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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Maskipaps: The Crossover x Raveolution The Official Afterparty of the UP Lantern Parade

Wazzup Pilipinas!

What do you get when you fuse the biggest and most colorful music festival in the country with the most awaited university party in the metro? The UP Beta Epsilon Fraternity and Super Awesome Productions bring you Maskipaps: The Crossover x Raveolution. Get ready to paint the night this coming December 15 at the UP Sunken Garden!

Now on its fourth installment, the official afterparty of the UP Lantern Parade is back to celebrate the end of the year with a colorful twist. With Raveolution joining the fun, expect to have your year-end bash with a dynamic splash of colors!

Have you ever wondered why it's called "The Crossover"? It's pretty simple as the party begins with the top bands in the country until it finally cross overs to a whole different genre of rave brought to you by the hottest DJs combining to an awesome experience that you wouldn't want to miss!

Lose yourself and rock the night with Spongecola, Franco, Silent Sanctuary, Gab and John of Urbandub, IV of Spades, Gracenote, Autotelic and BP Valenzuela. Move to the beats of Patty Tiu, Marc Marasigan, Everyday People, John Sedano and Monkey del Pilar as we get hyped by MC Ronthug on the mic. This unique fusion of OPM and rave music will surely put an exclamation point to 2017 as we celebrate in a whole new spectrum!

Get ready to live the night with the vibrance of colors in

Maskipaps: The Crossover x Raveolution
The Official Afterparty of the UP Lantern Parade
7 PM| December 15, 2017 | UP Sunken Garden

Tickets are available in all SM Ticket Outlets in SM Cinema Branches nationwide!

You may also buy at the UP Beta Epsilon Fraternity Tambayan located at 2/F Melchor Hall, UP Diliman.

For ticket inquiries you may contact 0945 294 2183 or 0995 144 7382.

Ticket Prices:
PHP 250 - UP
PHP 300 - Non-UP and SM Tickets
PHP 350 - Walk-In

Stay tuned to their social media pages for updates!

Maskipaps: The Crossover x Raveolution is co-presented by:

San Miguel Flavored Beer || GSM BLUE || Jack 'n Jill Calbee || Jack 'n Jill Puff Corn || Fly Shades || Fitbar Philippines || SIP Purified Water || Swish

In cooperation with:
Trampoline Park - Zero Gravity Zone || Freshman Masculine Wash || Stellina's

Also brought to you by:

Black Beauty Philippines || The Other Room || Orange Segment Print and Design Studio || Uber || Hawk || MARSCHE Bluetooth Headphones || Mystery Manila

Official Radio Partner:
Monster RX93.1

Media Partners:
Solar Entertainment Corporation || Basketball TV || Philippine Daily Inquirer || Inquirer Lifestyle (to be you) || InqPOP || || Clickthecity || GimikZone || Maroon FM || looloo app || MYX Philippines || Manila Concert Scene || DJ MAG Philippines || Indie Manila || || Rave.PH || RAVEManila || Wazzup Pilipinas || GV Philippines

Top 7 Nutrition Tips for the Busy College Students

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Though we all hear how important it is to eat healthily, actually doing so could be a real challenge - especially when you are a student. With all these classes, activities, social life, and sometimes even a part-time job to handle many students rarely find time to cook a proper healthy meal.

But this still doesn’t mean that you should abandon all the hopes of eating healthy - as well as let your lifestyle affect your health and wellbeing. Even if you are super busy, you can do something good for your health. For example, follow these nutrition tips.

1. Mean planning is important
If you do have some time to spare during the weekend, try using it to come up with a proper meal plan. Having a meal plan can benefit you in the following ways:

- you’ll be able to make your daily diet more diverse and nutritious;
- you’ll ensure that you’ll buy food you’ll actually eat;
- you’ll minimize your chances of eating junk food.

Moreover, you can use this meal plan to cook your meals in advance. For example, you can find some time in the evening to prepare meals for the following day - and when you have a meal plan to follow, you won’t spend any time on thinking what do you need to cook.

2. Cook more than you can eat at once
If cooking every evening is not an option for you, you should make the most out of your next opportunity to cook. Try preparing a bigger meal than the one you usually eat: this way you’ll have leftovers that you could eat for lunch the next day.

3. Be careful with snacks
Snacking, in general, is okay. It helps us to get through the day when the next real meal is still a couple of hours away. It helps us to fight hunger when we don’t have much time to eat: for example when you have exams ahead or need to come up with good research topics for an essay you have to submit tomorrow.

