Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Itadakimasu Minna-San!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We are greatly influenced by Japan. From their technology, some cultural activities down to clothes and of course their delicacies. Food is one of our basic needs right? And we Filipinos enjoy such thing called “Food Trip” in which we try different kinds of food, foods that we rarely eat and I believe that Japanese food is one of these.

Last Sunday, July 7, 2013, my aunt and I had a bonding by shopping somewhere in Taguig. After shopping, we’re very hungry so we’ve decided to eat in Teriyaki Boy, a Japanese Restaurant. Here's a picture of me in front of the restaurant.

We checked the menu to be able to choose what we are going to eat. Everything looks so delicious because the dishes are presented in a very wonderful and appealing manner. After quite some time, we ended up with the Ebi Tempura Bento and Teriyaki Bento as our main course and mango shake as our beverage. We also ordered the Crazy California Roll to know what it tastes like.

While waiting for our order, I’ve decided to look around the place, check the ambiance (if it’s ideal for the people), the number of customers (if it’s plenty or just a few) and how the waiters/waitresses serve their customers (if they’re nice or rude). 

So based from what I have observed, the ambiance is fine, the design is really Japanese-like, the place is very relaxing because it is peaceful.  If we’re going to talk about the number of customers, there were only a few and I don’t know why but I had a conclusion after eating in this restaurant. In terms of the employees’ services, they’re friendly and accommodating. I even took some pictures while checking out the place.

Then after a few minutes, our order was served and I was really shock because IT’S A LOT. I mean after I saw the amount of food served I was like “Can I finish all of these?”. (look at the pictures of the dishes below)

The Ebi Tempura Bento consists of battered tiger prawns with their special tempura sauce, together with steamed Japanese rice, sesame moyashi, kani salad, miso soup and coffee jelly. The Teriyaki Boy Bento has the same content with the Ebi Tempura Bento but the battered tiger prawns are replaced with the grilled boneless chicken marinated with their special teriyaki sauce. 

First, I tried the Crazy California Roll but to be honest, I didn’t like its taste because it’s not cooked. I guess? Its cold (I think that’s normal for Japanese delicacies) and I’m not fond of eating cold foods so I just gave it to my aunt. Next, I tried my bento, the teriyaki boy bento. The chicken tastes good but it’s not enough because there’s a lot of rice. I also tasted the sesame moyashi, kani salad and the miso soup but then again, I didn’t like it but the coffee jelly tastes great! 

After eating, we paid the bill. As for my conclusion on why there were only few customers is either because it’s quite expensive there compared to other restaurants/fast food chains or just like me, they didn’t like the food. I’m not saying that it’s not delicious. Maybe for me it’s not because I’m not always eating Japanese food that’s why my taste when it comes to food favors the Filipino delicacies but still you must try eating here in Teriyaki Boy because you’ll never know how their food tastes like unless you try it yourself.

So thank you for reading this article. Itadakimasu minna-san! ^_^ (Let’s eat everyone!)

Article written by: Shane Catherine G. Lopez

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  1. This is fantastic! :) Now im really curious on whether I would like japanese foods or not, maybe I should try going to such japanese restaurants sometimes and find out :)

  2. Nice :)) Let's go there together :D

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  3. sure. next time :)) you pay lol kidding! :D

  4. This article is really great especially the pictures of the food. The way you describe the food is great though I think those would't be enough for me. Hahaha. Anyway, great article!

  5. Reading your article makes me hungry! Nice article by the way ! And great pictures!

  6. Really, really drooling because of your article. Aaaaaah, you did a great job on this!VEry informativeand the visuals were helpful! Very good article, indeed.

  7. SUUUGOIII! I want to try eating there, if I have some time... It made me hungry xD

  8. Wow! you article is very informative. You did not just give your positive insights but also your negative insights. Goodjob.

  9. Nice photo shots. That made me crave


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