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Friday, June 23, 2017

GEM to Broadcast Nippon TV’s The Music Day Live Across Asia

Wazzup Pilipinas!

World First: Dean Fujioka to Perform in Singapore as Part of the Live Event

GEM, the entertainment channel dedicated to the latest content fresh from North Asia, is set to broadcast Nippon TV’s highly anticipated THE MUSIC DAY event live across Asia on July 1.

In a world first for the popular Tokyo event, which features the who’s who of Japan’s music industry, Nippon TV has partnered with GEM to broadcast a performance by popular singer and actor DEAN FUJIOKA live from Singapore. As part of the occasion, GEM is offering fans the chance to win tickets to DEAN FUJIOKA’s performance and an exclusive fan meet session.

“THE MUSIC DAY is an iconic event on the Asian music calendar, and we’re excited to partner with Nippon TV to expand the concert’s reach to GEM’s viewers in Asia. DEAN FUJIOKA’s live broadcast from Singapore as part of the event marks a significant milestone for Japanese entertainment and we’re pleased that GEM is at the forefront of this industry evolution,” said Virginia Lim, Senior Vice President and Head of Content, Marketing and Production, Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia.

“Dean is a hugely popular artist in our region and last year starred in GEM’s first original series, ‘We are Asia - Dean Fujioka & Friends’. The fact that he will perform live from Singapore during THE MUSIC DAY is an unprecedented way for GEM’s viewers to get real time access to him and to the magic of J-Pop. For THE MUSIC DAY fans in Tokyo, they get to experience a dynamic new city via our live broadcast.”

Hosted by idol Sho Sakurai from ARASHI, THE MUSIC DAY will air live on Saturday, July 1 from 4:45pm -10:00pm (3:45pm – 9:00pm BKK/JKT). A star-studded line-up of Japan’s biggest names promises a captivating event, including AKB48, Gen Hoshino, KEN HIRAI, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, SEKAI NO OWARI, Perfume, Yuzu; as well as Johnny’s artists TOKIO, KinKi Kids, ARASHI, KANJANI EIGHT and KAME TO YAMAPI. 

Prepare to Defend Yourself: Learn Survival Techniques for our Troubled Times

Wazzup Pilipinas!

This June 24, Saturday at 2pm, come to the 5th level Events Center of Century City Mall for a Seminar to learn a martial art created for survival with and against weapons. This system of martial arts can be used with with whatever weapon you have or no weapons at all. It has been tested for personal and tribal survival. Use of all weapons is part of the system and specifically one of the many weapons categories covered in this seminar will be the hand axe or tomahawk. It is a commonly available tool that also can be a very hand personal protection weapon. Other weapons will be covered as well including knife, stick, sword, gun and empty hands. The only good defense is a good offense, and this art is separated from other martial arts by this concept.

FACTORYMMA brings Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje, Jr. Supreme Grandmaster Pekiti-Tirsia Kali System. Grand Tuhon Gaje pioneered the teaching of kali and authentic Filipino martial art on the east coast from his headquarters in New York City and introduced real full contact stickfighting across the United States producing both U.S. and Philippine national champions including the Grand Champion of the first (1st) national arnis (kali) tournament held in the philippines in 1979.

As national training director for the justice system training association and the United States police defensive tactics training association, Tuhon Gaje developed the safety baton system and edged weapon awareness/strategic knife defines programs.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Cybercriminals Targeting Mac Users with Malware Attacks

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Apple devices no longer safe against security breaches as new attack opportunities and threat vectors make Macs an easier target

Fortinet, a global leader in high-performance cyber security solutions, cautions that Apple devices have recently become attractive targets for cyber attackers due to their fast growing popularity and user demographics. In many organizations today, C-suite executives and marketing teams are more likely to use Macs. These individuals not only share valuable information, they are also very often less technically savvy and therefore, less likely to back up their devices, encrypt stored data, or abide by security best practices.

