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Friday, September 18, 2020

PHLPost celebrates National Teachers’ Month, urges student to write via online


Wazzup Pilipinas!


The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) invites all students to join the “Dear Teacher” online letter writing contest to express their gratitude to their beloved teachers.


In cooperation with the Department of Education (DepEd) and Metrobank Foundation Inc., the PHLPost’s Salamat Po Letter Writing Advocacy Program encourages students to recognize their teachers through the art of letter-writing in celebration of National Teachers’ Month.


According to PHLPost, even during the pandemic period, they are doing this annual letter writing contest via online to effectively promote and appreciate the hardwork and sacrifices of our teachers in molding the students to become better persons in society.


Students shall compose a short, one-page handwritten letters expressing their gratitude to their beloved teachers.


Participants shall photograph their letters, post it on Facebook and tag this Facebook page @salamatpoletterwriting or may email at:


Winners with the best handwritten letters will be selected, to receive a special prize from PHLPost.

#DuterTIWALI: Who Wants to Oust the Turtle? trending in the Philippines

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Are we supposed to act like everything is okay? 

I'm currently reading  a book which talks about what happened to our country during Marcos' leadership, dictatorship to be precise, and guess what walang pinag-kaiba sa kasalukuyang administrasyon. 

Anim na buwan na ang nakakalipas simula ng mag community quarantine, ngunit wala pa ring ma ayos na plano at solusyon ang gobyerno para sugpuin ang pandemya.

Say it with me, health crisis requires health-oriented solutions! 

This government received billions from donations and LOANS to respond to covid-19, but 7 months into quarantine, the government still hasn't established concrete health solutions and failed to properly aid Filipinos who are starving and losing their jobs.

Sa kabila ng pinakamalalang krisis, nagawang unahin ng gobyernong ito ang pangungutang at mandambong!

Singilin ang kawalang bahala ng estado sa pagpapatupad epektibong COVID-19 response!

Ang sigaw ng masang Pilipino ay mass testing, suportang medikal, pangkabuhayan, at edukasyon! Hindi pandarambong at pamamasista!

Mas inuna ng rehimeng Duterte ang pansariling hangarin kesa sa resolbabin ang mga pangunahing hinaing ng lipunan! Ang sigaw ng mamayan mass testing, bakit binasura nyo? Imbis na ituon sa pandemya ang budget, bakit ibinulsa nyo?!

The images below of a Who Wants to Oust the Turtle  are funny yet their impact is so real. Life is not a game, but it feels like we're being played.

Ang presidential at congressional pork ay idineklarang unconstitutional ng Korte Suprema. Pero gumawa Ang gobyernong ng bagong porma nito upang magmukhang legal at pinaaprubahan ito sa mga tao niya sa Kongreso.

What happened to the statement that "Even just a whiff of corruption, and you're out."

Corruption has worsened in the Philippines where many officials accused of abuse of public funds are prompted and reappointed. 

Remember Philhealth, PCOO, and NYC corruption?

Huwag na huwag nating kakalimutan ang pagbulsa ng rehimeng ito ng PhilHealth funds! Kung kailan may pandemya saka pa nila napag-isipang ibulsa ang pera ng taumbayan!

Tandaan na idol ng administration na ito si Marcos. At ang pera ng mga mamamayan ay ipinanggagastos para magpakalat ng mga mali at rebisyunistang impormasyon pabor kay Marcos.

Magkaibang panahon pero parehas ang mga pangyayari, ang nagkaiba lamang ang mukha at pangalan. Kilalanin ang tuta diktador, at pasista na si Marcos at ang kanyang kahalili.

This government never fails to reward violators of his regime's own laws. Sinas, for one, is known for his blatant disregard of quarantine protocols without ever being accountable — while the common folk who violate suffer harassment, jail time and some even death.

Huwag magbulag-bulagan sa kapulpulan ng kasalukuyang rehimen!

The only thing this government never failed to do is disappoint us every single day with their anti-poor and stupid agendas being shoved into our faces whenever we open our socials and news sites.

As Marcosian tactics resurface in this intensifying tyrannical regime; history clamors that  its dictator must fall. Remember those who fought to forward a democratic landscape for people’s rights. 

Isang tingin palang sa inihandang badyet ng pamahalaan sa 2021, hindi maipagkakaila na hindi ito ginawa para sa ikakabangon natin mula sa pandemya. Imbis, ginagatimpalaan nito ang pasismo at pag-aalay ng kaban ng bayan sa diktador.

Sa 2021 budget, tanggapan mismo ni Duterte ang may pinakamalaking nakalaan pagdating sa "confidential and intelligence funds" (P4. 5B).

