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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

LASIK Laser Eye Surgery - What Is It And How Can It Help You?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

If you have worn glasses or contact lenses your whole life then you may feel like a change. While using these methods to correct your vision is perfectly fine, some people can find them restrictive. Not only is there the ongoing cost of buying new glasses and contact lenses, but also the hassle of maintaining them. When you also have to remember to bring glasses with you wherever you go or put contacts in before you leave the house, an alternative option is sought by many.

Laser eye surgery is the main alternative to correcting impaired vision in terms of cosmetic surgery. This sees patients undergo a surgical procedure to correct their eyesight and restore their vision for the future. Within this, LASIK laser eye surgery is one option that many people choose.

What is LASIK laser eye surgery? 

Standing for Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis, this is perhaps the most popular laser eye surgery around. In simple terms, it involves the creation of a hinged flap within the eye's cornea as part of the procedure. After this, the surgeon will then remove wafer-thin layers from the cornea itself using a laser. Once the procedure is complete, patients should experience clearer eyesight without the need for glasses or contacts.

Why choose LASIK laser eye surgery? 

If you are thinking of using this treatment then the below are some of the benefits it can bring.

High success rate 

LASIK surgery has been around for a while now and concrete evidence of its effectiveness has built up. Studies of past results indicate that around 95% of people who undergo this type of laser eye surgery will achieve 20/40 vision, while around 85% saw a return to 20/20 vision. This means it is one treatment that has been shown to work and that you can trust to help.

Long-term results 

If you have spent a lot of money on having cosmetic surgery done then you want to know it will last for the long term. LASIK is a great choice here as it has been shown to provide long-lasting results. While it may take a little time after the procedure for your eyesight to adjust, when it does there should be no need for further follow-up surgery to keep it in the best condition.

Fast recovery period

One of the amazing features of LASIK eye surgery is that it offers quick recovery times. While you will not be able to drive straight after the surgery, within a couple of days you should be able to lead a normal life and go back to your busy schedule. This kind of surgery does not usually require a recovery period in the clinic afterwards, or leave you with stitches or bandages, which is a bonus for many.

There is no doubt that laser eye surgery can not only save you lots of money overall compared to glasses or contact lenses but also deliver great results. LASIK surgery is one of the premier forms of this type of surgery for the reasons shown above. If you would like to know more about this kind of help for your eyesight, give us a call today. As one of Europe's leading cosmetology clinics, Vera Clinic will provide the support and information needed to make the right decision about your cosmetic surgery.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Cobra Energy Drink brings Vitamin C Variant for Ultimate Immunity Defense

Wazzup Pilipinas!

In line with its commitment to foster innovation in its category and continue to be an icon of true Filipino strength, Asia Brewery Inc. launches Cobra +Plus Vitamin C.

Cobra +Plus Vitamin C Defense focuses on health and productivity as Filipinos today aspire to pursue and achieve more in a day. Packed with 700mg of Vitamin C and a delicious orange taste that makes the perfect combination to match your daily grind, this variant was developed with the satisfaction of Filipinos’ daily energy fix in mind.

This is the ultimate immunity defense in an energy drink bottle, served to strengthen the body for the daily hustle while one actively pursues its passion in the best health condition possible.

As active lifestyle becomes a more popular choice among today’s busy individuals, sustained energy and immunity defense become top priorities when choosing a daily partner drink.

This is what Cobra Energy Drink is committed to be as they launch Cobra +Plus Vitamin C Defense – the perfect partner for every Filipino that assures they are in their best shape, as they pursue an active lifestyle.

“Earning the titles best-selling and number one energy drink is both a milestone and motivation for us. For years, we have continuously strived to cater to the market’s different energy needs and strived to be better at giving Filipinos the value they deserve. We continue to offer products that we believe can enhance their daily activities and, ultimately, add significant value to their lives,” Marketing Manager- CSD Dan Ong shares.

The country’s best-selling and number one energy drink Cobra has three other variants that serve the Filipino’s varying energy needs – Cobra Original and Cobra Berry for instant energy, Cobra Fit with ActivBurn technology plus L-Carnitine to burn calories and Cobra Smart with ginkgo biloba for instant brainergy.

