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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Wazzup Pilipinas Holds Press Conference for Amber Dew's Philippine Advocacy Tour

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Before we were just covering events, but now we've just successfully held a press conference to announce her Philippine tour. In collaboration with Melbourne Style Watch, a pageant and fashion magazine based in Australia, but now also eyeing tourism features not only about the Philippines but around the world, we are currently managing her tour around the country.

I am now overwhelmed and ecstatic of being included among the personalities whom the members of media and bloggers take photos and videos of.

We are definitely doing the iconic Wazzup Pilipinas for, rather with, Amber Dew! All because we are in line with boosting Philippine Tourism and the advocacy to uplift the lives of our fellow Filipinos, similar to how Amber genuinely wants to reach out to the under-priviledged, may they be Filipinos or not.

Your Pambansang Blogger is exhilarated of this awesome opportunity of leveling up to the extreme.

Next project is going to be a lot more exciting! Watch out for it!!! You must not miss it, especially those who are into pageantry and tourism....It is without any doubt that we all love beauty queens and travelling, and we are bringing it to you with the charm and magic of Wazzup Pilipinas!

Miss International Australia 2017, awarded as Miss Perfect Body and now Miss World Australia 2019 candidate, is in the Philippines from February 19, 2019 to March 2, 2019!

She'll be touring some parts of the country throughout those days with plenty of community engagement so let's show her that it is truly More Fun in the Philippines!

Follow her journey!

Aside from Wazzup Pilipinas, her Philippine-based sponsors in the Philippine advocacy tour include Gigantes Island Tours and Services of Iloilo, Diana Stalder Cafe and Skin Care Services, CTG Printz Enterprise, Banner Stands Philippines, Yami Bulgogi of Pampanga, and Congressman Egay Erice of Caloocan.

Media Partners are Light TV, Inquirer Radio, DWBL, Pinoy Xtreme, Manila Bulletin, Malaya Business Insight, Philippine Star, Daily Tribune, Abante, Tempo, Missosology, OPMB Worldwide, Fab Manila,, Master Pogi PH, Red Cloud Interactive, Gandang Negosyo and a lot more.

Photo (L-R) Hector Calara of Melbourne Style Watch; Diana Stalder of Diana Stalder; JV Perez of Fil-Aussie Models Connection; Amber Dew, Miss World Australia 2019 candidate; Rhett Paul Bolivar of Gigantes Island Tours and Services; Ross Del Rosario of Wazzup Pilipinas

#WazzupPilipinas #PambansangBlogger #AmberDewForWazzupPilipinas #AmberDew Tourism Promotions Board - formerly PCVC Department of Tourism - Philippines

Photos by Francis Lumahan

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Reasons to choose Rolex watches as your first luxury watch

Wazzup Pilipinas! 

A history few could compare

It swam the English Channel and then was taken down into the depths of the mighty oceans but still survived to live not another day, but for years more. That is the accolades attached to Rolex watches and which has made it a household name not only within those who could afford one but even those who would gaze at one and dream of the day they could afford to buy one. 

Rolex are not just watches that you would adorn on your wrists, they are masterpieces crafted with care to ensure not a second is missed after it is set to give you the time.

Rolex traces its history to the year 1905 when Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis teamed up in London to make the first watch under the brand name “Wilsdorf & Davis”. They wanted to craft a watch that would keep perfect time and never miss a heartbeat. In 1908 they took an entirely different stance and shed their original brand name and registered their company as “Rolex” which was also the brand name of their watches.

The First World War (WWI) took its toll on everyone including Rolex and to avoid heavy postwar taxation they moved their operations to Geneva, in Switzerland where the world watch market was taking root. Since 1960 the company has been owned by the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation, which is a private family trust and is considered a world renowned brand.

When you buy a Rolex, it would not be just a watch that you would be purchasing but a very rich history attached to it. This history is unique which makes Rolex watches one of the best timepieces that you could pick for yourself as you first luxury watch if you have the money to do so. There is no doubt that a Rolex would come with a hefty price tag but the craftsmanship that goes to make each watch is worth every dollar that you would be paying for it.

