Friday, July 12, 2013

Hera : The Only Queen

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Hera was the wife and one of the sisters of Zeus, the ruler of the Olympian gods. She was the goddess of marriage. She was known as the protector of marriage and married women were her peculiar care. She was the only queen of all the gods and goddesses. In other words, she was known as the supreme goddess. The Roman name of this goddess is Juno.

Don’t ever dare to steal Zeus from her if you don’t want to experience her wrath. She was chiefly engaged in punishing the many women Zeus fell in love with, even if they yielded only because they were just coerced or tricked by Zeus. It doesn’t matter how innocent the women are or reluctant, the goddess just treated them alike. Her implacable anger will keep on following them until the very end of their clan.

Hera gave birth of Ares, Eileithyia and Hebe and the father of those three gods is none other than Zeus. Ares is the only son of Hera and Zeus. He was the god of war. Hephaestus is sometimes said to be son of Zeus and Hera but it was believed he was from Hera alone. He was the god of fire. Among those perfectly beautiful immortals, he was the only ugly. Hera was so disappointed that’s why she chose to repulse her own son. Hera was a very jealous woman. She always wants the attention of everyone especially Zeus. Aphrodite was not a friend of her. She always got jealous even to the children of Zeus especially Athena.

 Marie Nicole Mendoza, from IV-Goldstein ’12-’13 of Pasig City Science High School, portrayed the role of Hera in the pictures. I would like to give some credits to the owner of the pictures. I guess Hera really suits her in a physical way. She may not consider as the most beautiful goddess, we can't deny that she is a beautiful one.

We could also compare Hera to some people nowadays, a very jealous woman who believes that no women will be better than her or even prettier, a person who seeks attention from the other people, and a person who doesn’t like people with disabilities. We’re aware that Hera does possess some negative attitudes but we should never forget that she also fights for the women and wanted to protect the marriage of the couple.

Do you consider yourself as Hera?

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