Payag ka, 'yung government mo, ang laki ng allotted budget pa re a sa intelligence? Mas malaki pa sa education at health needs IN A TIME OF PANDEMIC?

Tapos hindi mo alam kung saan 'yon mapupunta, kasi hindi naman p'wede i-audit for public knowledge?

Tutulan ang hindi makatarungang pagbabahagi ng pondo ng gobyerno! Itigil na ang pamamasista at puksain ang pandemya!

Sa kasalukuyan, maraming tanggapan ng gobyerno ang ginawan ng "duplicate" ni Duterte upang patuloy na makapagkamal ng limpak-limpak na pera.

Walang katarungan sa kamay ng kasalukuyang rehimen. Lantaran na ang pang-aabuso sa mga mamamayan.

In the continuing struggle for national democracy, lingkod-bayans should, now more than ever, stand to end tyranny and dictatorship!


Sa halagang ₱1.86 trillion na inutang ng gobyerno sa loob ng pitong buwan, ilan ang napunta sa maayos na pagtugon sa pandemya?

If you really love your country, show it by doing, not by supporting who's sitting in MalacaƱang. Make actions for the sake of all not for the sake of politicians.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Pasalamat lang talaga sila't may pandemya ngayon kundi baka nagka EDSA III na. G naman eh, face shield tsaka face mask at gatoneladang alcohol. Char. 

Still dreaming of the Philippines without #DuterTIWALI





Thursday, September 17, 2020

Better Ways of Dealing with Stress During A Crisis


Wazzup Pilipinas!

The world is rapidly evolving due to the Coronavirus scare. It has forced so many lifestyle changes that some people can’t really cope up. Stress, fear, and anxiety levels are now at an all-time high.

In an article “Coping with Stress” published in, fear and anxiety about a new disease and its implications can cause strong emotions in both adults and children. The same article cites that public health actions such as social distancing can cause feelings of loneliness and isolation.

The reality is stress will always be a part of our lives. If managed properly, it can be a driving force to reach your goals in life, but if not, it can lead to depression and all its bad implications. So here are a few tips to effectively manage one’s stress levels during this pandemic:

Strengthen your mental well-being by meditating. According to, Yoga is a mind-body practice that combines physical poses, controlled breathing, meditation, and relaxation. It is clinically proven to reduce stress, blood pressure, and heart rate. 

Yoga can be done by anyone and at anytime of the day without any timeframe. But for people who are just not into it, a simple 10-minute meditation everyday can do wonders for mental health. Meditation can also be as simple as winding down somewhere quiet and taking deep breaths to clear the mind.

Seek support from family and friends when things get too much. Take time off and reach out to family and friends. They may be the best people to lend their ears and give emotional support. Even quick, regular video calls with loved ones can do wonders to get a chance to vent out emotions that may cause anxieties.

Stay active to keep moving forward. Every health professional would always include this in their topmost tips for relieving stress and anxiety. Exercise has a lot of mental and bodily benefits. One immediate effect is the increase of endorphins or “happy” hormones in the blood. Happy hormones quickly change one’s mood for the better. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg; the physical benefits are enormous. Exercise makes your body stronger so it would be more resistant to stress and infection. So, grab that sports towel and start moving!

Seek professional help. This might be one of the better options to overcome anxiety and depression. Psychologists and psychiatrists are best equipped to provide the scientific and medical approach especially to those already greatly affected negatively with too much negative emotions.

Do what you love. Keep the mind at ease by taking breaks from work and doing what you love. It can be a simple hobby of baking or organizing your closet – anything that can distract the mind.

Tanya, an online seller, cross-stitches whenever she feels the onset of boredom and stress. Advertising manager Jamie Silva’s propensity to smoke cigarettes has always been her quick fix to stress and anxiety. However, the long-term health hazards of traditional cigarettes far outweigh the stress he experiences because of work.

Upon hearing of a heat-not-burn device called MOK, a better, less hazardous alternative to smoking, Jamie immediately made the switch. “I have been using this heated tobacco device and have never felt the ill effects of conventional cigarettes. It doesn’t produce smoke, so I don’t smell like burn tobacco plus it gives the same tobacco taste I look for in cigarettes,” he said.

MOK is a revolutionary HnB device that allows smokers to enjoy that same tobacco experience but with reduced risks. Since it simply heats tobacco rather than burning it, the harmful toxins & second-hand smoke associated with combustion are eliminated. 

Its proprietary heat-not-burn stick called COO is 100% made of real tobacco leaves and comes in three flavors GOLDEN HUE (light blend), BLUE HUE (mentholated) & NEW WAVE (mentholated with capsule inside the filter). MOK & COO are available in LazMall and Shopee Mall. 

You can also visit their website and physical stores in 4F Eastwood Mall and Lower Ground Floor SM North Edsa.

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