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Thursday, February 22, 2018

DISRUPTIVE HR: Disintegrating the Classic, Forming the Future

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Get ready to be astonished as the class of HRDM 4-6D from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Sta. Mesa, Manila upholds their most awaited seminar this 2018 entitled: DISRUPTIVE HR: Disintegrating the Classic, Forming the Future with the theme “The Emergence of Adaptive HR Practices in the Ages of Trends.” This will take place on March 3, 2018, 1:00 pm at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines Sta. Mesa, Manila, Bulwagang Balagtas, NALLRC.

Retro was chosen as the theme of this event because it clearly fits the purpose of the event. This event wants to tackle the differences of the HR practices from the past and how it was innovated and develooped throughout the years in order to cope up with the trends on the HR world.

This event aims to help future HR to develop their skills and to be professionally prepared as they enter the corporate world. This event also aims to equip the right amount of knowledge and experience to every HR students that they can apply in order to become a competitive HR practitioner and in order for them to cope up with the fast changing business dealing globally.

This event is open for all Human Resource Students. Pre-registration is currently conducted to identify the final head count of the expected participants.  On the event day, a limited number of walk-ins will be entertained.

There will be four speakers who will cover up the objectives of this event. Mr. Mryon Sta. Ana will be the Motivational Speaker, Ms. Grace Bondad and Mr. David Lim will share their ideas as our Keynote speakers, and Mr. Ernesto Amao will further discuss the objectives of the event as our Resource Speaker.

This event will not be possible without the help of our corporate partners. The event is co-presented by: Elebram Systems, Tag Media & Public Relations, Trampoline Park-Zero Gravity Zone, and Zest-O Corporation Philippines. We also have ARIVA Academy Philippines, Inc., and Speed Magazine as the event’s Major Sponsors. We also have Blogapalooza as our Minor Sponsor.

We also have our media partners: ASTIG.PH, InqPOP, Wazzup Pilipinas, and Then there is RED images as our official studio partner. We also would like to thank Frappe La Rue Philippines,, and Pound For Pound Fitness Sta. Mesa.

Event Title: DISRUPTIVE HR: Disintegrating the Classic, Forming the Future
Event Date: March 3, 2018
Event Location: PUP Sta. Mesa, Manila Bulwagang Balagtas, NALLRC
Contact Person: Mark Paul C. Bautista
Contact Details: 09153616559/ 09273548275, or email us at:
Other Participating Media Outlet:,, InqPOP

Are Media Practitioners Possesed with the Culture of Entitlement?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

On Malacañang's ban on Rappler's Pia Ranada Robles from covering the palace, the National Press Club of the Philippines said:

"Journalists, like public officials they often criticize, should not be onion-skinned nor be possessed with the culture of entitlement. we sometimes deserve the treatment we get by the way we comport our selves. Tit for tat."

Rappler’s Pia Ranada says she was barred from entering Malacañang’s New Executive Bldg., where Palace press briefings are usually held.

Usec. Jhopee Avancena of Malacanang Internal House Affairs Office says Pia Ranada and Maria Ressa are both banned in Malacanang.

Is there a reason why? I guess it should not be a surprise for Rappler correspondents from all the negative news they published about the Duterte administration supposedly angled in focusing mostly the negative points, and finding fault in everything when the intention is for the benefit of the majority.

Remember their news about a Quezon City ordinance requiring foreign business establishments with incomprehensible signages to have an interpretation in Tagalog or English so the signages would be understood by the common peeps? Their headline focused on the penalty if the ordinance is violated instead of the benefits it would give the masses.

Is the culture of entitlement well and alive within the media? Is it true that they feel as if they have the privilege to every single office or press con they see?

As much as I love to attend all the press cons and evebnts out there, organizers have the prerogative to choose who they want to invite mainly because they prefer to get their stories out the best "version" possible. PRs and event organizers tend to skip those media outfits that are too critical.

Though many would claim only managing their resources to cope with allocated budget restraints since media invitations usually have some food and complimentary gifts provisions. Those venues, buffet fir lunch or dinner, and little tokens of appreciation given to media, do add cost to the organizers, which includes the government agencies.

But then again, government press cons need not be lavish in feeding or pampering the media, especially those pretty perks that somehow affect the outlook of media towards the topic they will be writing. Media tend to prefer attending those press cons where they get better treatment. Think of it like getting a negative attitude if you keep someone waiting for hours, then going hungry throughout the event. You are likely to get walk-outs or no published news at all.

