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Thursday, August 13, 2020

How to Revive Yellow Dying Sod

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The last thing you want is to notice yellow patches of sod on your lawn, especially when your neighbor has a beautiful expanse of green, lush grass. Yellow sod can be quite unsightly, not to mention, an indication of a much bigger problem.

The good news is, not all cases are severe. If you can identify the specific cause, it will be pretty easy to restore the grass’s greenness. In this article, we’ll explore ways to revive yellow dying sod.

Keep your lawn free from dog urine.
If you have a dog(s), it could be why your sod is yellowing. Here’s the deal, the dog’s urine contains a high amount of nitrogen, which causes grass to turn yellow or brown. So if your pup tends to pee around your yard, he’s the cause of your sod-turning yellow.

Luckily, this is something you can prevent. Simply install a fence around your lawn to avoid accessibility. In case your sod has already yellowed, increase watering to these spots. Doing so helps to dilute the urine, hence revive the dying sod.

Reduce the frequency of watering

Yellow patches could be a sign that your sod is getting excessive amounts of water.

Now, when you first install the grass, it will require substantial amounts of water. However, the frequency of watering should decrease overtime to prevent yellowing.

For the first seven to ten days, experts recommend watering up to three times every day. Each watering session should last anywhere from five to ten minutes. The idea is to add enough water so that it soaks the first couple of inches of soil.

But during the second week, you can reduce the frequency of watering to one time every day. This time, you only need to soak about a quarter-inch of the soil. In the third week, water every other day for the next seven to ten days. By the fourth week, you can reduce the frequency to once or twice each week. This is because the roots are fully established by this time.

Hold off on fertilization.

A grand mistake that homeowners make is to apply fertilizer on their newly-installed sod. They fail to realize that the pre-grown grass is usually enriched with fertilizer, just a short while before it’s harvested and sold. This fertilizer is meant to nourish it up to the point when its root system develops.

If you apply fertilizer too early, the result is that the sod will begin turning yellow or brown. Even if you opt for slow-release fertilizers, these will still be too strong for your sod. It means they’ll have the same yellowing effect as any other fertilizer. To prevent this, avoid adding any fertilizer until your sod has lasted about a month or two. By this time, it will be able to absorb and utilize the fertilizers efficiently.

Choose the right time for sod delivery.
Even though most people neglect this aspect, timing the delivery of your sod is crucial. If you have it installed on a windy, sunny, or scorching day; it’s likely to turn yellow. Luckily, this kind of yellowing is temporary, and your sod will regain its green color soon after.

But to avoid this altogether, be sure to choose a calm, cold, and cloudy day for your sod delivery and installation.

Get rid of pests

Another way to revive yellow dying sod is to ensure that bugs are not attacking it. Numerous pests can wreak havoc on grass, ranging from armyworms to cutworms and grubs (beetle larvae).

If you don’t have any experience with lawn pests, consider hiring a professional to exterminate them. But if you want to be more hands-on, you can seek help from your local agriculture extension agency. Ask them to give you details about common pests in the area and guide you to eliminate the bugs on your sod.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve started noticing yellow patches on your sod, there are several remedies you can try.

For homeowners who keep dogs, the first thing you need to do is observe your pet and establish whether they pee on your yard. If they do, you can install a fence to prevent accessibility. For the yellow patches, increase the frequency of watering to dilute the nitrogen content.

Eliminating pets, reducing the frequency of watering after the one-month mark and holding off on fertilization, are other ways to revive yellow, dying sod.

Jason Dhakal Versus Michael Pacquiao?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"shit like this makes me want to stop making music honestly lol" - Jason Dhakal

People are missing Jason Dhakal’s point.

I hate how quick people are to dismiss Jason and say “kapag inggit, pikit” when in reality, his frustrations as an artist actually bring up valid points about the system that favors the privileged.

Y’all just missed and proved his point both at the same time.

So support anyone even if they make mediocre content but at the same time go after those who truly work hard for their craft just because they voice out discouragement?

IDK how these people on my FB feed call Jason Dhakal inggitero when all he's saying are facts about his experience in the music industry. Please STFU. Yes you enjoy music, but you don't know shit about the hustle artists go through especially ones that don't get backed by their family names.

