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15 Essential Content Creation Apps You Need Right Now

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Content creation is a billion-dollar industry that is expected to expand even more in the future. Companies are investing more and more in content creation to reach their targeted audience. However, with the market saturated with competition, it is a battle of survival for the fittest. Therefore, you must produce the best content to beat your competition. Mobile applications can help you stay on top of your game. 

We have compiled 15 content creation applications for you to help you create amazing content and stay ahead of the competition!

#1 Feedly

As a writer, you don't have much time to go through websites in search of trending topics and the latest content searches. Feedly is a tool that aggregates news from different sources and puts them into one place for the convenience of the user. The app also gives users the freedom to decide which sources they want to see on their feed and streamline the topics that are relevant to them. 

#2 Content Gems

Content Gems works similarly to Feedly. However, rather than aggregating the information in the form of a feed, it compiles the information in the form of an email and sends it to its subscribers. This is a good option for those who want the updates to be stored in the form of an email, and they can have a look at it whenever they get the time. 

#3 Creativity Portal

This application is great for helping content creators find their inspiration and explore their creativity. There is a variety of inspirational material available on this platform that helps to guide artists and writers and eventually un-tap their true potential. However, you should keep in mind that the material available is only for inspiration and should not be copied.

#4 FAQ Fox

FAQ Fox helps writers identify topics that are most searched by people online. The tool gathers content from several sources, and once a user searches for a term, they can select the websites that they want to track down. The tool will then generate the kind of content that is available for the particular term making it easy for the writer to compile their pieces based on the most satisfactory answers. 

#5 Mindnote

Mindnote is a great place for people to find relevant material to help their brand create the most sought-out content. All writers must be aware of this that the first step to create good content is to find a well-researched topic. For example, if you are creating content for a carpet cleaning business, Mindnote will help you determine which content is trending with your target audience.

#6 Papers Gear

Proofreading is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks! Papers Gear makes this task super easy through their team of professional writers and editors. These guys will help you go over any topic and provide you with edited content within the time frame.

#7 Inbound Writer

Once the topic has been decided, you can use this app to decide the flow of the article. The app will help you analyze the content of your topic and make improvements as you go along to make the content more catchy and appealing to the readers. 

#8 Hemingway app

Hemingway App is simple and easy to use. All you have to do is copy the text and paste it to see how it ranks. Your article should be easy to understand for the users and have a high readability score. Hemingway app helps you ensure this by helping you crease short and simple sentences that are easy to read for the majority of people. 

#9 Creately

If you need help with the structure of your article, then Creately is the perfect application for you! You can create eye-catching content, including graphics, diagrams, charts, etc. Moreover, with its drag and drop feature, the app is super easy to use. However, your projects on Creately are public unless you buy a paid subscription. 

#10 Canva

Canva is another content creation app that helps you create high-quality multi-media content using a wide range of templates available. You can also create your pieces from scratch! The app also gives options to create content that is specific to different social media platforms. 

#11 Headline Analyzer

Headlines play a big role in attracting users. Most people who don't find the headlines interesting usually close their browser before they read anything else. The headline analyzer makes your job easier by analyzing and rating your headlines before your content goes live. The headlines are analyzed for their length and keywords, which also makes it easier to be ranked on Google search engines. 

#12 Scribe Content 

This tool analyzes your content and lets you know whether it is worthy of sharing. It does it through an algorithm that helps project the shareability of the content based on past trends and consumer behavior. Thus, the app saves you tons of effort and helps you rank your content on search engines!

#13 Zmags

This platform is one of a kind for Digital Marketers who are looking for a place to create powerful and trendy content. It supports two different platforms, one for 'creators' that supports content creators and the one for 'publicators' that is focused on the creation of digital catalogs. Users can choose a category to create and publish content ASAP!

#14 Glipho 

If you are having doubts about your writing piece, then this might just be the right tool for you. Gliph helps writers publish their content on a public forum and allows other writers on the platform to provide critical feedback to help you improve your writing. 

#15 Test My Marketing (TMM)

If you are a noob in the marketing industry and are looking for some quick, professional advice, then consulting the TMM team can work wonders for your campaign. Test My Marketing is a team of marketers who provide critical analysis of your content marketing campaign and additionally provide suggestions to help improve it as well! What more could you ask for?

Final Thoughts 

You don't need to use all these tools for a successful marketing venture. What you need to find is a careful mix of tools that helps your business in the long-term and is affordable too. Good luck!

Author Bio:
Nouman provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing. He occasionally writes articles for carpet cleaning

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