New attack opportunities and threat vectors are also making the targeting of Mac devices easier and more attractive. For instance, Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs threat research team is starting to see the development of hacking tools that target cross-compatible software.

In addition, it has become easier for cybercriminals to scale up their operations against Macs. Due to the rise of cybercrime-as-a-service, cybercriminals have started building malware “franchises”. Instead of targeting Macs one at a time like in the past, criminals can now leverage pre-built technology to attack vast numbers of potential victims in exchange for sharing profits on the back end. While ransoming one device may not be of much financial value to professional cybercriminals, owning hundreds of franchisees targeting thousands of devices every day most certainly is. At the same time, such an opportunity appeals to many small-time players, such as lone-wolf hackers working out of their parents’ homes.

“When it comes to security, the only constant is change, whether it is the way networks are evolving or how these changes are creating new opportunities for criminals,” said Aamir Lakhani, Fortinet Senior Security Strategist. “It is imperative that companies approach security from a holistic perspective. This includes making sure that every device is protected across all threat vectors, including Mac devices that were thought to be secure.”

In response to this new wave of brazen ransomware attacks, Fortinet recommends Mac users to take the following preventive measures:

1. Apply patches and updates. Apple regularly provides security updates. Users must make sure they take the time to apply them.

2. Backup your device. Apple’s Time Machine service will automatically create full system backups, which means that should a system get ransomed, one could simply wipe the device and perform a full system restore from backup. Regularly scan backups for vulnerabilities and store these backups offline. Offline storage is vital because Time Machine backup systems are often persistently connected to the device being backed up, and risk being compromised during an attack.

3. Encrypt data stored on device. While this may not be effective against many ransomware variants, it is still a good practice as it can protect an organization should any device become infected with malware that is designed to steal files and data.

4. Install an endpoint security client. Look for endpoint solutions that will not only protect your device, but tie that security back into your network security strategy, allowing you to leverage and share threat intelligence to better protect your device and its assets.

5. Deploy security that covers other threat vectors.  As email is still the number one source for malware and infection, ensure that a robust email security solution is deployed. The same is true for web security tools, wired and wireless access controls, cloud-based security, and network segmentation strategies that help detect, isolate, and respond to threats found anywhere across a distributed environment.

July 2 Premieres of Casual and Younger Season 4 on Sony Channel

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Get ready for a different spin on a family comedy with Casual, the latest TV series premiering on Sony Channel. Nominated for the 2015 Golden Globe® Best TV series – Musical or Comedy, Casual premieres July 2, Sunday at 8.30pm. Casual joins returning series Younger on its 4th season on Sony Channel, also this July.

Casual is an offbeat comedy series that stars Michaela Watkins, Tommy Dewey and Tara Lynne Barr and follows their story of a dysfunctional family with a bachelor brother and his newly divorced sister. Together, they navigate through the crazy world of dating, while living under one roof again and raising a teenager.

“Casual tells a distinctive story of a non-traditional family and it does that with humour and heart,” said Virginia Lim, Senior Vice President and Head of Content, Production and Marketing, Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia. “Casual fits into our strategy of serving premium content like returning series Younger to our audiences who have fallen in love with Sony Channel’s schedule of witty, sassy and contemporary programming. The series is a perfect addition to our channel.”

Casual joins a robust line-up of primetime programming on Sony Channel’s ROFLing Sundays that includes Superstore and Younger.

The highly anticipated Younger returns for fourth season in July. After a head-spinning cliffhanger in season 3 where Liza Miller (Sutton Foster) suddenly came clean to her work BFF, Kelsey (Hilary Duff), Liza must now deal with the consequences of her lie.

Liza’s love life is also hanging on a thread when Josh (Nico Tortorella) was just about to promise marriage but caught Liza kissing her boss, Charles (Peter Hermann). Are you #TeamJosh or #TeamCharles? Younger returns on July 2, Sundays at 8.00pm on Sony Channel. 