6th Intercollegiate AggregatES Quiz

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Celebrating 33 years of honor, unending camaraderie, and scholastic excellence, UP Aggregates, Incorporated, the premier academic and duly recognized organization for Civil Engineering students in the Institute of Civil Engineering of the University of the Philippines - Diliman, brings you the 6th Intercollegiate AggregatES Quiz this coming January 26, 2019.

The Intercollegiate AggregatES Quiz or ESQ is an annual competition that aims to test the knowledge and expertise of engineering students from different colleges and universities in various fields of engineering sciences. The competition is open to students taking up any undergraduate Engineering program. Each participating school can send at most three (3) teams comprising of three (3) bona fide Engineering students each.

The teams will battle in four rounds of Engineering Science questions covering Engineering Mathematics, Statics of Rigid Bodies, Dynamic of Rigid Bodies, Mechanics of Materials, and Fluid Mechanics. The top three teams after the final round will receive cash prizes of Php 50 000, Php 20 000, and Php 10 000 for the Champion, 1st Runner-Up, and 2nd Runner-Up respectively. They will also receive medals, plaque, and certificates of recognition.

Throughout the years, ESQ has provided an avenue for the holistic development of its participants by developing their competence as well as their values of teamwork, fortitude, honesty, and camaraderie as future Filipino engineers.

For interested schools or participants, you may register now at Regular Registration will end on January 18, 2019. For inquiries, email us at or text us at 09213404050 (Jeffry Ramonida).

Energy Family on Full Alert as Amang Heads for the Visayas

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Department of Energy (DOE) is leading energy resiliency preparations as Tropical Depression (TD) Amang heads toward the Samar and Leyte islands. The DOE called on the members of the Task Force on Energy Resiliency (TFER) yesterday (21 January) for the close monitoring of TD Amang’s movements, the commencement of precautionary measures, the provision of updates on the status of energy facilities in the areas to be affected, and coordinate with the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC).

According to the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), residents within the Visayas and Bicol regions should anticipate moderate to heavy downpour as TD Amang is projected to move northwest at 10 kilometers per hour (km/h) with maximum sustained winds of 45 km/h near the center. Amang is expected to be within 75 kilometers west of Tacloban City at 8:00 A.M. tomorrow morning (22 January).

DOE Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi said, “The entire energy family is maintaining round-the-clock communications, especially with NDRRMC, to ensure that our people are given fair warning and ample time to prepare and keep their families safe. We urge our kababayans to promptly heed safety warnings and cooperate with the Local Government Unit if there is a need to evacuate.”

On generation, the latest report of the National Power Corporation (NPC) indicates that all NPC dams are undergoing normal operations, as of 8:14 A.M. with no spilling operations under effect.

For transmission, Bukidnon Second Electric Cooperative, Inc. was affected by a brief power outage reported within the Puerto-Lunocan 34.5kV Transmission Line at 4:57 A.M. today, but was swiftly restored by 5:08 A.M.

The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) likewise implemented necessary preparations and precautions to minimize the impact of TD Amang on its transmission operations and facilities, including the provision of reliable communications equipment, hardware materials and supplies for damage repairs, as well as the strategic positioning of line crews for immediate restoration work when needed. As of 1:00 P.M. today, they have reported normal operations for all NGCP transmission lines and facilities.

Meanwhile, the National Electrification Administration has advised electric cooperatives to take the appropriate contingency measures to mitigate the impact of potential threats that might affect electricity services and prepare for the possible activation of an Emergency Restoration Organization to immediately carry out power restoration plans.

“It is crucial for hospitals and key government structures to have continuous access to energy services in the face of disasters. The energy family will provide timely updates to our people,” Sec. Cusi concluded.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

MADWORLD: Unraveling the Art of Influence

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Philippines is home to some of the most beautiful, entertaining, and talented influencers. Whether it be a popular celebrity or a home-grown vlogger in Instagram, these influencers are capable of attracting attention to their target audience and subsequently converting them into their own followers who then spread more information about the products they review or advertise.