However, if you do want the best for your health, you should keep two things in mind:

- choose healthy snacks instead of the unhealthy ones;
- not to overeat.

The tricky thing about snacks is that they don’t always seem nourishing enough (even if they are). For example, nuts actually have a lot of calories in them - however, they are small, and so people could often overeat them. To avoid this, always be mindful when having a snack.

4. Drink water
If you didn’t practice mindful eating before, chances are you don’t understand your body’s cravings as well as you could. And it’s completely okay - actually, many people don’t understand them too.

One of the most common mistakes people make is confusing thirst with hunger. Therefore, try carrying a water bottle with you and drinking water each time you feel hungry. After you do so, wait for 10 minutes - chances are the hunger will disappear. And if not, your body would be still hydrated, which is a good thing.

5. Eat slowly
Eating slowly will not only help you feel the food’s taste and structure better - it will also help you avoid overeating. The thing is that it takes time for our brain to register that we are full - and it could take 10-30 minutes for it to do so. Therefore, you risk overeating if you consume your meal too quickly.

6. Learn how to fight unhealthy cravings
If you do want something sweet or oily or generally unhealthy, eat something healthy instead - an apple, some yogurt, etc. It’s very hard to fight unhealthy cravings when we’re hungry - but there’s a big chance that this craving itself is caused by hunger and not by the need to eat unhealthy food.

Another tip is to eat something healthy before going out with friends or doing grocery shopping. This way it would also be easier for you to resist buying and eating fast food.

Also, when you want something unhealthy, try asking yourself why do you want this. Do you want something just because you like the taste and want to savor it right now? Or do you want to eat unhealthy because you’re tired, sad or stressed?

In the first case, you could settle with a small amount of fast food - for example, eat a piece of chocolate: that would be enough to feel the taste. In the second case, try coming up with other ways to comfort yourself.

7. Don’t punish yourself if you fail sometimes
One of the main reasons why people find it hard sticking to a healthy diet is because they believe they should eat healthy all the time. Sure, this would be great - but it’s also extremely hard to many, especially for those of us who didn’t eat healthy before.

In this case, it’s totally okay to take it slow. Keep in mind that there is no unique approach that fits everyone. Some find it easier to cut the unhealthy food completely; some, however, crave it even more when they know they aren’t allowed to eat it.

So instead of punishing yourself for eating unhealthy, remind yourself that you are allowed to eat anything - it’s just you want to make healthier choices most of the time. Tell yourself that next time your choice would be healthier: this way you won’t stress out even more and won’t feel the need to comfort yourself with food.

Learning how to eat healthily is a process - and for some of us, it lasts longer than for others. And it’s okay, as long as you stick to your goal and do your best to build healthier habits.

Author Bio: Christina Battons is a creative writer and content strategist from LA. Currently, I write for various sites. My posts address the topics about self-education, writing, motivation, professional development. In my spare time, I prefer to read novels and crime thriller stories. Feel free to follow me on @battonschristi to ask questions or see my works.

YouTube Influencer Janina Vela Releases Debut Single

Wazzup Pilipinas!

At 18 years old, Janina Vela’s achievements as a YouTuber and social media personality goes far beyond what is imaginable for a girl her age.

With various awards and recognition, Janina is now ready to challenge herself with a new path in her career, this time as a musician.“My biggest goal as a musician is to create songs that people can relate to and share parts of my life that I’ve never shared before,” she said.

She wrote her debut single, “Hesitate,” as an anthem for those whose hearts have been broken and crippled by fear of being burned again. “It’s probably been everyone’s story at one point or another.” The single reached Top 5 of Spotify’s Top 50 Viral Chart!

With a following that can only grow from this point on, Janina’s passion remains the same, and that is to be a positive influence to her generation, to inspire them to be confident in their own skin and encourage them to be beautiful inside out.

“Hesitate” is available now on all digital platforms!

iTunes/Apple Music





Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Yamaha Reigns Supreme in IRGP

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The motorsports crew of Yamaha Motor Philippines takes pride in upholding the brand’s global standard of racing performance. By creating a Championship culture from every aspect, they have mastered the craft of outclassing their opponents in any track. This was the clear indication during their unrelenting run in the IRGP. Yamaha won 7 manufacturer awards in what was an almost shutout season. This was the most categories won by a single manufacturer since the beginning of the IRGP in 2007.