For more information, visit or @SonyChannelPH on Facebook and Twitter.

Hadrian Mendoza's August Exhibit at Galleria Duemila

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Red. The color of ferocity and passion. Hadrian Mendoza chooses to reference the societal issues enveloping the country today in his latest exhibit at Galleria Duemila. The war on drugs, the cycle of life and death and a momentous scene of forgetting, even letting go in his new set of ceramics bombard and astonish the viewer in the two rooms of the gallery.

A Drop of Red, a wall-hanging installation illustrates the cycle of nature mixed with the intervention of the government to actively solve some if not all drug problems in the country. Pusher, a large installation of ash-glazed ceramics composed of haggard and tense facial expressions make the exhibition grounded and humane, establishing a connection with the characters in the narrative that we exist in. Blood Moon, made up of 28 square ox blood red glaze with porcelain slip wall pieces, represent Mendoza’s affinity with the lunar theme although incorporating it with a practical solution for the aforementioned problem.  It is a both a story-telling and a commentary sculpted in elegant and red-glazed works.

Awarded by the George Washington University as bearer of the Alfred E. Steck Memorial Prize in Sculpture this April 2017 and a Master of Fine Arts candidate in the institution, Hadrian Mendoza is an esteemed studio potter and kiln-builder. Participating in local and international conferences in ceramic such as the Southeast Asian Ceramics Festival and the Ceramic View Symposium in Thailand organized by the International Academy of Ceramics in Switzerland, Mendoza prides himself with hard work in expanding the practice of pottery both in the Philippines and abroad.

Hadrian Mendoza’s works are on display at Galleria Duemila, 210 Loring St. 1300 Pasay City on August 5 – 31 2017. 

Tying the Knot? Find Out the Best Locations to Live and Start a Family

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Leading real estate portal Lamudi Philippines helps newlyweds how to choose a location where to settle down

After the hype and excitement of the honeymoon wears off, the most important matter that the newlyweds have to consider and decide upon is where to settle down. For most couples, making their own family nest is a thrilling yet a challenging first ride as husband and wife.

To ease the task a bit, global property website Lamudi Philippines shares it expertise to guide new couples on how to choose the best place to begin a lifetime of adventures.

In the Philippines, the first few months or even years of the newlywed couples are often spent with the in-laws as close-family ties are seriously observed in the country. They usually go back and forth to visit and stay with both sides of the family. This scenario could be happy, endearing, and tiresome at the same time, and as real life sets in, the marriage will not be complete without a place they can call their home.

But what does it take for a community to house your future home? As the need of each couple varies, different deciding factors are also at play before finally being able to pick where to settle. It can be proximity to family, nearness to work and leisure, affordability, amenities, or even house architecture.

Mostly, the top deciding reason is still familiarity and closeness to family. Newlyweds start their solo life together but still prefer to be easily surrounded by family and common things so they rent out apartments or units near their family houses.

On the other hand, for those who are ready to dive in an independent lifestyle, here are some suggestions that could narrow down the search.

Live, Work, and Play

Walkable communities are very appealing to most house-hunters today especially to new couples who love to spend time together and not waste time. Top cities with good mixed-used locations where everything and anything are within reach are Makati, Taguig, Mandaluyong, and Quezon City. These cities house top multinational corporations, topnotch schools, and hospitals, and residential buildings are likewise strategically located around these places. Leisure components such as shopping malls, supermarkets, and other retail shops are also scattered around these mixed-use townships, making everything you ever need and want just a few minutes away.

Condominiums in these top central areas are also built with top-notch amenities that could make life more handy and suitable. Aside from the normal water and fitness features, developers are coming up with more unique services to offer like relaxing spas, reliable day care centers, valet parking and a myriad others.

Value-For-Money Homes in Suburban Areas

Cities and provinces located at the fringe areas of Metro Manila are also good options for future home. As revealed by Lamudi’s search data, Filipino house-hunters still prefer landed houses over condominium units. This is easily achievable in next wave cities like those found in Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan, and Rizal. In these areas, you can live just at the outskirts of the big city and go home to quaint and suburban home.