The Philippine Junior Marketing Association, together with one of the leading integrated marketing communication agencies in the country, Havas Ortega, proudly presents;

MADWORLD: Unraveling the Art of Influence, happening on the 24th of February, from 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM, at the SM Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay City!

Find out what makes these influencers successful for both themselves and other businesses as well as how you can become one yourself!

Should you have inquiries, please contact James Dala at (0956) 122 0690 or email him at


PUP – BAPR Brings You the 17th Advertising Congress; WILDERNESS: Venture the Adver Nature

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Through the years, the Department of Advertising and Public Relations of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines has been conducting events as a platform for its students to build their event management skills, showcase their talents, and create linkages with potential employers.

This academic year, the senior students of the Department of Advertising and Public Relations, will hold its 17th Advertising Congress this coming January 24-25 2019, at the PUP Theatre College of Communication Building. This event will be focusing on the survival in the venturesome nature of Advertising and Public Relations. And for the year 2019, 3 teams will take a lead for their awe-inspiring talks from their different guest speakers in the field of Advertising and Public Relations, travelling their seminars creative as they are by presenting respective theme such as 4-1D “Th1nkaD” Talks about “WAYS TO ACE THE ADVERTISING MAZE” 4-1N “as1Ntado” Talks about “LUMIERE: UNVEILING THE LUMINOUS WORLD OF PRODUCTION” and 4-2N “tech2Nic” KING OF THE JUNGLE: DEFENDING BRANDS IN THE REALM OF PREDATOR.

The 17th Advertising Congress is brought to you by the senior students of the PUP Bachelor in Advertising and Public Relations in cooperation with The Bar, Emperador Hot Shot, Emperador Light, Jergens, Slimmers World and Franchise In Partnership with McDonald’s Philippines, Nature’s Spring, Trampoline Park, Quick FX,, Advcomtech Solutions and Messy Bessy

Media Partners 

Wazzup Pilipinas, Light TV, The Philippine Catalog, Inquirer Pop, WhenInManila, Adobo Magazine, Class a magazine,, Rakista Radio, Business Spark Up and Take off Philippines.

PHLPost to Exhibit Chinese Zodiac Stamps to Celebrate Lunar New Year

Wazzup Pilipinas!

In celebration of the Chinese New Year in the Philippines, the Philippine Philatelic Federation, the umbrella organization of stamp collectors in the country, in partnership with Pilipinas Philately of the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) will hold a stamp exhibition entitled “Spring”, a voyage to the lunar years this coming January 21 at the lobby of the historic Manila Central Post Office building.

PHLPost will exhibit special stamps previously issued to celebrate the 12 animal signs on the Chinese Zodiac. It features a 12-year cycle with each year represented by a specific animal.

The celebration marks the start of spring on the Chinese calendar from January to February.

PHLPost will showcase how beautiful and preserved the Chinese culture in the country through this miniature pieces of art called “stamps”.

The Chinese Lunar New Year on February 05, is popularly celebrated not just in Asia but throughout the world.

Unlike the western celebration of New Year on January 1st, the date of the Chinese celebration of the New Year vary according to Chinese lunar calendar, but generally fall on a day between January 21st and February 20th in the Gregorian calendar.

The Chinese Zodiac is about symbolically doing away with the old of the previous year and ushering in health, good fortune, prosperity, and happiness for the coming lunar year.

The Chinese cultural influence has been recognized in the country, from eating Chinese food, talking to Feng Shui experts for good luck, as well as reading their Chinese horoscope.

Highlight of the exhibit is the PHLPost’s 2019 Year of the Pig stamps issued to celebrate the New Year.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Parts

Wazzup Pilipinas!

There are a lot of people who are searching for the right motorcycle parts. This is understandable because motorcycle parts come in different price range and quality. What if you would like to improve the way that your motorcycle looks like. You cannot do it without the right parts.