But for certain top-of-the-line news that would surely gain a huge audience, the mainstream media outfits, and also those that are influential or have contacts among the organizers, gets priority invitations.

For bloggers, those who get a lot of event invitations are not necessarily the top influencers. Most of the time they get recommended by fellow bloggers or are in a good relationship with the PRs or event organizers. 

Being popular doesn't mean you're the most viewed or Liked blogger. It could just mean they prefer you than pesky bloggers who give them a hard time.

Of course, there are many other situations and reasons prompting the selections or limitations. Though I find it ideal to give all media outfits the privilege to attend every event, or enter all government agencies to conduct interviews, the reality is sadly the reverse. You will be rarely shortlisted if you're not in good terms with the media coordinators.

Photo credit: Sun Star

MADWORLD: Unmasking the Big Narrative

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The metamorphosis of a butterfly tells the same tale of what it is like waking up from a dream. Every time a butterfly unfolds its wings, the universe yields to the artists who spoke the hearts of the people and whose works will endure the test of time.

The Philippine Junior Marketing Association, together with one of the leading integrated marketing communication agencies in the country, Havas Ortega, proudly presents;

MADWORLD: Unmasking the Big Narrative, happening on 4th of March, from 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM, at the SM Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay City!

Learn from the most prominent business personalities as they unfold the truths behind the success of the stories they sell.

Should you have inquiries, please contact Harry Osite at (0906) 634 6943 or email him

How Hyperledger is Changing the Face of Blockchain

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Hype ledger is not all that new, but it is the “new kid on the block” when it comes to blockchain and app technology. Some have been sitting on the sidelines waiting to see if it’s going to be worth investing in or not.

The good news for the Hyperledger Fabric implementation of blockchain is late last year, hyperledger released a much-improved version which is more stable. The move to the v1.0 put it at the pinnacle of blockchain platforms when it comes to developing business apps.

Significance of Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Fabric is similar to Ethereum in that it is a second generation blockchain operation.

However, one of the advantages is its root in Linux. This allows it to be an umbrella project, a large-scale open source project that on a business level, can provide a ledger framework which can be used to build and run industry-specific applications, hardware systems and platforms that support business transactions. It provides a modular framework for businesses who desire to leverage the blockchain advantage. But it provides a privacy to transactions that is not available on other platforms.

Every industry has specific needs and unique uses for app technology. This can be a stretch for the blockchain developer. However, hyperledger, which is based on code, makes it possible for companies to leverage blockchain technology without revealing any valuable data to competitors or the public.

Difference in Access to Data

The difference in Hyperledger Fabric and blockchain technology is the way data is accessed.

Users essentially create a private permissioned blockchain. Platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereum allow everyone access to information and transaction data verification and validation.

Hyperledger doesn’t make this information available, all that is accessible are the nodes the issuing authority has granted rights to.

In permission-less blockchain, transactions are noticed by each node. The specifics are not openly known however, the transaction between two parties that has transpired is openly visible to others who were not a party to the transaction.

Hyperledger Fabric’s integration into app technology removes that element by implementing sub-channels that are used for transactions between specific network partners.

Any other partners on the network cannot see that a transaction ever occurred. This allows two or more parties to initiate a transaction privately with no access to third parties.

This allows Hyperledger to tailor blockchain technology to meet specific needs of an entity. Think of it more like the Intranet than the Internet in that only those actually involved in the transaction, who have access to the application can participate or view what transpires. And they have to have permission to have any access at all.

Permissioned Frameworks

The idea behind hyperledger was to develop reasonably sized ledgers that could only be viewed by those who had permissioned access. Permissioned vs permissionless networks parallel a
spectrum rather than being a binary idea. The problem is the cost of joining a node to a network.

This is true no matter what blockchain platform is being used. The goal for now is to reduce the cost of joining networked ledgers. Hyperledger’s goals are to create new ways to solve problems and build connections that are private between permissioned users.

Stef Aranas - Trust Music Video Launch

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Let go a little. Relax. You might feel just a little tingle, nothing to worry about. Just trust me. 

But then again...should you?

Stef Aranas - Trust Music Video Launch
March 1, Thursday 8PM
Mow's Matalino
P200 with a free drink

With performances by
riddo & Lia
The Clamshell Boxes
Celina Pacana & Joseph Gregory
Jigo Viriña

Media Partners:

Maroon FM
PULP Magazine
Wazzup Pilipinas
Rakista Radio
UST Tiger Radio
Green Giant FM

TRUST (prod. by Caloy Perez)
Directed by Martin Cabrera of ANCíNE MANILA

Posters by Marie Aguinaldo and Quin Astilla

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bb. Pilipinas 2018 Press Presentation: Scorching Hot at Novotel Araneta Center

Binibining Wazzup Pilipinas!