This continuous racing rampage is all thanks to unwavering dedication, mastery of skillset, and of course the commitment of providing the best machinery. Yamaha racing closes out the year by blowing out the competition and sets its eyes on conquering a new year. 

The categories are:

YSS Suspension Masters Trophy
150 Open UB

Champion -Masato Fernando
(Team Yamaha Spec V on Sniper 150)
2ndPlace -Nino Fabian (Sniper 150)
3rdPlace –Tracy Soyangco (Sniper 150)

UNIOIL Juniors Underbone Elite
150 Open UB

Champion – Mckinley Kyle Paz
(Team Phoenix Yamaha Koso Faito on Sniper 150)
2nd Place – Gian Carlo Mauricio (Sniper 150)
3rd Place – John Emerson Inguito
(4S1M Yamaha Racing Team on Sniper 150)

PHOENIX Cyclomax Racing 4T
Underbone GP115

Champion – Neil Jan Centeno
(Team Phoenix Yamaha Koso Faito on Crypton Z)

Shell Advance Automatic GP 180
Champion – Gian Carlo Mauricio (modified 180 cc Yamaha Mio Sporty)
2nd Place - Masato Fernando
(Team Yamaha Spec V on Modified 180cc Mio Sporty)
3rd – Mckinley Kyle Paz
(Team Phoenix Yamaha Koso Faito on Modified 180cc Mio Sporty)

NGK Spark Plugs Automatic Elite Trophy 160
Champion – Vrei-Ar Suba (Team Phoenix Yamaha Koso Faito
on Modified 160cc Mio Sporty)
2nd Place - Mckinley Kyle Paz
(Team Phoenix Yamaha Koso Faito on Modified 160cc Mio Sporty)
3rd Place – Gian Carlo Mauricio
(on Modified 160cc Mio Sporty)

Eni Motor Oil Automatic Trophy 160
Champion – Robert Ryan Espiritu
(Team Yamaha Spec V on Modified 160cc Mio Sporty)
2nd Place – John Paul Suba
(on Modified 160cc Mio Sporty)
3rd Place – Sean Barcial
(on Modified 160cc Mio Sporty)

Top 1 Action Matic Juniors Trophy 130 AT
Champion - Neil Jan Centeno
(Team Phoenix Yamaha Koso Faito on Modified 130cc Mio Sporty)
2nd Place – Sean Barcial
(on Modified 130cc Mio Sporty)
3rd Place – Jeson Benial
(on Modified 130cc Mio Sporty)

DOTr Handa Na Upang Ipatupad Ang PUV Modernization Program Sa Susunod Na Taon

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Handa na ang Department of Transportation (DOTr) na ipatupad ang Public Utility Modernization Program (PUVMP) sa susunod na taon upang masimulan na ang pagbibigay ng mas maayos, ligtas, at environment-friendly na pampublikong transportasyon ang mga commuters.

Tiniyak ni DOTr Undersecretary for Road Transport and Infrastructure Thomas Orbos na maipapatupad na agad ng DOTr ang PUVMP pagtungtong ng 2018, kung saan sisimula nang gawing makabago at moderno ang mga pamapasaherong jeepney.

Sinabi ni Usec. Orbos na sa loob ng tatlong taong transitory period ay makakaranas na ng magandang pababago ang libo-libong commuter ng jeepney. Ito ay sa pamamagitan ng paggamit ng Land Transportation Office (LTO) ng makabagong Motor Vehicle Inspection System (MVIS) sa pagtukoy kung ang mga pampublikong sasakyan sa bansa gaya ng jeepney ay road-worthy o hindi na nararapat ipasada.

Dismayado naman si DOTr Secretary Tugade sa pag-amin ng ilang transport leader sa sa hearing kahapon na “nagpapadulas” o nabibigay sila ng pera o lagay sa mga LTO inspector para lamang makapasa sa MVIS.

Inayunan naman ito ni transport group leader Zeny Maranan ng FEJODAP at nagsabing ito ay hindi dapat ginagawa ng driver at operator dahil lalong malalagay sa peligro ang kaligtasaan at buhay ng mga mananakay. 

“Alam ninyo kung bakit nagkakaproblema? Kasi yung iba sa atin naglalagay! Hindi dapat ginagawa ng mga operator at drivers yan dahil buhay ng mga pasahero ang nakasalalay dito,” ani Maranan.