If you still don’t get Jason’s point, just think of this P200,000 painting by Richard Gomez, and how many more skillful and experienced artists can’t get even tenth as much price for their artworks just because they don’t have the name.

Here’s another analogy: heart evangelista sells her paintings for millions while lesser known artists have to work twice, even thrice as hard and they STILL get half as far/barely get any recognition at all.

Hold up, let me make this clear. I never said Heart Evangelista isn't talented/deserving. I'm sure she is generous and multitalented. No hate sa kanila ni Michael Pacquiao. Hate the game, not the player & support local artists. Don't be their gatekeepers.

O kaya mga celebrity politicians na tumakbo at nanalo habang ang mga deserving politicians natatalo dahil hindi sila "sikat"

Am I mad at heart evangelista? no. she does have the talent. what’s my point? the rich and privileged get better opportunities. why is it so hard for them to recognize and to acknowledge their privilege? it’s not jealousy, it’s just pointing out that this exists/stating facts.

Now that this has been pointed out, ano magagawa natin ngayon? let’s help even out the playing field !!! dont belittle struggling artists, be open to unknown but deserving artists even those names u dont recognize, encourage & support your artist friends.

Before you judge, look for a rationale. most conceptual pieces have rationales that allow people more of a gateway into examining a piece.

And I tried looking for one and he was like “sex is about power” or SMTH didnt even write it down man fuck this BS even the title is trash.

Rationale is very important especially in art. The problem is that other people do art to support their passion and livelihood, others (i.e. the rich) do it just for the money. Rationale doesn’t even matter for them. It just follows. It’s really just trash.

It's our celeb culture and how people, being spoon-fed with TV reality, think celebs know it all, can do all and are better than everyone else.

Is Jason barking at the wrong tree? Kung gusto niya maglabas ng frustration niya, dapat ba dinirect niya sa management/system? Hindi yung ilalabas niya yung frustration niya sa fellow artists niya? Pareho lang silang gusto magbahagi ng talento nila they should uplift each other instead?

Marami siyang tamang points kaso kasi direct attact kay Michael Pacquiao yung nangyari. Educate me please kung mali pero that is the harsh reality of life sa ganitong aspeto. Napakarami rin namang banda na nagsimula sa walang-wala na sumikat, marami ring hindi.

It was a direct attack kasi. He has many advantages, he may had better vocal coaches, better equipments to begin with, kasalanan niya ba yun? Does he deserve to be attacked dahil lang diyan? So far all the backlash that he is facing is because dahil sa pangalan niya.

So kung ikaw ba as an artist na mayroon yung advantage na meron siya, hindi mo ba gagamitin? Buti sana kung wala talagang ibubuga kaso magaling rin naman siya. That’s why he blew up. Napakarami rin namang artists nga na nag guest sa wish na nabash (Kim Chiu, Matteo G).

Bottomline, if you think this artist deserves to be recognized, support them. Don’t drag other people down. Wag ninyo rin pagkaitan ang bata na gawin ang gusto niya.

Gets ko yung sinasabi ng mga tao siding with him pero may points na ang sinasabi is why don't he improve/create more music then wait for his time to have the spotlight, which is tama naman di ba? Tapos ngayon nag-tweet pa siya about refraining from creating music. Dude's salty AF.

About him wanting to quit music, may valid reason naman siguro behind that. Maybe that tweet was in a fit of rage? Maybe it was a no shit tweet? We don't know. Pero it's obvious naman na may valid na pinanggalingan galit niya.

Lemme compare him to an artist din. Loonie waited so long for his spotlight. Naging hypeman pa nga ni Francis M 90s yata. Pretty sure may connections na rin yang Jason. Kung interesting naman talaga gawa mo, makikilala ka eh. Pero kung same old RnB? Nah! I'd stick with Jay R.

Jason, by all accounts, has been working his ass off for years to get where he is now. Michael's only been rapping for 6-7 months, pero may feature na siya sa mga media outfits.

Listen to endlessly+tenderly and then listen to hate. tell me who needs to improve.

Dapat bang masiyahan tayo na dekada hihintayin ng mga talentadong artista? Habang same old, formulaic rap kagaya ni Michael, diretso ABS-CBN kasi sikat pangalan?

