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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

ONE Championship Rises As Largest Stand-Up Organization in the World

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Fresh off the debut of its highly-anticipated ONE Super Series on 20 April at ONE: HEROES OF HONOR, ONE Championship offered fans a taste of what’s to expect with its latest innovation -- an all-striking league showcasing the best of the world’s striking martial arts.

The premise is simple. ONE Championship wants to provide a proving ground for the world’s best strikers to face each other under a single banner -- a prestigious global platform to showcase the beauty of striking arts such as Muay Thai, kickboxing, karate, taekwondo, Kung Fu, wushu, sanda, silat, lethwei, and more.

Last Friday night in Manila, ONE Championship showed fans a glimpse of the sort of action that they can look forward to with ONE Super Series -- and it was legendary.

Gracing the promotion’s all-new five-rope ring was kickboxing superstar Giorgio “The Doctor” Petrosyan, who put on an absolute clinic against opponent Jo Nattawut of Thailand. Also in action was Muay Thai legend and former 4-time Lumpinee Stadium champion Nong-O Gaiyanghadao who took on France’s Fabio Pinca.

For those who don’t know, Petrosyan and Gaiyanghadao are two of the most famous legends in the world of striking martial arts. The mere fact that they appeared together on the same card is just mind-blowing. If ONE Championship’s aim is to introduce these striking legends to the world, it has certainly achieved its goal early on.

Needless to say, both Petrosyan and Gaiyanghadao lived up to their billing and turned in inspiring performances. For the first time in history, an audience the magnitude of ONE Championship’s 1.7 billion potential viewers in over 136 countries worldwide were able to witness the greatness of these athletes.

And there’s much more to come. Names such as Lerdsila, Yodsaenklai Fairtex, Sam-A Gaiyanghadao, and Singtongnoi Por Telakun have also been announced as having joined ONE Super Series.

By having these monumental figures of striking martial arts, and encompassing multiple styles of martial arts, ONE Championship has effectively become the largest stand-up organization in the world.

Other organizations such as Glory Kickboxing or K-1 offer a similar product. But by having more than one “flavor” of martial arts on its menu, ONE Championship emerges as the undisputed pack leader. And with bigger names to boot, ONE Super Series will continue to draw massive audiences.

The next event to feature ONE Super Series bouts will be ONE: GRIT AND GLORY, which takes place 12 May in Jakarta, Indonesia. This is followed by ONE: UNSTOPPABLE DREAMS which happens a week later in Singapore.

Both cards offer a handful of compelling ONE Super Series contests. Singapore in particular will see the first ONE Super Series world champion crowned when Sam-A Gaiyanghadao takes on Sergio “Little One” Wielzen of the Netherlands for the inaugural ONE Super Series Flyweight Muay Thai World Championship.

ONE Championship aims to gradually assimilate ONE Super Series bouts into its cards, and athletes will be able to select from a series of ring and cage rule sets where they wish to compete. This means that kickboxers could move into Muay Thai, or Lethwei, or Sanda, if they wanted to. The flexibility opens up a myriad of possible combinations that should have martial arts enthusiasts salivating.

The invitation is also open to its current roster of mixed martial artists. So it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think of maybe someone like ONE Heavyweight World Champion Brandon Vera competing under Muay Thai rules against one of these striking legends. It’s a bold step forward in the right direction for ONE Championship, who prides itself in being the ‘Home of Martial Arts’. With ONE Super Series, the promotion certainly lives up to its reputation.

Eventually, the promotion envisions staging standalone ONE Super Series cards in the future. It’s an ambitious project that will take the combined efforts of ONE Championship’s elite team of professionals working behind the scenes to make sure each event is a smashing success. But one, that if it takes off, will turn out to be an idea of pure genius.

At its core, it is a celebration of the purity of striking. For fans who crave the sort of classic action and excitement that will leave them on the edge of their seats, they need look no further than ONE Super Series.