Ayon naman kay Secretary Tugade, matagal nang nabinbin ang pagpatupad ng PUVMP at ang pobreng mga pasahero ang araw-araw na nagtitiis sa maruming usok na binubuga ng mga lumang jeepney sa tuwing ang mga ito ay pumapasada.

“Madumi na ang kapaligiran dahil sa tumataas na carbon footprint emission, eh bakit ayaw magpalit at mag modernize? Naiintindihan ko kung gusto nating mag-hanapbuhay, ngunit sana naman, ang ating hanapbuhay, huwag kumitil o bumawi ng buhay. Isipin ang nakararami, at huwag lang ang sarili,” dagdag ni Secretary Tugade.

Bukod sa mga opisyales ng DOTr, dumalo din sa pagdinig ng Committee on Public Services, na pinamumunuan ni Senator Grace Poe, si Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) chairman Martin Delgra III at iba pang mga transport groups gaya ng FEJODAP, ACTO, LTOP, PISTON at No to Jeepney Phase-out Coalition.

Netmarble’s Lineage2 Revolution to Pre-Announce Its First Castle Siege

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Netmarble Games Corp., the fastest-growing mobile game company worldwide, announced today that its mobile MMORPG Lineage2 Revolution will hold its first castle siege in the near future and run events ahead of the arrival of the most anticipated contents to the game.

The castle siege is a massive combat over a castle among four clans, including one defender clan and three attacker clans. The clan, who first carve the holy imprint, will become the lord of the castle, and be rewarded with substantial benefits, such as global buff, local buff, conquer shop, tax collection, and compensation for participation.

The castle siege is expected to reinforce players’ MMORPG experience through forming alliances and feuds among clans, while strategically installing geographical structures. Netmarble will help the players get accustomed to the castle siege by running pre-season for the first two weeks.

Lineage2 Revolution will also conduct various events having the players gear up for colossal clashes among the clans. From December 8th to 15th, its sign-in event will present popular items twice a day, such as three Grade SR Exclusive Equipment Selection Box, a Grade R Rare Exclusive Equipment Selection Box (Blue/Red), five Maphr’s Protection, and nine Unconfirmed Recipe.

Meanwhile, Netmarble will allow the players to create or upgrade their Grade UR equipment by giving 30% discount or a free draw on 10 Material Boxes for UR Crafting (+1 Bonus) in every 24 hours. The company will also reduce soul crystal removal cost by 50%.

Besides, the players will be rewarded items, such as Unconfirmed Rare Weapon Recipe or Unconfirmed Rare Armor Recipe, as many times they combine or salvage equipment between December 8th and 21st. 

A mobile MMORPG boasting outstanding technical achievement and massive popularity worldwide, Lineage2 Revolution was named Best Games of 2017 by Google Play in five Asian countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand, last week.

For more information on Lineage2 Revolution, visit the game’s official website( and Facebook page(

E-Powering Students of Tagaytay

Wazzup Pilipinas!

E-POWER TAGAYTAY SCHOOL: Over 150 Grade 10 students and teachers of Tagaytay City High School attended last December 6 the final leg of this year's series of DOE’s Career Talks on Breaking Gender Stereotypes in the Energy Workforce. Among those who joined them were staff of Consumer Welfare and Promotion Office headed by Chief Science Research Specialist, Helen B. Arias, Electric Power Industry Management Bureau and Energy Resource Development Bureau who informed them of the energy industry and the opportunities therein. The activity was part of the celebration of National Energy Consciousness Month.

In celebration of National Energy Consciousness Month, the Department of Energy (DOE), through the Consumer Welfare and Promotion Office (CWPO), conducted the last leg of 2017’s Career Talks in the Tagaytay City High School on 6 December 2017.

Principal, Dr. Florencio Costa, in his opening and closing remarks, extended his appreciation to DOE Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi for introducing the ENEReady Program to their Grade 10 students.

“This activity is a welcome opportunity for our children to learn more about careers in the energy sector,” said Dr. Florencio.

Resource persons from the CWPO, Electric Power industry Management Bureau, and from the Energy Resource Development Bureau shared their personal and work experiences, and showed the distinguished women leaders who managed the DOE and its attached agencies. The goal is to inspire students to take up courses in science, technology and engineering, because energy is seen to be among the top challenging sector of the 21st century.

Over 150 Grade 10 students and teachers actively participated as they were provided guidance on how to plan their careers and have meaningful jobs in the future.

