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Hades : The Lord Beneath the Soles, The Keeper of Our Souls.

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Lord of the dead and ruler of the whole nether world, Hades is one of the most powerful gods of “Ancient Greek Mythology”. Hades is a very interesting god for he possesses the life and death of each and every human being on earth, as believed by the ancient Greeks. Hades, in Greek terms, means “unseen” because he is trapped to rule the underworld, invisible from the surface world.

Hades is the son of Cronus and Rhea. When the three sons of Cronus divided the world among each other, Hades was given the underworld, while his brothers Zeus and Poseidon took the upperworld and the sea respectively. For a while Hades ruled the underworld together with Persephone, whom he had abducted from the upperworld, but Zeus ordered him to release Persephone back into the care of her mother Demeter. However, before she left he gave her a pomegranate and when she ate of it, it bound her to the underworld forever.

Because of all the negative and adverse definitions about him, Hades is often considered as the detrimental villain of the myths; well in fact, he is not. Hades is usually a virtuous guy which is only corrupted to wickedness by his jealousy towards his brother Zeus and his grave responsibility to man the underworld.

There is somehow a connection between the personality of Hades and mine. Hades is a hermit about what he thinks and feels, since he has very limited capabilities of connecting with the other gods. In my case, most of the time, I prefer not to express what I truly feel because I am often caught incapable of doing so; instead, I just let everything freely pass by;thus, I consider myself as the type of person who would rather wait for the moment to cease than to solve it as soon as possible. I am the kind of person who would prefer to be stuck underneath the world, invisible from the eyes of people. I'm a person who is known for what people believe and see, very similar to Hades.

Hades is a very interesting god. He is bad to the eyes of the humans, yet good in the eyes of reality. He is all in all, the mysterious god who grabs the souls of the dead to prosecute them for a destined faith in the afterlife. To everyone who is reading this, I wish you to be very careful and alert, for the hands of Hades might peek through a chance of grabbing you towards his realm and shout: “MUWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA, another soul to feed my hounds!”

© (An alumnus, of the name Jesper Pascual Bautista, portrayed and represented Hades in the previous God and Goddesses event.)

Contributed by: Reinelle Jan C. Bugnot

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  1. Despite the fact that you believe about you being invisible from the eyes of people. I can say your popular enough. And what's this bout being incapable of expressing your feelings.

  2. It's good to know that you see Hades, the god of the underworld in a different way. I also believe that Hades is a good god and not a villain.


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