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Apollo : The Multi-Talented God

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Apollo is a multi-talented creature because he is the god of music and arts, poetry, plaque and darkness, oracles, light and sun, medicine and healing, truth and prophecy, poetry, purity, athletism, manly beauty, enlightenment and knowledge. Apollo is usually depicted as a handsome, beardless youth wearing a wreath of laurel leaves and holding his bow, or a lyre.

He is the son of Zeus and Leto, and twin brother of Artemis. Zeus is actually married to Hera, the Queen of the Gods. Hera is always jealous on the women of Zeus so when she found out that Leto is pregnant and her husband is the father, she makes a way to terminate Leto’s pregnancy. By the power of Hera, she banned Leto to give birth in any part of Greece so Leto travelled until she found the island of Delos where Hera’s power cannot reach this place and gave birth on that island. Hera sent two pythons to kill the baby which is Apollo. Well, Apollo is a god which means he is immortal. Even though he is just a baby, he just shot those reptiles with a bow.

According to my past lessons I learned from my social science teacher, every time that there will be a celebration in Mount Olympus, he is always in-charge. He is the MP3, the emcee and the entertainer of the celebration.

As god of music, Apollo is often depicted playing the lyre. He did not invent this instrument, how did he have it? Hermes created the lyre by using a shell of a tortoise and its intestines and the lyre played beautiful music. Hermes went to Apollo's pasture and he stole fifty heifers and put those on a cave. Apollo’s herdsman saw it and he told Apollo what happened. Apollo went to Zeus and demanded Hermes from stealing his cattle. Hermes said that he didn't know anything. Zeus and the other gods did not believe him and then he surrender. Apollo noticed that Hermes was carrying a beautiful musical instrument. When Hermes played it, he was enchanted. He offered to trade him the lyre for his fifty cattle and Hermes agree to it. That’s how he got his lyre.

Don’t let Apollo be mad at you or you will be given sickness and illness that could ruin your life and he is the only one could reverse this consequence. Apollo also learned to see the future and always told the truth. Apollo was a god who had a clear idea of what was right and what was wrong. He interpreted the law for mortals and gave the cities their legal institutions. He was an idealist with a vision of a society that could live peacefully under the rule of fairness and of law.

I choose Apollo because first of all I love music. Music is everything to me. He is talented in different aspects which I want to achieve. I also remembered when I was a little boy, I dreamed to be a doctor so that I can help people suffering from sickness. The most important is that I want to know the truth. All people know to lie including me. It is already in the nature of human, do you “always” tell the truth?

In every story of each Gods and Goddesses, we can reflect ourselves and learn values that we can apply in our life. If you will be a God or Goddesses, who would it be? #apollo:themulti-talentedgod #ilovemusic #truthforall

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  1. Apollo's love for music is also the reason why I admire him. Indeed, he is one of the most talented gods.

  2. The article is over-all complete. It's entertaining and its pictures are well drawn.

  3. The drawing of Apollo is good. I'd like the concept of apollo ha ving many talent or aspects. He is indeed my favorite.

  4. Apollo is my favorite too and these drawings are so great!


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