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Monday, July 13, 2020

How to get top blogging opportunities

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Show the world you are real and truly interested with what you are doing....and not just after the    perks and freebies. Consistency on what you post is the key.

Advocate only those that deserve to be shared to your followers. Not just because the brand gave you a rewarding compensation. Learn to decline and say no to those that would obviously be non-beneficial for your followers.

Understand that quality is still better than quantity. Don't sell yourself cheap. Pick only the best among what is available. Never settle for less just to keep getting opportunities.

Your credibility is top priority. Do not be afraid to become too personal. Those who are always neutral are most probably faking it. Getting thoroughly involved is what differentitates bloggers from just paid endorsers.

Speak out, raise your voice, let everyone hear you. For others it is just a job, for you it is a part of your everyday life. Preferable are those who are determined to make noise especially when they deserve to be heard.

However, if the PR or brand wants you to lie about their products, services, or personalities, then they will pick the exact opposite.

Our Government Officials Are Intentionally Disabled

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Hindi ba kapag ang rason mo ay nagkamali ka sa pagkakaintindi ay dahil mahina ang iyong comprehension or dahil may disability (PWD - either bingi yung nakarinig o ngongo yung nagsabi o malabo ang mata ng nakakita) ka?

Excused ka ba makasuhan kung may either one of those disabilities ka?

Paano mo mapapatunayan kung sinadya na hindi intindihin?

Paano kung ayaw aminin na hindi talaga naintindihan dahil sadyang kulang-kulang?

Teka, maka-comment muna sa latest issues para feeling involved, nakikibaka at may pakialam kahit hindi naman nalalaman ang lahat ng pangyayari.

Ewan ko ba kung bakit ang dami nating oras makipag-away sa social media at feeling natin ay mas matalino pa tayo sa mga binoto natin sa gobyerno.

Sana bigyan tayo ng pagkakataong maupo bilang isa sa kanila at baka magawan natin ng solusyon ang lahat ng problema ng Pilipinas.

Malay natin tayo na lang ang hinihintay ng Malacanang para maging kasabayan na tayo ng mga marangyang bansa sa mundo.

Siguraduhin lang natin na wala nga tayong disability dahil karamihan naman talaga sa mga nasa gobyerno ay nagbibingi-bingihan, nagbubulag-bulagan at malala pa sa ngongo dahil hindi natin syempre marami ring kulang-kulang o walang laman ang bumbunan.

Wala namang aamin sa gobyerno ng kanilang incompetence o mistakes dahil that is like telling the world that their political career is over...and kapag malakas ka sa Presidente, abswelto ka kahit maraming palpak sa trabaho mo o may nagawa kang hindi karapat-dapat.

Also, if one does resign or step down, which is very rare, the Filipino people are quick to forgive and forget. Maghihintay lang ng ilang years at back in business na sila ulit.

100% Legal to Grow Weed in Canada

Wazzup Pilipinas!

100 % legal to grow all across Canada now. I don’t smoke but I know many who use it medicinally. No judgement!

There are so many medicinal advantages of this plant amongst others, it treats seizures,  anorexia,  bulimia,  anxiety,  insomnia, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer,  it's used for fuel, clothing, housing material. It's not just a dam weed plant, do your research before bashing people.

So many important health benefits in marijuana.  I love how people instantly assume you are going to hell for growing weed.  These are the judgmental people that just got done on a weekend bender  at the bar.

Hell doesn’t exist. The only real thing is the weed plant itself and people’s ability to be mean judgemental a**holes. I'm a God fearing man...having said that...there's obviously a reason why it survived the flood. I can only fear the things I believe in.

Many will openly admit they smoke once it becomes totally legal everywhere. As an arthritis medication, you would barely take any over-the-counter medications, no narcotics, and all you'll do is poof a little at night. It’s not right for everyone, but there are countless examples of the benefits.

So moral of the story is research the benefits of marijuana before you start spitting out nonsense.

That plant is beautiful and I wish I was growing it here.
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