In addition, business process outsourcing (BPO) firms and other corporate offices are also choosing to locate in some of these areas, especially when real estate developers are unveiling provincial projects that also cater to them. This makes finding employment outside the traditional business districts possible. In addition, upcoming infrastructure projects like the Cavite–Laguna Expressway, the NLEX–SLEX Connector Road, MRT-7 are also currently in the development pipeline, ensuring that travel to these areas will become fast and easy in the future.

One: Light of a Nation is June’s Special Treat to Martial Arts Fans

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Widely considered as the frontrunner of mixed martial arts in the Asian region, ONE Championship seeks to end the first half of 2017 on an astounding note as the organization makes its way back to the beautiful city of Yangon to stage its fourth live event in Myanmar at the Thuwunna Indoor Stadium on 30 June.
Looking to keep that big ball of momentum going generated its recent highly-acclaimed trips to Manila and Singapore, ONE: LIGHT OF A NATION will feature the absolute best in local and international MMA talent, accentuating a tremendous five-round middleweight championship rematch between reigning division kingpin Vitaly Bigdash and Myanmar’s favorite son Aung La N Sang.
“This year, we’re giving Yangon something new, a much deeper roster of talents. We are bringing guys from different parts of the globe to showcase world-class action,” ONE Championship Chairman and CEO Chatri Sityodtong said.
“The first bout was an absolute showcase of incredible skill and unwavering determination, and the rematch promises nothing short of another classic. We have an absolutely stacked card from top to bottom prepared for Yangon, and it will be a night fans will not want to miss,” he added.
Bigdash and Aung La first crossed paths five months ago at ONE: QUEST FOR POWER, where the Russian champion had to dig deep to take a unanimous decision victory.
The contest was evenly-matched for the first two rounds, but midway through the bout, Bigdash landed a powerful kick to the head of the Burmese hero that had everyone watching convinced it would be all over soon.
However, Aung La N Sang had other ideas as he proved that he would not go down without a fight, putting on an inspiring display of courage that showed the world that he had the true heart of a champion.
Aung La became an embodiment of incredible toughness and resolve, defending against Bigdash’s relentless assault while managing to mount a credible offense of his own.
Moreover, the proud Yangon native took Bigdash’s best shots and responded, lasting to the final bell in a valiant performance.
Although he was not able to claim victory, Aung La will challenge Bigdash once again this 30 June at ONE: LIGHT OF A NATION.
“It’s one of the most highly-anticipated rematches in history. Both of these guys know what to deliver on fight night. They have rich experience in their combat game. Strategically, it’s the perfect combination on June 30th,” Sityodtong stated about the encounter.
Aside from the main event, ONE Championship has prepared a special co-featured attraction to the Bigdash vs. Aung La II as Japan’s Mei “V.V.” Yamguchi squares off with fellow ex-world title contender Jenny Huang of Chinese Taipei.
The winner of scheduled three-round meeting between Yamaguchi and Huang could secure a rematch with Asian MMA superstar Angela “Unstoppable” Lee for the ONE Women’s Atomweight World Championship title.
Also slated on the undercard of ONE: LIGHT OF A NATION is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion Bruno "Pucci Bull" Pucci, who faces Filipino fighter Jimmy “The Silencer” Yabo.
Meanwhile, ONE Myanmar Featherweight Tournament 2015 Tha Pyay Nyo will return to the ONE Championship cage to battle former Lethwei fighter Htet Aung Oo, who makes his promotional debut.
Furthermore, South Korea’s Kevin “Old Boy” Chung is set to have his first ONE Championship debut against Chinese combatant Zhong Qingya.
ONE: LIGHT OF A NATION will likewise make history on 30 June as for the first time ever, a traditional Lethwei bout will be held inside the ONE Championship cage, showcasing front and center the beauty and authenticity of this ancient Burmese fighting discipline.
Lethwei fighters Shan Ko and Thway Thit Win Hlaing are set to display their amazing striking skills in front of a packed crowd eager for authentic Lethwei action.
In addition, ONE Championship has organized a Myanmar Flyweight Tournament to determine the country’s next flyweight superstar.
Saw Min Min will take on Tun Lwin Moe, while Ye Thway Ne battles Pat Kyaw Lin Naing in the semi-final matches. Shwe Kyaung Thar locks horns with Ye Yint Thway in the alternate bout.
With the box-office receptions of its two previous events, Sityodtong guarantees that ONE Championship’s fourth event in Myanmar will also be a night to remember.
“It will be bigger, better, bolder, crazier than ever before. It’s the month of June’s special gift to the great followers of this wonderful sport and to the genuine admirers of martial arts. June 30th in Yangon is going to be a massive, massive event. You’ve got to come out and show your love. It will be a lot of fun,” he ended.

