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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Parlade compared Ana Patricia Non with Satan

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

In what can only be described as the pinnacle of absurdity, Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr., NTF-ELCAC spokesperson, audaciously drew a comparison between the efforts of Ana Patricia Non, the first to put up a #CommunityPantry, with no less than Satan.

It's funny because when you get to read something like this, you stop for a moment and try to find out if it's real. 

What's scary is that it is. 

The virulence of Parlade’s absurd and often fictitious pronouncements has come to a point where engaging Parlade and his ilk in a meaningful discourse anchored in good faith is no longer a viable option.

Only a fanatical trigger-happy cold-blooded red-tagger could compare the civilian pioneer of the Community Pantry to Satan.

Sir, you deserve to be court-martialed. And AFP letting you spew your fringe-views says a lot about the AFP.

Ay mansanas pala ang pinamigay ni Satan, akala ko West Philippine

Was he referring to Patricia Non? All along I thought he's describing an old man in MalacaΓ±ang.. or is he in Davao right now?! Basta!

I never believed in Satan until Duterte showed himself to us.

Wow, humarap nga siya sa salamin habang sinasabi iyan. Takot na takot ang gagong yan mawala sa pwesto ang poon niya kasi pati sya tanggal sa pwesto.

Pero yung bossing nyang manyakis hindi niya kayang tawagin na Satan. Masahol pa kay Satanas yung amo niya eh.

To associate an angelic deed with Satan is more devilish. Time for a 3rd party led mandatory psychiatric assessment.

Iba din mag-isip ito! Ang sama naman ng tingin mo sa kapwa Filipino. Anong mahirap intindihin sa taong tumutulong? On the onset pinagdudahan muna ng masama yun layunin ng community pantry! Ganun ba talaga style mo- kasukasuka!

I don’t know. Hindi pa ba dapat tinitingnan yung mental health nya? He is spewing things that are not only making lives of ordinary citizens at risk, but he seems to just make things up and try to connect it to his agenda. Remember guys, WE ARE PAYING THIS PERSON FROM OUR TAXES.

As taxpayers, we are the ones who will pay for that man's pension when he retires. He doesn't deserve a single cent from the taxes we pay.

Nakakatakot ung mga ganitong tao. Yung ganyan na mag-isip. Tapos mas nakakatakot yung mga naniniwala.

Nagbabayad tayo ng buwis para takutin ng military at pulis? 

Sobra naman yun, i relate ang person with good deeds to Satan. I don't think this person should be in goverment or in the military, This person should get medical help immediately.

This kind of perspective is astounding. He shouldn't be in a government position. WTF.

Seriously, his approach is not needed. His explanation is not even essential. Make him shut up!!

Medyo nakakahiya na siya ah. Hindi pa ba yan pagsasabihan ng mga senior officer niya?

Ang nagmamagandang loob na makatulong, ihahalimbawa mo kay satan? Eh kayong mga inutil at nagwawalanghiya? Kanino kaya katulad? Mahiya naman kayo.

Punong puno ng malice puso nito ni Parlade. Hindi man lang makita ung magandang ginawa ni AP Non at ng ibang community pantry organizers, pinag isipan pa ng masama.

Parlade has a mind of a pebble, the core of a rotten wood, and the spirit of the glass.

You need professional help, Mr. Parlade! We are wasting people’s money with your rotten logic. You are one of the many unbelievable individuals in the administration who ruin the innately beautiful soul of the Filipino people! 

Kung may Satanas man sa bansa, alam na natin kung sino yun. Wag ka ng lumayo pa! Wag mong pagtakpan! Ang kalat! Ang dumi! Ang baho! Masahol pa kay Satanas!

Is this the best guy they have to be spokesperson? Imagine the eloquence of those left behind the scene. Real piece of shit right there.

Parlade is raining on our community pantry parade

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

NTF-ELCAC spokesperson General Parlade is at it again. Redtagging community pantries with no and limited information he has given his group’s undeserved government funds. 

AFP's reputation shrinks every time Parlade opens his mouth. In the midst of the pandemic, this general has become a general problem.

Government anti-insurgency task force spokesperson Lieutenant General Antonio Parlade Jr. on Tuesday admitted that they are checking the background of the organizers of community pantries.

“They’re saying the people are going hungry because of the fault of the government,” said NTF-Elcac spokesperson Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr.

“So we’re just checking their background," he added.

