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Are Online Photo Books Better Than Real Albums?

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You must have seen the traditional photo album, which was a huge book with pages of clear plastic sleeves measuring 4 by 6. You would insert photos of this size under each of these sleeves. These books would have up to 300 slots for inserting your photos, and when they all ran out, it meant that you would shop for another photo album. The albums also used to have covers mostly made of vinyl, fabric, leather or a type of coated paper. Initially, adhesive albums would rule the market before they were replaced with plastic sleeve albums. In this digital era, online photo books have ruled the air. They are the successor of the photo album. Many companies now provide the easy to use photo book online. They also provide you with a photo book maker, software to use when designing your album online.

How traditional photo album compares with the online photo book

The first comparison is their size and weight. Photo books are easy to print; thus, they are much lighter and less bulky. It is possible to fit many photos into a single book of 100 pages. Traditional photo albums, on the other hand, are bulky and very heavy. They are not as portable as an online photo book. These albums could take up to four times as much room as a photo book.

Easy to duplicate

One cannot duplicate a photo album unless they want to have two copies of the same photo. The process of making identical albums can prove to be too tedious. On the other hand, it is easy to print a number of photo books you want since these files are saved on your hard drive or on the website. Therefore you can go back later and print even more copies of the book. You can resize more, change the style and even the cover without even redesigning the layout.

Since they are easy to manipulate, these are an excellent gift idea. You can make a family history book then make several copies for a personalized holiday gift for your family or friends. You can even gather all your family’s cherished recipes and add matching photos to create a collaborated cookbook. Another photo book gift idea is making one for your baby's first year and gifting it to its grandparents. The possibilities of what you can do with online photo books are endless.


Unlike online photo books, photo albums are printed on an archival paper with archival ink and have a protective coating; therefore, you can archive them for some years. Online photo books preserve your photos in a somewhat different way, in your hard disk or website. Therefore, if something like a flood or fire happens, they will not be affected. You can always retrieve and print another book.


You are not limited on creativity when talking about online photo books. It allows you to go wild with embellishments, art, clips, fun borders, captions and more. At, you will find various programs and templates to personalize your online photo book. Plus, there is a lot to shop for including seasons greeting cards, anniversary cards and much more.

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  1. Online photo books and real photo albums both have their distinct advantages and disadvantages, making one better than the other based on personal preferences and intended use. That being said, online photo books offer flexibility in design, convenience of sharing, and digital preservation, which may be an advantage for some. That reminds me about custom paintings from photos by Photo2Painting. This is another unique way to preserve cherished moments and memories. Instead of just printing your photos in a traditional or digital album, Photo2Painting converts your photos into a beautiful hand-painted canvas. This not only adds a personal touch but also offers a new dimension of aesthetic appeal. The choice between these options really depends on your individual taste and how you wish to enjoy and share your memories.


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