There are some general things that you have to remember if you want to improve your motorcycle with the use of honda motorcycle accessories:
  • There are some accessories that can be used to replace the existing parts that you already have. Some are meant to upgrade your motorcycle. You need to know what parts you would like to replace or upgrade beforehand so that looking for the right parts and choosing can be easier for you.
  • Do not work hard in finding the right motorcycle parts. You need to work smart instead. This means that you have to know the honda powersports oem parts that you can check before you start searching. Find as much knowledge about the parts that you want beforehand. It will make a lot of difference with how long it would take before you find the right parts for your motorcycle.
  • Start searching while there are still some parts available. There are some parts and accessories that will not be available anymore after some time. They can still be found in some specialty stores but they will be more expensive as compared to when they were just released. You can make quick decisions depending on how you want your motorcycle to look like. You should also base it on how you want your motorcycle to perform.
  • Do not decide to purchase something just because it is “universal.” There are some parts that are supposed to be universal but will still not fit the type of motorcycle that you have. Once again, doing proper research about the parts that you want will make a huge difference.
You can follow the same tips when you start searching for cheap atv parts. Just imagine how ideal your upgraded motorcycle is going to be.

Get over to Iowa 80 for the best semi truck tire chains today

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Tired of having your truck stuck in snow, mud and ice? Fret no more. Get your truck unstuck with TruckClaws from Iowa 80.  These claws are easy to install. It takes less than 60 seconds to install each claw!  These claws can even be used in addition to traditional tire chains.  

Your truck will be unstuck and moving again within 15 minutes of of installing the claw.  The truck claws are lightweight and easy to store. Claw is made of steel and weight 16 lbs per kit. For use on dual wheel, heavy duty commercial vehicles weighing up to 80,000 lbs.

Head over to and pick up new semi truck tires chains. Bad roads combined with old or worn tire chains can result in accidents or worse. Adding tire chains to your semi provides better traction in snow and slippery conditions. 

Make sure chains are properly affixed to the tire to prevent chain failure. Different states have different laws regarding the use of tire chains, make sure to check the laws on your route. Stay safe out there with the right type of tire chains for your rig.

Brighten up your world with new lights from  Iowa80 has a wide selection of truck lights for the interior and exterior of your truck. Whether you have a Kenworth, Peterbilt, Freightliner, International, Volvo, Mack or Western Star, you can find what you need here. From incandescent to LED, strobe or accent lighting, LED lights for semi trucks, we can help. 

Check out our selection of round lights, oval marker lights, turn signals, tail/stop/turn lights, truck headlights (including Freightliner headlights and Peterbilt headlights), truck strobe lights, air cleaner lights, marker lights, blinker bars, bumper lights, LED bulbs, beehive lights, spyder lights, LED light strips, double faced lights, warning lights, cab lights and interior lighting. You are sure to find the right light to fit your needs when you shop today!

    1. Led lights for semi trucks -

    2. Have your Winterfronts stand up to the snow and road debris

3. Upgrade your semi truck tire chains to avoid horrible accidents
·  Iowa 80 ;

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

10 Steps to Becoming a Better Entrepreneur in 2019

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Becoming a better entrepreneur and earning more Pesos in 2019 should be one of your top priorities. Many workers, businesses and enterprises have resumed for the year hoping to be bigger, better and stronger. So should you.

But as they say, hope (alone) is not a strategy. Becoming a better entrepreneur, business owner or person in many cases requires hard work, change of approach etc. Following a clearly mapped strategy makes achieving your entrepreneurship dreams easier in the new year.

Perhaps you’re doing just fine or fantastic as an entrepreneur and wondering why bother? Here’re

5 Reasons to Become a Better Entrepreneur

You can and should become a better entrepreneur going forward for the following reasons

Still enough room for improvement

Competitors are getting better

Customers are becoming better and demanding better

Bigger, better patronage equals bigger, better revenue

Better revenue drives reinvestment, expansion.

Whereas some entrepreneurs fared well in 2018 some others fared worse and are fearing for the worst come 2019. In this post we’ll be sharing 10 key steps to becoming a (much) better entrepreneur in 2019 irrespective of where you currently stand on the entrepreneurial success spectrum.

1.   Take Stock
Navigation systems rely on your current location to get you to your concurrent location. To become a better entrepreneur in 2019 you need to know just how you performed in 2018. To do this effectively you might need a more objective external auditor to take an impassioned look at your books, business practices and methods.

This will reveal your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, thereby helping you make smarter business decisions like other successful entrepreneurs.