The ENEReady is a continuing program of the DOE-GAD reaching a total of 2,115 students in ten (10) schools in the National Capital Region (NCR) and Region IV-A since its commencement in 2016.

It is aligned with the E-Power Mo campaign of the DOE and aims to promote gender equality in the energy sector.

“I hope the DOE will also be one of their lifetime partners in the same way as its regular visitors, such as DepEd, DOH, and PNP,” Dr. Florencio concluded.

ENERGIZED STUDENTS: Grade 10 Students of Tagaytay City National High School listened intently to Engr. Eduardo B. Fernandez' lecture on breaking gender stereotypes in the power sector. There were a total of 150 student and teacher participants in the Career Talks on Breaking Gender Stereotypes in the Energy Workforce conducted on December 6 by the DOE-Gender and Development through the Consumer Welfare and Promotion Office in observance of National Energy Consciousness Month.

YouTube Stars Dance to Raise One Million Dollars

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Judy and Benji Travis, YouTube celebrities who star on ItsJudysLife will host Dancember, their annual interactive fundraising event. It will be held live in Seattle and live-streamed globally on YouTube from December 15 to 16, 2017 from 3 PM PST to 3 PM PST. With a one million dollar fundraising goal, they will partner with the charity organization, Convoy of Hope to help feed impoverished children and bring awareness to global hunger.

The Travis’ are expected to be joined during the event by other YouTube stars, including: Bretman Rock (Bretman Rock), Desi Perkins (Desi Perkins), Lindy Tsang (BubzBeauty), Mikey Bustos (Mikey Bustos) and Mike Tompkins (pbpproductions).

“Last year, Dancember raised more than $500,000 to feed hungry children,” says Travis.” This year our goal is to raise one million dollars for Convoy of Hope’s feedONE Initiative, which feeds over 160,000 children in eleven countries.”

Dancember organizers have already raised over $125,000 in donations through the #Dancember Challenge and their Dancember Tour, which started in the Philippines and will continue in four west coast cities during December.

Travis notes that Dancember is a unique fundraiser that features audience participation, incentives for giving, and special guests. With the help of their team of social media influencers from around the world, cumulatively reaching over 60 million fans, they will spread the #Dancember Challenge message worldwide before and during the event.

“We’re honored to partner with Benji and Judy for Dancember,” says Kirk Noonan, vice president of Creative Communications for Convoy of Hope. “Communicating this need with their extensive YouTube and social media audiences will allow us to continue to improve the lives of children and families throughout the world.”

The Travis family had their Meet and Greet events on September 24 at SM Seaside Cebu and on October 1 at Samsung Hall, SM Aura Premier and were able to raise $60,000 through these events. They also visited Convoy of Hope Philippines during their stay in the country. The Philippines forms the majority of the followers for Judy and Benji Travis, making more than a third of their fan base, according to Deep Social, a social media analytics platform.

Wonders of Christmas at City of Dreams Manila

Wazzup Pilipinas!

City of Dreams Manila’s European-inspired Christmas décor makes for a central backdrop for a memorable staycation in any of its three luxury hotels, dining in any of the more than 20 restaurants, Christmas-themed activities at an interactive play space, year-ender parties and New Year’s Eve countdown events, celebrations in a function room or a KTV room, and luxury shopping for the holidays.

European-Themed Decor

The luxury integrated resort’s Christmas décor, conceptualized by Danish designer Creation Group and executed by Tema Design Philippines, features two towering nutcrackers at the main entrance, an enchanting 32-foot Christmas tree next to a life-sized Santa’s log-cabin and sleigh at the central aisle where Santa will be stationed for photo ops during weekends of December, handing out Snickers bars. Outdoors, beside the Nobu Hotel pool deck, astunning 22-foot teddy bear covered in 16,000 LED lights illuminates the garden at night, while at The Shops boulevard, a cluster of golden trees with a troupe of fairies in flight evoke enchantment and fantasy. The lobbies of Nobu, Crown and Hyatt also sport distinct holiday showpieces that invite photo ops.

Shrek the Halls at DreamPlay

For kids and the kids at heart, a Christmas-themed family celebration with DreamWorks characters is in store in DreamPlay with the “Shrek the Halls” holiday adventure activity at P1,588 net per person, from December 2 to January 2. The Christmas experience with Shrek includes an all-day pass, a Gingy apron, a refreshing Baked Christmas Apple & Gingerbread smoothie, a meet-and-greet with Shrek and Princess Fiona, and a viewing of the Shrek the Halls Holiday Special Short film at the Dream Theatre.

