Thursday, October 22, 2020

Anti-communist task force official red-tags Liza Soberano and other celebs

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Did an official of an anti-communist task force just 'red tag' actress Liza Soberano?

A military official, who signed as Lt.Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr, and also known to tag government critics as communist rebels, has warned actress Liza Soberano against working further with left-leaning Gabriela Youth after the celebrity spoke as a guest in one of its events.

"Liza Soberano there's still a chance to abdicate that group, if you don't you will suffer the same fate as Josephine Anne Lapira" sounds like a death threat.

The letter started out with “Do not red-tag Liza Soberano” but then proceeds to red-tag her....and even mentions Catriona Gray and Angel Locsin. Lol!

The first sentence is literally "Let us not redtag Liza Soberano" and then you go ahead and make baseless accusations and redtags her and other women? Pulbura for brains, me thinks.

Seriously? What happened to evidence based investigations, Mr. Parlade? If you have evidence against Gabriela Youth, bring it to the Supreme Court. 

But please spare Liza Soberano! Nakakasira kayo.  

Again, advocating about Women's Rights is not an act of terrorism or a sign of being a member of the NPA. Stop red tagging people like Liza Soberano just because she gave a talk at a Gabriela Youth webinar.

Is this the same Maj. General Antonio Parlade, Jr. who was reported to have been slapped with graft charges before the Office of the Ombudsman?

Look at how the military use their tactics of fear to scare Liza Soberano away from communist forces.

This is shameful. Parlade and his fellow unelected factotums in NTF-ELCAC are parading themselves as lunatics with this baseless and comedic statement.

Democratic tayo right? hindi dictatorian, hindi manipulative. We all have our freedom of speech and actions as well. So bakit niyo pinagbabantaan si Liza Soberano and Catriona Gray? The narrow mindedness of these officials is mind boggling!

Morality check:

When Angel Locsin @143redangel & Liza Soberano @lizasoberano help the poor, fans call them Darna.

But when they ask what the government and elites have done for the poor - and why workers are hungry, jobless, homeless and poor - fanatics tag them communists. 

Hindi terorismo ang paglaban sa abuso. Be a Liza Soberano in this country being led by macho-fascist officials.

Just say you’re scared of powerful women and go.

"After receiving backlash for mocking and explicitly red-tagging young woman actress Liza Soberano, Duterte's military lapdogs and their troll-army have resorted to fear-mongering and appealing to emotions through "GABRIELA exploiter of women", a rehash of the similarly framed Hands Off Our Children PH campaign. 

This manoeuvre comes as no surprise after Facebook's recent shutdown of military-operated pages for spreading false information to put malice and vilify pro-people organizations' legitimate campaigns.

As part of their damage control, the likes of Parlade chose to slander Filipino women who fight against their tyrannical rule, to the extent of disparaging degrading the death of Jo Lapira, a young Filipino woman martyr who truly served the people by all her means to prove a crooked point. Perhaps Parlade should listen to peers who finally recognize that there are socio-economic factors as to why the armed conflict in the Philippines still exists today. 

We would like to remind the AFP and NTF-ELCAC that their institutions are still the top among state institutions that perpetuate culture of sexism, impunity, and fascism. 

They continuously make use of 'red-tagging' to silence everybody who speak out against Duterte regime's tyrannical rule. So if Parlade was serious on his statements commanding their troll army to stop red-tagging Liza Soberano, then might as well defund the NTF-ELCAC!

As the ranks of the militant youth who expose the fascist rule of the Duterte administration continue to grow, Duterte and his US-backed military lapdogs will grow even more desperate in securing their interests.

Despite their claims of placing safeguards and avoiding abuses of the law, the Anti-Terror Law will be weaponized for political repression and persecution. It remains a threat to our constitutional and democratic rights.

We highly encourage women, youth, and the Filipino people as a whole to fearlessly and militantly expose and oppose the worsening state-fascism and dictatorial rule. Together, let's defend Filipino women and fight back!" - Gabriela Youth

Watching Liza Soberano's character development and social awareness is nice but also i wish it didn't come at the cost of her safety.

Like especially with how she got r*pe threats (the person was also a DDS/pro ABS-CBN shut down) I really worry for her too. I know trolls just get paid to say these shits but it really is horrifying to see.

Imagine speaking out and raising awareness against sexual harrassment and getting all that thrown at her. It is disgusting what people would do and say for a bit of money.

TBH, I got no respect for paid trolls.

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