They claim that the people are hungry due to government failure. Ergo, we check the background of the organizer.

Ignoratio elenchi: The conclusion doesn’t follow from the premise. Post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy as the consequent has nothing to do with the antecedent.

Now that's narrow minded thinking...
Not surprised as we've been under a psuedo-democracy for 5 years anyway.

Asked why Community Pantry organizers have to defend their motives, Parlade draws a biblical parallel with Satan tempting Eve in the Garden of Eden.

I want to understand how Parlade thinks. Bakit ganyan siya mag-isip? He is equating a bayanihan act to acts of Satan as if it is the same.

Reacting to Parlade’s "Satan" remark, Maginhawa Community Pantry organizer Ana Patricia Non says no one, especially those doing good deeds, should be compared to Satan. While she’s not offended, says members of the religious who volunteer for the community pantry might be.

Meanwhile, PNP Chief Debold "Mananita" Sinas denies that PNP makes background check on pantry organizers.

Ang gulo ng DDS cinematic universe. Di mo mawari timeline nila. Kung sabagay AFP itong isang ito at si Sinas ay PNP .... pero parehong anlakas mang redtag, kaso tiklop naman sa mga Instik sa WPS issue at China.

The Filipinos would also appreciate if government checks the organizers and affiliates of those Chinese ships roaming the WPS. Gunship kills, gulay and goods don’t. Kaso hindi yun trabaho ni Parlade at ng NTF-ELCAC. 

It's so ironic they are against communism but they bow down and deal with the Chinese Communist Party or CCP.

Shoot first, aim later.  Bagay si Parlade sa PNP hindi sa AFP.  Someone should file a case against him so he cannot get his retirement pension until the case is over.

Parlade reminds me of those nutcase generals in sci-fi movies who won't listen to the scientists or the colonels for their stubborn obsession with their own power. They usually get eaten before the movie is done, and the audience either cheers or laughs.

The failure of SND and CSAFP to do anything decisive about Parlade and his continued assignment to NTF-ELCAC tells me he's also a pliant, well-funded, ambitious nutcase who's willing to discard honor & dignity. Some cynically call that being mission-oriented.

Parlade, for all his accomplishments in life, as symbolized by the stars on his shoulder boards, will forever be infamously known as the red tagger of community pantry organizers. Shameful.

Is today the day of the great community pantry backpedaling? Part of it should definitely be a decent Parlade bashing. I begin with:

“Parlade wouldn’t recognize a red even if a baboon wagged his butt before his face”

Parlade is the modern-day Herman Goering/ Joseph Goebbels. Field Marshal Erwin Rommel would kick Parlade's insecure, corrupt butt if Rommel were alive today. Rommel was respected by Churchill and Patton even if they were enemies. Rommel had a heart for enemies. Parlade is a disease.

Antonio Parlade Jr. was trained at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas, where he presented his thesis on the Philippine communist insurgency in 2006. Who else studied there? Brazilian and Indonesian generals who led anti-communist massacres and fascist coups in their countries in the 1960s.

General Parlade's Anti-Commie Task Force is chaired by President Duterte (not that he is actively participating), so it is possible that the President is angry that his government is being shown-up as inutile by the pantries. So he let the dogs out. Parlade is the big dog of Philippine fascism.

Parlade's reckless assertion to red-tag anything & anyone in accordance to Duterte's whims somehow exhibits a clandestine government payola to generate such preposterous act. His kind of stupidity must have demanded a dear price commensurate to his honor & reputation he's exchanged.

What is Parlade so afraid of? That the 'communists' will bring the government to its knees using food? Ano yan, batuhan ng okra, kamatis, kalabasa at itlog?

Let's be honest: This is nothing more than a witch hunt.

The organizers of the community pantries expressed their lack of hope in this regime and made its ineptitude even more apparent.

They dispelled the illusion it was trying to project so now its minions are going after them.

Nasanay kasi sila sa gobyernong walang direksyon at walang initiative kaya kung may makita silang organizado at may initiative nagsususpetsa na agad sila.. Sa kanila kasi kabobohan ang normal kaya nabibigla nakakita pag nakakita ng gumagana at may saysay.

While the government praises the resilience of Juan dela Cruz, it somehow also wants it suppressed.


Curses and karma be upon those who malign good deeds just because it does not fit their narrative and political agenda.

Diyos na ang bahala sa mga bumaboy sa initiatibo na para sa mga gutom at mahihirap.

