Monday, December 2, 2013

What Really Happened With All The Sponsorships

Wazzzup Pilipinas!

There's a lot of bewildering issues spreading all over the blogging community about many controversial and "fearless" people, along with a happy bunch that keeps on heating up the flame of disgusts between the parties involved.

Everyone has their own thoughts to share though, as usual, many are commenting without even getting all sides of the story. Some claim they know everything there is to know when surprisingly they have not even communicated in any way with all the people concerned.

There is an ulterior motive behind all of these, and I am afraid it was exaggerated into staggering proportions brought about by pride.

"I said my piece. I will just compile it so you can read all about it chronologically on my blog. It is up to all of you to believe me or not. But I know the truth will set me free and will punish the real evil doers.

This may catapult my views to another record-breaking high but I am willing to shed light on this shady accusations against me if provoked further."

Pride is never a noble thing. It makes us lose our sensibilities, and prevent us from understanding that we all need to give in and apologize. Nobody has the guts to redeem the honor that was lost because we all refuse to look like the loser in a battle where nobody will win anyway.

It is so sad that it had to end this way, but too much pride seems to be the real culprit well as the wrong perception of what good really stands for.

We are terribly disappointed, but at least we were able to know who are the real people who sincerely care about us.
"There are things that are better said offline. While FB and Twitter have their own share of success stories in terms of connecting people and bridging communications, we must understand that they also cater to words that ruin lives, relationships. So if you're angry with someone, don't tweet/post as if hindi ka kinausap offline. Why not go to a nice bar, drink GSM Blue, slap that person and his/her friends, and shout to the world that you can buy him, his friends and the whole country, maybe. Fuck!" - Ely Valendez

So what really happened to the sponsorships?

It flew away with the wind, like the friendship that was fake from the very beginning.

The explanation will be posted as soon as it has been chronologically arranged for ease of understanding.

"Eto lang naman ang challenge ng Wazzup Pilipinas against sa mga nagpapanggap na advocates daw: Transparency!

Provide an audited report of all the incoming and outgoing appropriation of funds, cash or in kind, solicited from the all the sponsors and show us where they were allocated or used.

Tingnan ko lang kung di manginig sa kaba ang mga plastik at pekeng propeta."

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