For more updates on ONE Championship, please visit, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @ONEChampionship, and like us on Facebook at

Legendary Duo Air Supply Takes Santa Rosa in May

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Iconic Australian duo Air Supply takes us back to the 80’s for a special one-night show on 31 May 2018 at the Santa Rosa Sports Coliseum in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. This year’s Philippine concert is the first of several shows part of their Over Asia 2018 Tour following dates all over Canada and the United States.

Still supplying the classic hits 43 years since the release of their debut album, singer-songwriter and guitarist Graham Russell and lead vocalist Russell Hitchcock celebrate their trademark soft rock sound by serenading us once again with their massive catalog of evergreen love songs.

Air Supply began its humble musical journey opening for Rod Stewart back in Australia and eventually across North America and Canada, breaking through a whole new U.S. audience. Subsequent to their fourth studio record, Life Support, was the success of many beloved songs, including “Lost in Love” which unexpectedly rose to Top 10 in Australia. Their refreshing take on soft rock music somehow found its way to the distinguished Arista Records in New York. Immediately after the duo signed with the label, "Lost in Love" became the fastest-selling single in the world, leaping to the top of the charts worldwide. The band’s second single, "All Out of Love," attracted more fans and reigned the charts even longer.

Eight Top 10 hits later, "Lost in Love" was named Song of the Year in 1980, and, with the other singles, sold more than 10 million copies.

Russell Hitchcock's soaring tenor voice and Graham Russell's pure yet majestic lyrics have created a warm signature sound that would live on for a very long time.

Other hits of Air Supply areMaking Love Out of Nothing at All, The One That You Love, Here I Am, Two Less Lonely People, Every Woman In the World, Sweet Dreams, I Can Wait Forever, Lonely Is the Night, Having You Near Me, to name a few.

(Air Supply Live in Santa Rosa is produced by Ovation Productions. Tickets available via www.smtickets.comand regular SM Tickets outlets. Ticket Prices are P4,500/ P3,500/ P2,500/ P1,500. For info call SM Tickets +632 470-2222 or Ovation Productions +632 532-8883.)

Proving Doubters Wrong is Priscilla Hertati Lumban Gaol’s Specialty

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Over the past decade, women’s mixed martial arts rose from relative obscurity to noticeable heights that many could not fathom in such a short span of time.

The once male-dominated sport has been infiltrated by women equipped with equal prowess to engage in high-testosterone action, at times even with more gusto than their male counterparts.

After years of being told that they “just weren’t good enough” and that there “wasn’t enough girls to form a legitimate bracket”, women are finally gracing the biggest stage of the sport.

Despite the rise to prominence of female competitors from different parts of the globe, many households in Asia still keep a conservative stance in viewing women as part of the constantly-evolving sport.

When Priscilla Hertati Lumban Gaol tells her friends or neighbors about how she makes a living, she gets more than a few quizzical looks.

Some are legitimately thrilled about her professional martial arts career, but many more, like her family members, believe that she should quit.

“Some friends are excited. But some just have questions like, ‘When will you stop? It is better to get another job rather than competing, because of your age.’ My family is very concerned for my safety,” she bared.

Gaol has been battling negative reputation of women’s participation in combat sports since she started training various striking disciplines such as kickboxing and Wushu at a young age.

Even though she brought home pride and glory to her country by becoming an international Wushu champion, the aforementioned undesirable perception had not left her.

Directing her career path to mixed martial arts over a year ago, Gaol explained that seeing a woman succeed in a sport wholly dominated by men for the past 25 years is just an example of what is possible.

“I would like to continue this campaign for everyone who doesn't understand the beauty of this sport. Martial arts is not about fighting. Its real aim is to empower both men and women. We’ve already seen what women can do inside the cage or ring. It’s a high time to unleash our full potential in this sport,” she asserted.

While it has declined inch-by-inch, Gaol pointed out that women’s role in mixed martial arts still needs to be consistently promoted and encouraged for the stigma to totally diminish.

“It needs more opportunity. I think that there are young girls who are probably interested in getting into it, and we need support from men and women to encourage and let them go to the gym,” she conveyed.

After going through a shaky start in ONE Championship, Gaol is in now making a name as an atomweight contender in the organization.