Staycation Packages at Nobu Hotel

As a respite from the holiday rush, there’s the “Celebrations” staycation package at Nobu Hotel Manila in a well-appointed deluxe room, replete with breakfast and a spa treatment for two, and dining credit to experience a selection of City of Dreams Manila’s restaurants. The package starts at P14,700 and P21,700 net for one and two-night accommodations, respectively. For families, the “Stay and Play” package is the ideal choice with an overnight accommodation in a deluxe room with breakfast for two adults and two children below 13 years old and DreamPlay passes for four, is offered at P10,300 net. Room packages are available until December 30, 2017. Complimentary yoga and Zumba classes are also available on weekends.

Gift Ideas at Café Society

An imposing dome housing Café Society’s gift ideasfor loved ones and friends is a one-stop-shop until January 1 for decadent delights such as holiday cakes, breads, stolen, English fruit cake, traditional minced pie, cookies and chocolates – including adorable chocolate Santa Claus confections in small or large sizes, and gingerbread cookie houses.

Omakase Dinner and Holiday Brunch at Nobu Manila

Foodies can indulge in Nobu Manila’s seven-course Omakase dinner menu from December 1 to 28. The menu includes Aburi Tachiuo Salad with Spicy Lemon Dressing; Roasted King Prawn with Scampi Gratin, Wasabi Aioli and Bacon Korokke; and Nobu-Style Puto Bumbong. The promotion is at P5,400++ per person.

An exclusive seven-course Omakase menu will be on offer for New Year’s Eve on December 31. Brunch fare will be available for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve celebration on December 24 and 31, respectively from 11:30 am to 3 pm.

Christmas Set Menus at Crystal Dragon

Revelers looking for premium Cantonese and contemporary Chinese can satisfy their cravings at Crystal Dragon with a choice between two delectable five-course Christmas set menus priced at P1,988++ and P2,388++ offered for the whole month of December.

Set Menu A features dishes such as Pan Fried Fragrant Glutinous Rice served with Aromatic Duck Leg in Abalone Sauce, Steamed Cod Fish with Baby Bok Choy and Crispy Turnips, and Chilled Sweetened Mango Sphere with Pan Fried Soft Skin Ube.

Set Menu B showcases Hands roll Peking Duck with Seafood Platter; Braised E Fu Noodle with Oven Baked Garlic and Bacon Lobster; and Walnut Chocolate Whiskey’s Soft Skin Sweet Dumpling served with Crispy Custard Banana Roll and Warm Vanilla Sauce.

Festive Platter at Red Ginger

Southeast Asian cuisine reigns supreme at Red Ginger, and a limited-time holiday a la carte selection will be available from December 16 to 31.

Sunday Barbecue Grill at Wave

A sumptuous barbecue buffet spread featuring grilled dishes and a variety of Eastern and Western dishes are served by the poolside during the weekly Sunday barbecue dinner at Wave restaurant. Available on all Sundays of November and December, not-to-be-missed staples are the lemongrass-stuffed lechon carving station, the grill with bratwurst, pork barbecue skewers, chicken inasal, and lemon garlic prawns, the risotto cheese wheel, cold cuts station, breads station, salads station, and delectable desserts.

December and New Year’s Eve Parties

Chaos will fly in international DJ Ookay to perform on December 8, while New Year’s Eve countdown parties at Chaos and CenterPlay will highlight top local performing artists including True Faith on December 31.

For inquiries and reservations, guests can call 800 8080, e-mail, or

KISLAP: A School in the South’s Coachella-ish Way to Start the Holidays.

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Augustinian Student Government of Colegio San Agustin – Biñan, in light of the holidays, has organized an event which was called “KISLAP: Gabi ng Kantahan, Kainan, Kasiyahan.” The event aims to celebrate and give thanks for the positivity, the blessings, and the love received throughout the year.

With performances by Ourselves the Elves, St. Wolf, and two of the local bands as highlights. Multiple food stalls sold an array of choices for the event-goers. A raffle with exciting prizes was also held.

The event took place in the open area in front of the Saint Monica Hall. The Vice President Internal of the ASG adviced to “bring whatever you need to get comfortable and enjoy the event to its fullest; picnic blankets and the likes will be allowed.”

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