We challenge Parlade, Badoy-Partosa, DiΓ±o and their likes to donate their their entire 2021 salaries and allowances, para may ambag naman sila, at huwag ding maging talangka. 

Also: defund and abolish NTF-ECLAC so we could redirect its P19-billion budget to ayuda, testing, and bakuna.

The people have rights to question the government or to express disappointment on it's role. Now, Parlade, is this being cautious, or just π’‘π’‚π’“π’‚π’π’π’Šπ’‚? 

Parlade is a malicious attack dog. His contempt for human rights shows in the quality of his malignant initiatives.

He has no place in government. He has no place in civil society. He has no place in democracy.

Literally "Bobo": Dambie should be spelled as Dumbie

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Camille literally woke up that day and chose violence.

Sis literally dragged Dambie and left no crumbs at all. Stan!

Though, I can't believe I wasted my time hearing Dambie's side. Napaka nonsense mo ate gurl and the audacity na ikaw pa magpaTulfo. OMG the confidence!

When Camille Trinidad said "Alam mo Dambie ang bobo mo, LITERAL" the whole mandirigma shouted AHU! 

Dumb Dambie, how does it feel being slapped by the Mother Of Mandirigma?  

“Ang bobo mo, literal.”- Camille to Dambie

Raffy Tulfo: *secretly laughing*

Dambie has the audacity na mag reklamo kay Tulfo na nasira daw pangalan niya. She lost her job because of herself and her wrongdoings. Kasi in the very first place alam mo namang may jowa. Camille has all the rights because after all she’s the REAL VICTIM here.

Camille Trinidad is the perfect example of an empowered woman. With few words, she rendered Dambie speechless. Ang angas niya lalo na when she said  'Alam mo Dambie, ang bobo mo literal". 

Dambie was trying to clear her name but she wouldn’t admit to what she’s done. Hindi daw sila nag flirt nung Jayzam pero send ng send ng suso. Luh, ano yun?

Nakakabobo siya. Mali na nga, pilit pang inilalaban. Pota.

Grabe mga kabit ngayon. Sila pa matapang. Eh kung matino siyang babae, kahit landiin siya ng lalaking may GF na di na siya papatol at worse ay kaibigan pa ni Dambie si Camille. Impossible namang hindi nya alam na may GF si Jayzam. Hindi na niya magagamit as palusot yon.

May pa "ako ba nag insist? ako ba lumandi?" Well, pumatol ka. Kumpara sa mga KRIMINAL, isa kang ACCOMPLICE. That won't make you a victim teh. Hindi ko talaga alam kung saan niya nakuha yung kapal ng mukha niya. I swear.

Never talaga sya magiging victim, pagsend palang ng sus* niya aware na siya sa ginagawa niya pero sa Tulfo pa-victim siya.

Di raw sila pero may halikang naganap at pakitaan ng sus*. So payag siya sa ganoong sitwasyon? Pa-victim eh. Tapos yung nanay pa kunsintidor. Nabadtrip ako sa mag-ina talaga.

Hindi kasi niya nakikita na mali yung ginawa nya. May mga tao talaga sadyang makitid ung utak. Ang bobo ng logic tapos kinukunsinti nung nanay. 

Ngaun napaka famous niya kasi sa kabobohan niya. Kaloka!

Pero doon ako sa 'hindi kami naglaplapan, naghalikan lang' wahahahahahahaha teh sana okay ka lang!! Hahahahahhaa na literal ka pa tuloy.

Kung si Jayzam ang nag insist at hindi niya gusto mag kiss, then bakit di niya nireklamo??? Ngayon gagamitin niyang proof kase nabunyag na??? 

Ni hindi man lang nga sya nag sorry. Sana man lang nakita niya na ang maling nagawa niya ay nakasakit siya ng kapwa niya tao at worst kapwa niya BABAE.

Iba talaga pag kabit ang lakas ng loob. Nasa suso ang utak, nasa puday ang puso.

Literal na bobo talaga ehh.

To end this insanity, the Jayzam, Camille, Nyca, Dambie fiasco in Tulfo didn't sit right at me at all. I get Camille's anger but girl, hold your bf accountable as well? and the way Jayzam got away from this while the other girls are getting dragged to filth?

i really don't like how peeps attack Dambie and defend Jayzam. They are BOTH at fault kaya dapat parehong itama.
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