Here are just some of the 40 candidates of Binibining Pilipinas 2018 that are all hopeful to bring home any of the crowns, if not the top crown thst entitles her to compete for the Miss Universe.

We know it's hard to choose among these vibrant ladies who to put on our site as a preview, and so we picked a few in random to make it fair.

We'd love to upload all 40 but they are just too much for you to handle. Hot!

As we've said, we picked with our eyes closed! So don't bash us please if we missed out on your favorite. We'll post them on our Facebook fan page soon enough.

Make Heads Turn With Auto-Gard!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Put your best foot forward—on the pedal. Make a lasting impression with your car without spending the big bucks! Your car is like your home. Whether it’s brand new or older, you’ll always want to make sure it’s well taken care of: working, looking, and smelling at its very best! Take a ride into the bustling Metro Manila streets and beyond with your great-looking car cleaned, protected, and brilliantly finished with Auto-Gard premium car care products.

Auto-Gard is your perfect partner when it comes to your car, and your family will love you more for it! Show off its sleek, shiny surface—from bumper to rear—that’s guaranteed to make heads turn any time of the day, and throughout the night.

The premium, water-repellent Auto-Gard Protector Wax (SRP: PHP219.75) not only gives your car a deep shine, but also protects the paintwork from harsh UV rays and moisture. The bonus is it doesn’t have a strong odor, and in fact has a gentle smell, which makes it easy to wash off your hands.

Polish, protect, and shine your car further to add that long-lasting, extra protection for your car’s finish with the Auto-Gard Carnauba Wax (SRP: PHP169.75 for 250ml; PHP289.75 for 500ml), and apply it using the highly absorbent (up to 7x its weight) Auto-Gard Microfiber Suede Polishing Cloth (SRP: PHP179.75), the best companion for buffing all types of wax fast and easy, and removes dirt, dust, oil, and grease without leaving a dent, thanks to its high-quality microfiber technology. The combination ensures top-notch surface protection and maintenance for your car, making it look like it just rolled out from a showroom.

Don’t forget to spray your car interior with the Auto-Gard Odor Eliminator, formulated with E15 Odor Eradicator that’s guaranteed to trap and completely get rid off any foul odor inside your car, and not just cover them up.

Auto-Gard products are non-toxic and made with environment-friendly formula. Make heads turn with your car and buy your complete set now. Auto-Gard also offers carpet and upholstery, all-purpose protectant, window cleaner, waterless car wash, quick detailer, tire shine and protector, and all-purpose cleaning products, which are available at Ace Hardware, Ace Builders, Ace Express branches, SM Supermarket, Handyman, True Value, Landers Superstore, Wilcon Depot, S&R, All Home, Gaisano Malls, Landmark, and Shopwise, and online at, and

Learn more about Auto-Gard and like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram today.

DOTr Reiterates Order against Opening, Tampering Baggage of OFWs, Tourists

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) today reminded all airport personnel to refrain or stop from opening the bags and luggage of returning Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

DOTr Secretary Arthur Tugade reiterated the directive that President Rodrigo Duterte himself issued in order to address reports of baggage pilferage in airports.

“Inuulit ko po, huwag buksan o pag-interesan ang mga bagahe ng ating mga OFWs pati na mga turista. Ayaw ni Pangulong Duterte ng korapsyon. Ilayo niyo ang mga sarili niyo sa aksyon o persepsyon ng korapsyon,” said Tugade.

Tugade made the remark following an incident involving a Korean couple who alleged that some of their valuables, a wrist watch and electronic cigarette, went missing at the Clark International Airport. 

In a statement, the Office of Transportation Security (OTS) belied the allegation and said the viral post on social media is “false and inaccurate.”

“After review of the airport’s CCTV footage of the event, it was revealed that two Korean nationals, a male and female, were rushing towards the escalator, while a female OTS Security Screening Officer can be seen picking an item that appeared to be left behind at the X-ray conveyor belt. The latter subsequently held the item in the air in an apparent attempt to call the attention of its owner. The male Korean passenger eventually claimed the item from the screening officer,” the statement read. 