The 29-year-old native of Jakarta, Indonesia has won two-straight matches, defeating Audreylaura Boniface via first-round stoppage last January before submitting Filipina newcomer Krisna Limbaga a month later.

“When you have been through failure, you will have more confidence next time,” she said. “I am not the type of person who lacks a view of the future. Some people will lose the ability to fight once they lose, but I do not.”

“Once I fail, it gives me a different view of myself. It is like a mirror, where I can see clearly about many things, and I think that has made me a stronger person,” Gaol added.

Gaol looks to keep the momentum rolling as she is slated to square off with Filipina standout Rome Trinidad on the undercard of ONE: GRIT AND GLORY, which is set for 12 May at the Jakarta Convention Center in Indonesia.

Despite having the momentum going into her next assignment, she remains on her toes to bring her “A” game each and every time she sets foot inside the cage.

“I always learn from a loss,” she reflected. “Losing is a bitter pill, but it can be our best friend sometimes. It makes us feel bad, but at the same time, it lets us know what to do next time, so we can be better.”

There is plenty of ambition fueling her grind, including a shot at the coveted ONE Women’s Atomweight World Championship.

Although Gaol acknowledges that it will take more time and more experience to achieve her dream, she seeks to exemplify the utmost confidence of a woman on a global stage at ONE: GRIT AND GLORY.

“I love it when I defy odds and prove my doubters wrongs. I am here for a reason. Someday, I will be a world champion. And I will use that platform to create more opportunities for women and my countrymen,” she concluded.

For more updates on ONE Championship, please visit, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @ONEChampionship, and like us on Facebook at

National Artist Napoleon Abueva Receives Award at DPC-PLDT Visual Arts Competition

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The late National Artist for Sculpture Napoleon V. Abueva was honored with a special tribute by Directories Philippines Corporation (DPC) and the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) during the awarding ceremony of the DPC-PLDT Visual Arts Competition 32 (VAC 32) held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines recently. DPC and PLDT presented a special plaque of appreciation for the late national artist to Dr. Sergia Abueva, the National Artist’s widow and his daughter, Amihan Abueva. Dean Abueva, who passed away on February 16, 2018, helped establish the foundation for the VAC, along with deans of other Fine Arts schools in the Philippines. 

As part of the tribute, replicas of the original trophy designed by Dean Abueva in 1990 were given to the schools of the top three winners of VAC 32. Above, DPC Chief Operating Officer Arturo Diago (left), founding VAC Project Director Fred Amat, and long-time VAC Coordinator of PLDT Robert Sarte present the award to Dr. Sergia Abueva and Amihan Abueva. 

Fittingly, too, the unique ceramic trophies for each of the VAC 32 major prize winners had been designed by Lanelle Abueva-Fernando, niece of the late National Artist.

Three Amazing Endemic Animals Of The Philippines

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Philippines has always been considered an oasis for nature lovers from across the globe, with a plethora of islands and rainforests appealing to those who wish to de-stress and reconnect with Mother Earth. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, the tourism direct gross value added to the GDP is estimated at an impressive 8.6 percent. With 7,641 islands to tempt sea lovers (including Palawan, frequently topping prestigious Best Island lists from across the globe), the Philippines also boasts a rich biodiversity, with an array of sea and land animals fascinating the scientific community and tourists alike. Unfortunately, some of these creatures are in danger of being wiped out, and they need to be protected before it's too late. Here are three fascinating Pinoy animals which are in danger of extinction.

The Mindoro Crocodile

If you’ve ever heard a Mindoro croc hiss, then you know it’s an eerie experience that stays with you for a lifetime. Of course, the Mindoro crocodile isn’t the Philippines’ most famed reptile. That honor goes to Lolong, an ancient crocodile who defied the odds by living to the ripe old age of 50, dying only because he was hunted and kept in captivity. The Mindoro crocodile is a small freshwater crocodile with a broad snout and a thick bony armor. Although once found in abundance throughout the Philippines, it is now in danger of extinction. In 2013, around 36 captive crocs were released into the wild on Siargao Island, in an attempt to boost the population.

