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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

How to Make a Weighted Blanket

Wazzup Pilipinas!

There are so many baby gift ideas you can create at home. One of the most practical is a blanket gift. Such a gift is actually quite simple to make. Just be creative when creating gift baskets to make it memorable. But how to make a weighted blanket? Here are some helpful tips to follow:

Choose a container. Traditional gift baskets typically use wicker baskets, but you can still use other options such as a laundry basket, toy box, bucket, baby bath, or even a cart. Be creative, think of a useful container that the mother can use after emptying it.

Make a budget. Blanket items are adorable, and it's very easy to get carried away by choosing these attractive and cute items. With this, you will first need to establish a budget to avoid excessive spending.

Select blankets. When choosing blankets, consider the location and weather conditions. You should try to get blankets for each season. Get light blankets for the sunny season and thick blankets for the cold season.

Mattress Buying Guide

Your bed is the most important furniture in your home. The average person needs 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night. If you have an uncomfortable mattress, this time can lead to restless nights, uncomfortable back problems, and fatigue throughout the day.

Choosing the right euro top mattress for the job can be an overwhelming task. How do you know what to buy? Using this guide, you will discover the different features of the mattress to help you find the right mattress so you can sleep all night long.

A top mattress for every occasion

The comfort options when choosing your mattress are endless. Do you prefer a firm and supportive sleep surface? Or do you like to feel like you're sleeping on a cloud? Spring Air offers many mattress tops adapted to your comfort level:

Firm Support Mattress - A firm support mattress provides tighter springs and better surface support than other mattresses. This combination gives the mattress an ideal sleeping surface, ideal for people with back pain.

Plush Mattress - A plush mattress uses multiple layers of foam and fabric to give the mattress a soft, pleasant sleep surface. Plush mattresses also provide better edge support to help prevent rolling.

Pillow Top Mattress - A pillow top mattress uses layers of foam or fabric to help hold the body in place and prevent spilling. The soft materials woven in the upper part of the mattress give the cushioned top mattresses superior comfort.

Euro Top mattresses - Euro Top mattresses are designed with an additional top layer sewn on the top of the mattress and filled with memory foam or plush fabric. This means that you get a comfortable sleeping surface that prevents anyone from rolling on edge.

People are turning to the latex mattress to replace uncomfortable spring mattresses and memory foam. The latex mattress has become more affordable than ever before and has made many people realize the benefits of latex. This growing awareness has added to the popularity (well deserved).

One of the most important benefits of any solid-core mattress is the relief of pressure points. Unlike a coil spring mattress or spring mattress, a latex core mattress has strong support layers. A spring mattress presses against you and creates pressure points and hot spots where you are the heaviest and where your body needs the mattress to give the most. A latex mattress, however, is the most compliant where you need it.

The shape of your body (like the famous memory foam mattresses), latex will support your body throughout your shape and conform in a unique way to each sleeper. This gives a latex mattress an incomparable sensation. Many chronic insomniacs find restful sleep after transitioning to a latex mattress.

Although latex foam offers a similar feel, many people have had to switch to latex because they cannot stand the smell of their memory foam mattresses. The final advantage that latex offers Visco foam lies in the surface sensation of the bed. The latex has a slightly higher internal density and a firmer feeling than that of the shape memory foam.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Yamaha Mio Gravis 125cc Scooter and Media Appreciation Year End Party

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Yamaha Philippines introduced its Mio Gravis 125cc Scooter model together with  celebrity reporter endorser Atom Araullo.  At the Yamaha Media Appreciation Year-End Party. Congratulations to the launch of the new Yamaha Mio Gravis scooter available now for only P85,900.

Still a Mio line up scooter that caters a unique market. The difference is that it has a huge wheel, huge compartment with a 25 liter gas capacity. Also had a 12 volt charging station for your gadget. 
.                                                                                                        .
Speaking of gadgets I remember Atom did a tetchy stuff with his phone. speaking English-Portuguese translation while talking to taxi driver during our last Rio world cup tour. So I believe Yamaha did a cool decision of making him as modern Ambassador in delivering news and global unique stories. 

Anyways, at the Media Appreciation Year-End Party. Yamaha makes the press feel to be a celebrity at that time - as we do ramp, story telling, on the spot team photography, did sporting exercise and team building kind of activity. It was fun to be a part of Yamaha family for quite sometime. 

Most of the time we were covering events, enduring heat of the sun while drivers did the race and test drives those different motorcycle models. Aside from blogging on the back end as we return home. 

See Ross and WP Team series of Vlogs here!

Monday, December 9, 2019

PHLPost Unveils 2019 Christmas Stamps Featuring Filipino Christmas Traditions

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) celebrates the holiday season with the colorful “Maligayang Pasko 2019” (Merry Christmas 2019) postage stamps featuring the Children’s choir and their families joyfully singing to usher the Novena Masses held at dawn, known locally as “Simbang Gabi”.

Simbang gabi starts on 16 December and ends on the morning of the 24th. It is closely followed by the Christmas Eve Midnight Mass and Noche Buena, a traditional feast which gathers the entire family together.

There is no other country that does Christmas like the Philippines. The celebration becomes livelier with sparkling lights, family reunions, a festive atmosphere, and merrymaking left and right, singing Christmas carols. All these make Christmas in the Philippines more joyful and exciting.

These postage stamps were issued to amplify the wonder of Christmas through Filipino family traditions of giving, and especially through the children. Christmas is a glorious affair for Filipino families all over the world.

PHLPost has printed 50,000 copies of block of four (4 different designs) stamps, designed by PHLPost in-house layout artist Eunice Beatrix Dabu. The stamp is being sold at P12.00 each.

Stamps and Official First Day Covers of “Maligayang Pasko” are available at the Philatelic Counter, Manila Central Post Office, all Mega Manila Post Offices, Postal Area 2, San Fernando, La Union, Postal Area 4, San Pablo, Postal Area 5, Mandaue, Postal Area 6, Iloilo, Postal Area 7, Davao, and Postal Area 8, Cagayan de Oro.
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