The security footage, provided by Clark International Airport Corp., further showed that there was no indication of misconduct, ill-intent or malice on the part of the Security Screening Officer.

OTS Administrator Arturo Evangelista also noted that the security of the riding public is the agency’s utmost concern, urging the public to refrain from making hasty conclusions about such incidents.

For the same incident, the Bureau of Customs has also denied extortion claims of the female Korean passenger.

New guidelines for baggage handling
In January, Secretary Tugade summoned airport officials, airport ground handling companies, manpower service providers, and security managers following a meeting with President Duterte.

The transportation chief bared new guidelines for baggage handlers: (1) personnel uniforms must not have pockets, (2) boots or shoes must not be loose, (3) concerned personnel are no longer allowed to bring or use cellphones while on duty, and (4) are not likewise allowed to wear jewelry.

Boyce Avenue with Moira Soon at the Big Dome

Wazzup Pilipinas!
THE “BOYCE” ARE COMING BACK. One of the biggest independent bands in the world – BOYCE AVENUE, are coming to Manila for a one-night concert on June 1st at the Araneta Coliseum, together with the most streamed local artist in the Philippines now, MOIRA.
Boyce Avenue is comprised of the three Manzano brothers – Alejandro (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Fabian (guitar, vocals) and Daniel (bass, percussion, vocals). The Florida-based band was formed in 2004, and in 2007 they started posting videos on YouTube sharing not only their original songs, but also their distinctive acoustic covers with the world. The videos resonated instantly and to date the band's YouTube channel has amassed over 3.7 BILLION Views and over 10.6 MILLION Subscribers. On YouTube, the band is ranked above such artists as Justin Timberlake. Drake, Miley Cyrus, Sia, and Imagine Dragons. The brothers have forged a lasting and passionate digital fan base on other platforms as well, with over 3 MILLION Facebook likes and a half million Twitter followers.

 The band has also sold in excess of 10 Million songs and 1 Billion streams, and has had the privilege of touring the world several times, selling more than 600,000 tickets in over 30 countries, including most recently, a sold-out show at the legendary Royal Albert Hall in London, on November 2017.

Joining them on this concert is MOIRA, one of today’s favorites and one of the breakout stars of 2017 after winning the Himig Handog 2017 with her song “Titibo-Tibo”. She has massively increased her popularity and it was her song “Malaya” - theme song from the movie “Camp Sawi” that made her the “movie soundtrack queen of this generation”. Hopeless romantics and even the broken-hearted can’t get enough of her hugot renditions of “Torete” and “Sundo”, as well as her other songs such as “Tagpuan”, Huling Gabi”, “Kita Na Kita” and “Saglit”, among others. Moira’s first two-night concert at the KIA Theater over the weekend sold out in just a few days.
BOYCE AVENUE WITH MOIRA is organized by Wilbros Live. Tickets go on-sale on Wednesday, February 28 via or call 911-5555 for more information.
Twitter @WilbrosLive
Instagram @WilbrosLive


Eagle Point Resort: Our Quick Getaway at a Beach and Dive Resort in Anilao, Batangas

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Experience Mediterranean-themed accommodations at Eagle Point Resort in Anilao, Batangas!

Situated at the tip of Calumpang Peninsula in Batangas, the beach and dive resort is right smack in the middle of thirty diving spots! There's even a couple of diving spots directly at eyesight infront of the resort itself. Their restaurant, called Eagle Nest, is overlooking the diving site of Anilao and Balayan Bay.

We were fortunate enough to be among those who got invited for a few days of stay at the resort. But unfortunately we could only stay for an overnight due to our busy schedule (mainly a dinner with the ambassador of Qatar). We couldn't also bring our entire family of five (two adults and three kids) since two of our three kids have school activities (photo shoot session for graduation year book pics since one is graduating from college and another one from senior high school) even on weekends. Thus, there were only three of us who got pampered by the opportunity to experience all the resort could offer. Together with my wife and youngest child (bunso), we were off to another memorable adventure.

After 4 hours of travel from Pasig City, we arrived at the resort a few minutes before 10 am. We took Grab ride (P400) from our home in Pasig and took the bus from Buendia JAM Liner bus terminal (P157 per person)  going to Barangas. We got off at the diversion grand terminal in Batangas, then took a jeepney ride (P40 per person) to Mabini market. From the market, we rode on a tricycle (P350) going to the resort.

Since we've seen images of the resort from their Facebook page, we thought we were not going to be surprised anymore. But we were wrong because the actual place is a lot more enchanting when personally experienced.

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