The Negros Bleeding Heart

This bird exists only on the islands of Negros and Panay. It feeds on the ground rather than in flight, making it easy prey for poachers. Its most characteristic trait is a small scarlet patch in the middle of it feathery white breast. Its crown is covered in emerald green tufts, and its inner wing bears touches of grey. Continued deforestation and hunting are endangering the beauty of this stunningly hued bird. Similar birds in Mindoro, Luzon, Mindanao, and Sulu are under similar threats. Conservation efforts include captive breeding; the first successful captive breeding of the Negros Bleeding Heart occurred in the CenTop zoological and botanical garden. These birds continue to be bred in captivity as are other native animals such as the Philippine Eagle.

The Philippine Forest Turtle

Located on the serene Palawan islands, this turtle, also known as the Palawan Turtle or the Leyte pond turtle, is under the protection of several conservation programs to increase numbers and protect it against the actions of poachers. Exploitation and habitat destruction are its two main threats. Thankfully, scientists at the Philippine Freshwater Turtle Conservation Programme are working hard to breed turtles in captivity, protect freshwater habitats and promote sustainable development in priority areas, and assist in the enforcement of laws and dissemination of information.

A country with such a lush forest and sea life logically has given rise to a plethora of beautiful species. As is the case in other parts of the world, many endemic species are at risk of extinction owing in no small part to the loss of their habitats. Conservation efforts are being carried out across the country to save one of the most invaluable jewels of this Pacific country: its animals.

Let's Build This Country!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Philippines has become one of the world top countries to invest. Let’s Build this Country together and lead it first world status.

As the largest event of its kind in Southeast Asia, Asia CEO Awards, in its 9th year,
highlights Filipino excellence and world-class leadership through this premier
celebration business success. Join the leading visionaries of the nation on October 16,2018 at the country’s grandest event facility, the fabulous Marriott Grand Ballroom.

Asia CEO Awards welcomes many of the most important contributors to this nation’s success as sponsors. Title Sponsor is PLDT Enterprise. Award Sponsors include:

Healthway Medical, ICM, iRemit, JLL, LBC Business Solutions, Regus, Sitel, Smart Enterprise, SPI Global, United Neon Media Group and White & Case. Cocktail Sponsor: Trends and Concepts. Official Knowledge Partner is PwC. Event partner: Espinosa Arts and Design (EADE). Official Venue
is Manila Marriott.

Nominations are officially open for Asia CEO Awards 2018 May 1st. The deadline for
nominations is midnight on Monday, September 3, 2018.

The categories of the awards this year are the following:

Healthway Wellness Company of the Year
Gil Buensuceso - President, Healthway Medical

ICM CSR Company of the Year
David Sutherland – CEO, ICM

I-Remit Heart for OFW’s Company
Bansan Choa – Chairman and CEO, I-Remit

JLL Expatriate Executive of the Year
Christophe Vicic – Managing Director, JLL Philippines

LBC Business Solutions SME Company of the Year
Michael Camahort – President and CEO, LBC Business Solutions

Regus Entrepreneur of the Year
Lars Wittig – CEO, Regus (Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia)

Sitel Service Excellence Company of the Year
Craig Reines – COO Asia, Sitel

Smart Enterprise Global Filipino Executive of the Year
Jovy Hernandez - Senior Vice President and Head of Enterprise Business Groups for

SPI Global TECH Company of the Year
Ratan Datta – President, SPI Global

United Neon Most Innovative Company
Danny Lim – CEO, United Neon

White & Case Top Employer of the Year
Carlo Mata – Managing Director, White & Case Green Company of the Year
Young Leader of the Year
Executive Leadership Team of the Year

Asia CEO Awards 2018 announces the addition to 2 new judges:

Cesar Purisima - Former Secretary of Finance for the Philippines when the country achieved its first-ever investment grade credit from the three major credit-rating agencies. He was named Finance Minister of the Year 5 times by various awarding bodies and is a recipient of the Lifetime Contributor award at Asia CEO Awards 2017

Marife Zamora - Previously Managing Director of Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa for Convergys, the country's largest private sector employer at the time. She is past president of the Philippine Software Association and the 68th President of the Management Association of the Philippines and winner of the Global Filipino Executive of the Year at Asia CEO Awards 2011.