Style that money cannot buy

Every Rolex is unique in style and is made with precision to ensure it keeps time perfectly because that would be the ultimate objective of wearing a watch apart from the accessory it would be. 

No Rolex would leave the factory floor unless it passes the stringent tests it would have to pass before it would end up on your wrist. The style that Rolex carries with it can be recognized from miles away and that is what makes these such elegant and much sought after time pieces.

You need to have a Rolex around your wrist to enjoy the personal satisfaction that would accompany it. It would be a special moment when you buy your Rolex and strap it around your wrist, a moment of exhilarating joy that you would have never felt before. That is the specialty that Rolex carries around with it where it would take you. It has a style that no money can buy other than in a Rolex itself. 

You need to look at a Rolex to see the graceful lines and the smoothness it would depict. If you are contemplating of buying a Rolex that would be the best decision that you would make. It would also be a decision that you would cherish your entire lifetime because it would outlast you.

Price is no criteria

Rolex set an unprecedented record on October 26, 2017 when the watch worn and owned by the versatile American actor Paul Newman fetched and incredible and unbelievable price of US $ 17.75 million at an auction. 

This is the highest price ever paid for a Rolex or for that matter for any wristwatch ever. So if you are planning on your first luxury watch, there are many other reasons that you would have to select a Rolex over any other brand name. 

Rolex have not only brought the world perfect time it keeps it as well and with luxury steeped over every watch it is a buy that you will never regret. Price is not criteria if you would choose a 

Rolex it is steeped in history and great craftsmanship to stand out among any watch from anywhere brand or any country.

A lifelong partner

A Rolex would strap onto your wrist and never let you go and the power of wearing one would be understood only when you do wear one. It has a very compelling attraction which would turn many a head when bystanders see its lines. A Rolex has the ability to be recognizable from afar and it’s an accessory that would bring style to anything that you would wear for the day. 

Your luxury Rolex would blend into your personality and exude a confidence that none other accessory that you would wear could beat. Whether you are male or female the Rolex on your wrist would give you a special place wherever you may go. Today a Rolex is a status symbol and one that would not only style but satisfaction too.

There are many models that you could select from but they all come with a distinctly recognizable style which is what makes a Rolex special. There have been many watches that tried to create such an image but have failed so far because the style that goes with a Rolex is special in many ways.

It is just a universal acceptance that has pushed Rolex to the pinnacle of success and if you wear one it would definitely propel you to success in whatever you may do. This is because Rolex has been successful and it is only worn by those who would cherish success and nothing short of it.

Pick the rolex oyster perpetual  that would blend not only on your wrist but with your style and also your personality which would all wrap around your wrist in not more than in an inch of success.           

Monday, February 18, 2019

Phi Kappa Mu Hideout Med-Law Party

Wazzup Pilipinas!

For the past decade, Verdict has brought you laser lights, electrifying beats, free-flowing booze, and wild moments that definitely spiced up your nightlife experience.

Now, we are ready to pump your party spirits up as we redefine the rave scene and enter a rush and realness of an underground party.

From the creators of Verdict, the biggest Med-Law Party in the country:

The Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity of the UP College of Medicine and the Regina Iustitiae Sorority of the Ateneo School of Law,

together with,

The Manila Times

HQ Barbershop


Torre Lorenzo

proudly present, HIDEOUT

Take refuge this March 2, 2019 at The Ruins, Poblacion, Makati.

For inquiries, you may contact Cody at 0917 889 0668, or Frances at 09176251388.

HIDEOUT is in cooperation with,

Procter & Gamble

Communisense Speech & Occupational Therapy Clinic

Paulino Clinic


with our media partners,

The Manila Times

When In Manila

Wazzup Pilipinas

and our partner organization,

Medici Omnes Duciens (MCU)
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