For more updates on ONE Championship, please visit, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @ONEChampionship, and like us on Facebook at

Welcome to the NBA G League

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The NBA and Gatorade announced that beginning today the NBA Development League (NBA D-League), the NBA’s minor league, will officially become the NBA G League.

Beginning with the 2017-18 season, the NBA G League will feature 26 teams, an expansion of four teams since last season, 22 of which are owned and operated by NBA franchises.

For the first time this coming fall, NBA teams can sign up to two “two-way” players to NBA contracts. These contracts allow “two-way” players to be with their NBA parent team for up to 45 days, spending most of the season in the NBA G League.

The NBA G League has more than tripled in size since it debuted with eight teams during the 2001-02 season. Last season, nearly 1.5 million fans attended games, marking the eighth straight year the league has surpassed 1 million fans.

For the 2017-18 season, the NBA G League will unveil new on-court uniforms and collaborate with the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) on programs to enhance player sports performance and recovery. Gatorade will begin to incubate its latest product and equipment innovations into NBA G League locker rooms, and teams will have the opportunity to collaborate with Gatorade to help players maximize their athletic potential and on-court performance.

“This is a pivotal moment for the NBA G League,” said NBA G League President Malcolm Turner. “The league is experiencing unprecedented success both on and off the court, and our partnership with Gatorade is helping to drive momentum and create exciting opportunities for innovation, sports performance and player development.”

Forty-four percent of players on 2016-17 end-of-season NBA rosters had NBA G League experience, while 65 percent of players selected in NBA Draft 2016 presented by State Farm® spent time in the NBA G League last season, including more than half of the first-round picks.

To support today’s launch, the NBA G League debuted its new website,, an updated NBA G League app, a slate of updated social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, and a new official handle (@nbagleague) and hashtag (#NBAGLeague). Additionally, NBA G League merchandise is now available at

Gatorade was a founding partner of the league, dating to the inaugural 2001-02 season.

Brillante Mendoza Presents “Anak” at TV 5 on June 25

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Anak, the latest episode in the Brillante Mendoza Presents series will warm the hearts of viewers with its family oriented theme when it airs at TV 5 on June 25 at 10:30 pm. The series is a collaboration between TV 5 and Director Brillante Mendoza with support from SM.

Starring real life couple Harlene Bautista as Risa and Romnick Sarmenta as Lex, Anak follows the story of an old barren couple who make a pilgrimage to the Obando Fertility Rites to petition for a child.

A few years later, the wife conceives miraculously despite her age, but undergoes a difficult pregnancy which is life threatening to both her and her unborn child. She suffers from hypertension and delivers prematurely, causing a huge risk to her newborn child. After a month of enduring the hardships of caring for a premature baby at the hospital, the couple are finally able to bring home their baby and become a family.