Zamora and Purisima will be joining a prestigious line up of judges:

Distinguished Economist Dr. Bernie Villegas;
Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) Director General Charito Plaza;
Former President of American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines Don Felbaum and;
Ambassador of the Philippines to the United States Jose Cuisia;
principal architect Jun Palafox;
and former Lifetime Contributor recipient Oscar Sanez

Due to the increasing woes of Filipinos concerning traffic, transportation systems, health facilities and other public necessities, the government recently launched the “Build, Build, Build!” program which aims to resolve the common problems experienced by all Filipinos.

There is definitely a lot at stake. The end goal is for the greater benefit and overall
economic progress of our country. We give our full support to this program, and even
more so, take our own steps to contribute to the Philippines’ further development.

The role of the Asia CEO Awards has always been to bridge the public and private
sectors, and to empower more Filipinos to help build the Philippines to become a first
world nation. With the Build, Build, Build program and the nation’s enormous economic and business potential in mind, our role has become much more important this year.

Thus, we hope for your full support in helping us with our commitment to the country. Let us unite with the elite of Asia at the Asia CEO Awards 2018 and together, Let’s Build This Country!


Why Should You Nominate?
The purpose of the event is to highlight the accomplishments of your organization and
support your efforts to expand your business and develop the capabilities of your workforce. In doing so, you help to promote the nation as a premier business destination to senior decision makers across the world.

Who Can Nominate?
Any person can nominate candidates for the awards. Individuals and organizations can certainly nominate themselves for awards. Members of the Board of Judges of Asia CEO Awards are excluded from nominating candidates. Go to for details.

Is There a Cost?
There is NO FEE to submit nominations. Organizations and individuals are asked to
attend the event and join us to advance Philippines and the ASEAN region as one of the world’s premier business destinations.

How Legitimate is the Judging Process?
The judging process is scrutinized by PwC. Judges with commercial involvements with
any of the nominated organizations and individuals inhibit themselves from voting.
When is the Deadline for Nominations?
The last day for nominations is Monday, September 3, 2018.

When are Finalists Announced?
The Finalists of each award category are announced after the judges have arduously
agreed upon the short-list.

When are the Winners Announced?
Winners are announced on the night of the grand night on Tuesday, October 16,

Paraluman: Design for a Cause

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Senior Interior Design students of St. Scholastica’s College-Manila (SSC) will be holding its Interior Design Graduation exhibit entitled “PARALUMAN: DESIGN FOR A CAUSE”.

Exhibit date is from the 6th to the 11th of May 2018.

The word “Paraluman” is a Tagalog word similar in meaning to the English word “paragon”. It means a lady of extraordinary beauty, grace and, above all, virtue. They would like to give tribute to Sr. Asuncion Ventura for her dedication and her generosity for all her efforts in establishing the asylum for the homeless and orphans.

Committed with their Benedictine values and living out Ora et Labora, they are funding for the design of one of the areas of Asilo De San Vicente De Paul, an orphanage located in Manila, Philippines.

Herbalife Nutrition Healthy Breakfast Survey Reveals Consumers in the Philippines Would Be Motivated To Eat Breakfast Daily If It Is More Convenient and Easy or Readily Accessible

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Herbalife Nutrition released findings from its Asia Pacific Healthy Breakfast Survey, conducted in February this year with more than 5,500 respondents in 11 markets – including 500 from the Philippines.

Aimed at uncovering insights into the attitudes and habits of eating breakfast among consumers in the region, the survey revealed that the majority of respondents understand the importance of a healthy breakfast in promoting their well-being and in managing their weight, however, many of them have encountered obstacles to eating it daily, and would be encouraged to eat it more regularly if it was more convenient and accessible. 