2.   Go Digital
Perhaps not going digital yet is one of the findings from your stock taking above. Learning what you’re missing out on by ignoring digital options versus what you stand to gain by going online can spur you to act.

There are over 1.5 billion websites out there many of which are businesses just as over 2 million businesses have or use an Instagram account. Many more are on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks where modern customers hang out. You should try digital marketing in 2019.

3.   Use Data
One setback of staying analogue is relying on guesswork and gut feeling, which aren’t the best for entrepreneurship in the 21st century. Data on the other hand eliminates guesswork and gives you precision helping you make more informed business decisions.

Automating much or all of your business practices and processes will help you generate more concise data which will help you plan and prepare better. Accurate customer information for instance can inform product design and development which could result in happier repeat customers.

4.   Try Social Media
Social media is huge. Reports suggest that over 2.6 billion people and counting are active on social media each day. That’s massive considering most markets are small depending on your niche, industry or vertical.

Social media posts can go viral in minutes reaching people and places you’d probably never reach in three lifetimes times three. Social media marketing should form a core part of your 2019 marketing strategy if you hope to become a better entrepreneur.

5.   And Email Marketing
Email marketing is another inexpensive way smart entrepreneurs and marketers keep their businesses running profitably. ROI per dollar spent is said to be over $38.  There are free and paid email marketing tools that can help automate your entire email marketing moves.

This way you can keep in constant touch with your customers, announce new arrivals, special offers, discounts, rebates, sales, etc. With email marketing you can upsell and also retarget cold or even dead leads thereby reducing cart abandonment.

6.   Bulk SMS Too
Bulk SMS is another inexpensive way entrepreneurs can get their messages across to customers, especially if such customers live in countries or areas with limited internet access. Irrespective of location, bulk sms has been reported to have an open rate of over 90%. Impressive, plus more and more people now use phones.

You could include links in your message body to direct customers to your website where you can better engage them and increase your chances of conversion or closing a sale.

7.   Study Competitors
In this digital era (see why you should go digital?), it is far easier for entrepreneurs to study, monitor or keep an eye on competitors. You can discreetly follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other such digital hangouts.

Chances are you’re also being cyber stalked, studied or monitored by other entrepreneurs especially if you’re doing well in business. By studying their social media habits for instance you can see how they succeed on social and try to implement or modify that to your taste.

8.   Subscribe to Successful Blogs
Successful blogs in many industries are a dime a dozen, if you find any in your niche or vertical do well to subscribe to their newsletters and read their blogs for latest happenings in your industry. Sites like Business Insider, Entrepreneur and Forbes, Neil Patel, etc often feature content most entrepreneurs will fall in love with.

With such information entrepreneurs and business owners are greatly empowered to improve their businesses by copying and pasting proven best practices. Someday you may be down and then find inspiration by reading another entrepreneur’s success story.

9.   Keep Fit
Keeping fit has physical, emotional and psychological benefits especially for entrepreneurs who are generally known to be workaholics. Taking breaks, resting, walking and working out can help you relax, refresh and reset your mind. As your body releases endorphins you’re at your best and can make better business decisions.

Plus working out at the gym can be a means of networking with other like minded entrepreneurs who can introduce you to a new business or tool that can increase your income or revenue or share rare tips about entrepreneurship you may never read in a book.

10. Hire and Fire Fair
Be fair and firm when it comes to hiring and firing staff or workers. By carefully selecting employees you save yourself and business a lot of stress down the road. Most entrepreneurs have discovered that hiring close family members may tie their hands and hurt their business, none of which you want.

Hiring and managing the right talent takes work, if you have them let them know you value their contributions to make the business grow and reward them as much as you can. Continuously redundant workers should be shown the exit or else your business may soon exit the market.

Author Bio:
Amos Onwukwe is an AWAI trained Business and Ecommerce Copywriter who has been featured in scores of blogs including Huffington Post, Dumb Little Man, Ecommerce Nation, eCommerce Insights, Understanding Ecommerce, Result First, Floship, Successful Startup 101, Small Biz Club, Small Business Bonfire, among others.

He is available for hire
Twitter: @amos_onwukwe

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