Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Museo de Filipino trends on TikTok: A lowkey exposition of the dark past and secrets of the government

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Installed Tiktok again because of the trending “Museo De Filipino"

It's about time we see the awakened youth involved in spreading history, from both past and present, before this government revises it with their mis and dis information. 

Pepsi Paloma, Miriam Defensor Santiago, Jose Rizal, Reina Mae Nasino, Ferdinand Marcos, even farmers killed at Hacienda Luisita, and other heroes, victims, survivors, dead or alive, whether famous, infamous, nameless, doesn't matter. They are among our tainted and celebrated history from the past, present, and inevitably the future, if we don't learn from them.

Museo De Filipino is trending on TikTok!

That's it, that's the content I've been looking for. Doesn't it give you chills? The trend speaks louder than the law. 

Now that is more interesting and educational to watch. I'm hoping the trend continues not just on TikTok but on other social media platforms because it educates people regarding Philippine history and some issues in our country, including how poor and shitty our government's justice system was and is. The goosebumps they bring while watching some of the TikTok videos are cringeworthy to experience.

We should all check this trend. It is an eye opener that brings awareness to the heroes of our country and you'll definitely learn from it. We can see how young generations are already well-educated. Pilipinas, rise up! Babangon tayo. 

This is definitely better than the young girls flaunting their cleavages and assess while dancing to a rhythm or beat.

The Museo de Filipino trend is exposing the governments dark past and secrets. The past is haunting us again...but they are no longer secrets per se as this government has blatantly normalizing these acts .....However, this shows that the youth is also aware of these injustices. They are spreading the word and fighting for our rights.

Knowing that majority of these videos were of innocent lives taken by the hands of unforgiving murderers sickens me and how the administration is a part of this unjust system truly angers me.

But not all portrayed were dead. Some of them were still current victims of this oppressive government like activist Reina Mae Nasino, redtagged and arrested as a terrorist who gave birth to her baby while in prison and unfortunately died because they were separated. Yet she remained well-guarded and handcuffed while attending the funeral. It reeks of the shocking double-standard this government gives to their convicted allies that were given more freedom and convenience.

We need to admit that this is the best trend among all the others we had in Tiktok. More contents like these please. This is a great way to discover unsung heroes of the Philippines.

What I didn't like was when those who portrayed Marcos as one of the best Presidents of the country. Maybe they meant it as a sarcasm? 

Overall, I kudos and salute to those TikTok users, mostly "awakened" youth, who were part of this trend.

Has it also opened your eyes to the truth that this government is now attempting to revise. We must not let them change history and keep the next generation in the dark. 

Our heroes from both the past and present fought against the injustices. They gave up their lives as a sacrifice so we could get our freedom. While many were also Innocents and collateral damages of this dreaded government.

This is a cool way to educate, but I am truly disappointed of how cold of the people who committed the crimes against humanity.

Thank you for using that social media platform to show that justice should be served.

Until now there are still people doing atrocious acts against their fellow beings and against the country. What will it take before we all realize that living an unjust life is not a LIFE worth living.

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