Benefits of consuming breakfast
Based on the Herbalife Nutrition Asia Pacific Healthy Breakfast Survey, the majority (69 percent) of consumers in the Philippines consider breakfast extremely/very important, with 86 percent choosing it as the most important meal of the day. In comparison, only 11 percent opted for lunch and 2 percent for dinner.  When asked about the benefits of consuming a healthy breakfast, 99 percent said that eating breakfast “gives them energy in the morning” while 96 percent felt that “it contributes to their personal well-being”.

Looking at the breakfast habits of consumers in the Philippines, the survey found that 84 percent do indeed make it a priority to eat their first and most important meal of the day at home, with 67 percent doing so within one to two hours of waking. The rest would just grab their breakfast either at work (10 percent) or on the way to work (4 percent). Only 2 percent of the respondents do not eat breakfast.

What are the consumers in the Philippines eating for breakfast?
The survey also showed that although 41 percent of respondents consider protein as the predominant nutrient needed in their breakfast, carbohydrates in fact made up most of the actual breakfast nutrients in the consumption pattern of the respondents. Carbohydrates such as bread or toast and hot beverages top the list of breakfast foods regularly consumed.

Obstacles to a daily breakfast
While the survey indicated that a good majority are eating breakfast, it also found that many had encountered obstacles to eating it daily. The top three barriers are “lack of time” (44 percent), “don’t feel hungry in the morning” (30 percent) and “trying to maintain my weight” (18 percent).

To overcome these obstacles, 54 percent of the respondents said having “If my breakfast contributes to my health and well-being” and “If breakfast helps give me more energy” would help them eat breakfast daily, other motivation factors include making breakfast “readily accessible” (53 percent) or having something that is “more convenient and easy” (48 percent).

 “It is heartening to see that most Asia Pacific consumers are aware of the importance of eating breakfast. At Herbalife Nutrition we believe that there are many benefits of  eating a healthy breakfast daily. A healthy breakfast with balanced nutrition not only provides the much-needed nutrients for the day, but also has wide-ranging benefits in the long run, including supporting healthy metabolism, better brain health and improved weight management,” said Mr. Rosalio Valenzuela, Country Manager of Herbalife Nutrition Philippines.

“However, the survey also revealed that many are still not consuming breakfast daily. One can easily overcome the obstacles by waking up 15 minutes earlier to prepare something fast such as a protein shake. Eating a healthy breakfast regularly can really set the stage for healthier eating all day long, and promote and maintain a lifetime of wellness,” added Mr. Valenzuela.

According to the Herbalife Nutrition Philosophy, every meal consumed should have a calorie intake breakdown of 40 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent protein and 30 percent fats. Carbohydrates should include, at the very least, some fruits or vegetables.

Herbalife Nutrition Asia Pacific Wellness Tour

To educate Asia Pacific consumers on how to adopt positive nutrition habits for a healthier and happier life, Herbalife Nutrition will be conducting its ninth Asia Pacific Wellness Tour from April 13 to April 29. The Herbalife Nutrition Asia Pacific Wellness Tour features a series of medical symposia and nutrition talks held in cities across Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.
During the Tour, Herbalife Nutrition fitness experts and members of the Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board (NAB) will share their expertise on a variety of health-related topics, with a focus on the importance of a healthy breakfast.

Huge Filipino Delegation set to Conquer Udine, Italy

Wazzup Pilipinas!

In celebration of the One Hundred Years of Philippine Cinema, the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) will be leading a big delegation of Filipino filmmakers, artists, and members of the academe with the Philippines chosen as the Country of Focus in the Far East Film Festival happening on April 24 to 29 in Udine, Italy.

Set to compete in the Festival are "Si Chedeng sa Si Apple," "Smaller and Smaller Circles" and "Ang Larawan," while restored Ricky Lee classics, “Himala” and “Moral”, directed by the well renowned late director, Marilou Diaz-Abaya will be showcased at the restored film classics feature.

With the opportunity to showcase our very own filmmakers in Far East Film Festival, FDCP is bringing in select filmmakers and speakers for Sandaan: Philippine Cinema Centennial Talks.