Hindi natin kayang i-discredit yung katotohanan na ang laki ng advantage ni Michael kay Jason (and other artists) dahil sa background niya. May mali sa sistema. Pero tama ba na na-call out si MP?.

I truly understand Jason Dhakal’s sentiments but attacking only Michael Pacquiao was unfair. Why not attack Gab & Kiana Valenciano, Claudia Barretto, Frankie Pangilinan, Leila Alcasid, Daniel Padilla, Angelina Cruz, etc. These r also “artista kids” who made it due to connections.

Pakisabi na lang kay Jason na hintay lang. Baka after nito, mas marami na makinig sa kanya. Wag na manghila pababa. MP's just a dreamer like him. Yun nga lang, mas napadali.

Jason definitely could've worded his frustrations better, but that doesn't mean it wasn't valid. I just don't want his points about the broken system to go to waste because hindi lang si Jason ang apektado.

Parang sobrang lost cause rin kasi kapag nagreklamo sa sistema. bakit nila papaburan si Jason kung mas nakikinabang na sila sa pangalan ni Michael ngayon pa lang? Huwag tayong magpanggap na para pa sa sining ang mga music companies.

Nobody is hating on Michael Pacquiao. What people are pointing out is the fact that rich people always have it easy!!! Because opportunity favors those with privilege.

Nobody is judging MP's music, we're simply pointing out his quick fame just because he's privileged, which is the same as Kim Chui, the only difference is, Kim Chui's "Bawal Lumabas" song is shit.

Both Jason Dhakal and Michael Pacquiao had the opportunity to sing on Wish, but more listeners chose to view and listen to Michael Pacquios music. It's not about the opportunity... It's about the listeners. Our nation favors entertainment coming from popular personalities.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Russia Names New Covid-19 Vaccine as Sputnik V, Filipinos Prefer Putin C

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Russia names new COVID-19 vaccine 'Sputnik V' in reference to Cold War space race.

Filipinos: Nah, Russia should name their vaccine "Putin C" and China should name theirs "Vitamin Xi", while USA should name their as CenTrump...and Japan as AbeGan.

Well, I guess I can say "Putin C" has some sort of ring to it from a Russian citizen's perspective. But I still think "Sputnik V" is a better name (which obviously of course it is).

Credits sa wittiness ng unang nakaisip. šŸ§” Anonymous s'ya kasi under ng Wittiness Protection Program baka ipadakip ng Russia.


Really guys! The humor you create with this news about that vaccine from Russia.

Filipinos are witty.

The president of the Philippines, Duterte, said he will get Putin’s vaccine and will do it in public. Some corrupt politicians in Manila have the virus, too. Give them the Putin’s vaccine, quick!

Is no one gonna talk how the DDS are the suppositories of our generation?

The approval of the Russia-made COVID-19 vaccine is a welcome development for the Philippines, but its local use and rollout will still hinge on results of clinical trials as well as its compliance with local laws, MalacaƱang says.

According to reports 20 countries have already collectively ordered a billion units of the “Sputnik V”

President Vladimir Putin says Russia's coronavirus vaccine has been registered; his daughter is among those inoculated.

Isnt his oldest daughter a medical researcher? If these reports are true (need to take everything with a grain of salt these days) rushing to register a vaccine may be a cash grab for her and whatever entity she works for. Just a thought.

Just wait for Trump to say his daughter, which that makes to be only Ivanka, has taken HIS vaccine by October. It will be HIS own miracle of a vaccine though.

A virus that was incredibly rushed, only gone through phase 1 testing, and hasn't been independently verified? Is Russia trying to beat America in a race to disaster or something?

(Actually, they're probably gonna charge Trump America's arm and leg for it and Trump will agree)

He who smelled it, dealt it. Isn't it a bit suspicious that the first country to that has a vaccine happens to be Russia? How convenient that they have a vaccine ready to sell to their good friend in the USA just in time to help him win again for being such a great deal maker.

Which "miracle" vaccine, that's being hurriedly whipped up, will create the first zombies? Any guessers?

They're calling the vaccine after their satellite which means "a traveling companion" which is interesting in itself. They're using adenovirus in the vaccine. A cold virus to combat another? That's as bad as using infected plasma, but say it's okay.

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