-san are you familiar of the Japanese term "kampai"?

Kampai means "cheers" in Japan but in the Philippines, Kampai is a mini Japan located at #9 Circumferential Rd. San Roque, Antipolo City. Why is it a "Mini Japan" ? A question that will be answered as you continue reading the article.

Are you tired of your daily meals? Always eating the same food every week ? Why don't you go to restaurants? There are variety of restaurants here in our country. Don't limit yourself! Try those dishes from other countries . Isn't it interesting and exciting to try something new? As for me, Right now, I am most interested in Japanese cuisine so my family and I went to a very welcoming Japanese restaurant, Kampai!

      Kampai Sushi Bar and restaurant is owned by Ms. Michelle E. Lucas

Me and Ms. Michelle E. Lucas

 A very comfortable place open for those who love Japanese cuisines. It will not only satisfy your stomachs but also entertains you with television and live acoustic plays! (9 pm-2 am every Thursdays- Saturdays)  

Acoustic Plays' stage at Kampai 2nd floor
One of the most unforgettable experience for me is when I saw the chef making sushi! You can watch the chef how he makes and prepares the food. It was so awesome! The chef's movements are very fast but graceful. It looks easy to make but it's not if you are not trained. Kampai is Sushi bar but also a restaurant that’s why the kitchen is closed from 2 pm to 5 pm.

Now, how about their food?

It was actually our first time in a Japanese restaurant so we are not very familiar of the food in the menu. We just ordered "Kampai Sushi Platter" suggested by the waitresses which costs 395.00 pesos.

Kampai Sushi Platter consists of the following:

- Tuna Nigiri
- Salmon Nigiri
- Tako Nigiri
- Ebi Nigiri
- Tamago
- Kani
- Tekka Maki
- California Maki
- Crab Sticks

We Filipinos eat using spoons and forks right? And Japanese people uses Chopsticks. It's really Hard using chopsticks that's why It was so funny seeing my mama and papa doing their best just to eat.

The most important thing is the taste.

At First, I was afraid of eating sushi knowing that it is raw! I just told myself “this is edible because Japanese people eat this” and to my surprise, it was delicious! The rice has a little sour taste but it was so soft and easy to chew .The toppings are also soft even though its raw. My favorite among those is the Tamago (egg) because it is sweet and flavorful. While eating sushi, BOOM! There were Wasabi fillings and I hate wasabi. Wasabi surprises the mouth and it feels like my tongue is being bitten by a lot of ants! You can only experience the effects of wasabi at the beginning unlike our spices like sili. The good thing about sushi is that because it is raw, it is obviously fresh and the nutrients in it are still there. All in all, they are delicious. Honestly, I never thought that it was enough to fill my stomach, it was unexpected. And so, after eating we went home happy and satisfied.

After knowing Kampai, do you now know what is the answer to our question? Why is it a “Mini Japan”?

The interior and exterior designs of Kampai are Japanese styles. The food are Japanese food. While I was eating sushi I tasted Japan (not literally) , while listening to the music, while waiting and seeing the customers eating with chopsticks, and while watching the chef making sushi and the bartender serving the sake, I felt like I was in Japan! Believe it or not. Kampai restaurant does not only satisfy your stomachs but also make you feel like you are in Japan.

I hope that I am able to encourage you to try something new from restaurants especially Japanese restaurants. If I were you, Visit Kampai! Enjoy ,Have a wonderful and delicious experience.

“ Cheers to great music, authentic Japanese foods and drinks!”

Minna –san, Kampai! ^_^

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  1. Hee sou nanda? You can watch how the chef makes the sushi? Ii ne, because some restaurants don't... I want to try eating sushi there...

    The article was very nice, it was very informative... XD

  2. Great article and great way in describing the taste and your first experience eating a sushi. Quite informational and KAMPAI~!

  3. Wow! your so lucky, I also want to watch the chef how to make sushi. By the way your article is very informative, the way you describe the restaurant is great.

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