Speakers include Mr. Ed Lajano, Festival Director of QCinema, Bianca Balbuena, CEO of EpicMedia, renowned actress Elizabeth Oropesa and FDCP Chairperson and CEO Liza DiƱo for Filipino Popular Cinema to be moderated by Mr. Max Tessier on April 26.

Film Historian and documentarist Mr. Nick Deocampo will talk about Discovering the Past: Asian Film History - Filipino Cinema during WWII, to be introduced by Mr. Roger Garcia, Festival Director of Hong Kong International Film Festival on April 27.

Aside from these, FDCP is also proud to announce that three Filipino film projects made it to the 14 titles selected by Focus Asia, the Far East Film Festival Project Market dedicated to genre cinema. These projects in development will be presented to more than 200 professionals made up of panels, one-on-one meetings, projections and networking opportunities.

These are “Belen” by Quark Henares, produced by Bianca Balbuena and Bradley Liew, Epicmedia Productions Inc., “Quantum Suicide” by Mikhail Red, produced by Micah Tadena, Media East Productions and Taro Imai, Harakiri Films, co-produced by Japan and “Wilderness” by Nadira Ilana, produced by Nadira Ilana, Telan Bulan Films and Pamela Reyes, Create Cinema and Panuksmi Hardjowirogo, M'GO Films, a co-production between Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore.

On the other hand, Filipino Producer Monster Jimenez of Arkeo Films with her film in development, “Return of the Owl” by Martika Ramirez Escobar made it to the 15 selected projects for the tenth edition of Ties That Bind, the Asia-Europe co-production workshop, bringing together Asian and European professionals in the development of film projects. These selected films will have the opportunity to meet numerous producers, financiers and distributors present on the Focus Asia days for potential partnership in the development of their film.

The Far East Film Festival runs from April 20 to 29, 2018.

Italian Maestro to Headline Fund-raising Concert for Ayala Foundation’s CENTEX Program

Wazzup Pilipinas!

As Ayala Foundation’s flagship education program, CENTEX offers bright children from underprivileged families access quality primary public education.

CENTEX gives students the opportunity not only in academics, but also to hone their talents in the arts, particularly in music and dance. Through the after-hours art program, students excel not only in academics; they also hone their skills in other areas of learning and development.

This year, CENTEX celebrates its 20th anniversary, and to mark this occasion Ayala Foundation, in partnership with the Ayala Multi-Purpose Cooperative, is hosting “MAD4Arts,” a benefit concert for the CENTEX After-Hours Program on May 9, 2018, at the Ayala Museum, Makati City.

Serving as musical director for this concert is Maestro Ruggero Barbieri, former music director and principal conductor of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra. He will be joined by acclaimed violinist Alfonso “Coke” Bolipata and the Pundaquit Vurtuosi, which is the resident chamber orchestra of CASA San Miguel.

“MAD4Arts” also showcases the talent of CENTEX students who went through the arts program. Five CENTEX alumni, personally trained by Bolipata himself, will be performing with the Pundaquit Virtuosi, while a CENTEX Manila alumna will be lending her voice to the event through a song number. Alumni of the STEPS Dance Program will also be performing at the event.

“Art plays an important role in the holistic development of children,” said Ruel Maranan, President of Ayala Foundation, “which is why the After Hours Arts Program has helped our CENTEX students become more confident young men and women.”

“We at the Ayala Multi-Purpose Cooperative believe in the importance of providing the under-privileged youth a brighter future and have pursued Education, whether in the classroom or the arts as its advocacy.,” said Lourdes Orosa, general manager of the Ayala Multi-Purpose Cooperative. “We are honored to partner with Ayala Foundation to promote the After Hours Arts Program at CENTEX.”

Founded in 1998, CENTEX has two campuses—one in Tondo, Manila, and the other in Bauan, Batangas. Aside from these two schools, The program has also trained over 800 teachers from 20 public elementary schools across the country, thus effectively bringing the CENTEX education model across the country.

Tickets for MAD4Arts are now available at the Ayala Museum lobby (tel. no. 759 8288). They are also on sale at all Ticketworld outlets, or at (tel. no. 891 9999).

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