Viewers of this latest masterpiece by Director Brillante Mendoza will also have a glimpse of the festive traditional Obando Fertility Rights. Celebrated every May, pilgrims and locals dance and sing to ask Obando’s three patron saints: San Pascual, Santa Clara and Nuestra Señora de Salambáo to grant their wish for a child. Throughout the fertility dance ritual, they ask the saints for the spirit of life to enter in to the wombs of women for a child to be conceived.

Other Anak cast members include Perla Bautista as Joy Bismark, Bea Saw as Michelle Hernandez, Gay Quililan as Lydia Martinez, and Kimmy Maclang as Beth Salud. Arianna Martinez wrote the episode with Armando “Bing” Lao as creative consultant.

From Classes to Career: 3 Lifehacks for Fresh Graduates

Wazzup Pilipinas!

So you’ve managed to survive endless presentations in class, aced the grueling quizzes, and defended your undergraduate thesis. Congratulations, you’ve finally earned your bachelor’s degree! You’ve done it!

Now, welcome to the real world, it’s time to find a job and start doing adult things like paying bills and managing finances. Here’s a pro-tip, not everything can be taught in school, there are just some lessons you have to pick up as you start work.

With Carousell, we share three hacks to give you a head-start in building your business acumen as you transition from student to salaryman, ready to take on the world.

Monetise existing assets; Getting entrepreneurial

Assets are things that bring value or revenue to your life and business. As a student, your assets were probably your textbooks, notebooks and calculators. Now that you’re about to start a new phase in life, you won’t have much use for these things anymore.

One option would be to throw everything away. But why waste this entrepreneurial opportunity? You spent some good money on these books, it’s better to recoup the costs.

At Carousell, there’s a ready marketplace for you to find potential buyers for your preloved textbooks.

Textbooks is one of our top 10 categories for preloved items. Subjects range from auditing and accounting to biochemistry. The community is also very active as new batches of students come in hunting for their textbooks every year.

By opting to sell off your old textbooks, you’re not only clearing precious space in your home but also earning some extra pocket change.

Besides textbooks, a change in wardrobe is likely to follow suit. You’ll need to swap out your casual university wear for something more formal for job interviews and work days.

Your usual quick outfit of tank top, polo shirt, denim jeans and sneakers won’t cut it anymore, not if you want your future boss and colleagues to take you seriously.  Or worse, you might even need to clear out clothes to make way for more work clothes.

Instead of discarding or giving away your preloved clothes, just like the textbooks, you could consider selling them off on Carousell. Men and Women’s fashion are the two most popular categories on the Carousell marketplace and there’s no shortage of buyers looking for a good deal.

In looking at the things you won’t be needing in your next stage in life and selling them, you’ve cleared up your place and earned a fair bit of money from all those sales.

Business of bargains

Now you’ve made a few extra dollars selling your preloved college items, it’s time to start checking out the styles and accessories for the young urban professional.

In any transaction, you’ll want to practice fundamental business principles. Buy low, sell high.

As you’re just starting out, perhaps it’s not such a good idea to break the bank on that brand new Zara blazer or those glamorous heels. The trick is hunting for those great deals that increase your personal brand value without having to fork out a fortune. Think profit margin.

Carousell is a great place to find bargains to complete your professional attire on a budget. Carousellers such as @adoptatop or @cbylapins have a range of functional and chic fashion, from blazers to formal shoes at affordable prices.

In your first few months of work, maximize your paycheck by choosing to buy preloved items.

Building relationships

With all this talk on buying and selling, it’s also important not to forget the networking and building relationships with clients.

The community is a huge part of Carousell and what we do. It’s simple to start connections with our in-app chat.
Carousell Groups is also a great place to meet and chat with other who share similar interests. On Carousell, we have groups ranging from Lego collectors to book lovers.

It’s always good to maintain ties with the university and your alma mater. Who knows, maybe someone you helped out selling a textbook on the cheap might be end up in a position to return the favour in the future.

With a marketplace where buying as easy as chatting, it’s also a great platform to get to know people, all whom may one day be part of your professional network.

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