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Tulfo is not the law, but the Filipinos only hope to get justice?

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Having a dysfunctional justice system here in the Philippines is so frustrating. Imagine people resorting to Tulfo in the hopes of getting justice rather than reporting to the proper authorities. There’s no such thing as Tulfo justice everyone. Let’s not put him on pedestal. 

The "Tekla issue" is spreading everywhere so I decided to watch it myself. But then, why did Tulfo ask the girl "Bakit hindi mo na lang siya pagbigyan?" Such a thing to ask. 

Why does Tulfo have to know why the girl didn't give consent? It wont be relevant to the case whatsoever. Kasi she said no and she was still forced. doesnt matter why she didnt want to. The point is she DIDNT WANT TO AND REASON IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.

Tulfo is maybe just doing his job. That could be part of their investigation. He probably has to know every detail to be fair din kay Tekla. But the way he delivered the question was wrong. 

I never expected him to act that way. He's disgusting and unbelievable.

Hello sir, you know what? WOMEN DON'T HAVE ANY RESPONSIBILITY TO PLEASURE MAN FOR HIS LUST. You're crossing the line!

We are scared to talk about our experience with rape because we were in a relationship; scared that it won't be taken seriously because people like Tulfo will inevitably ask "But you are together, why didn't you just give in?"

This is why so many girls and boys are shamed into silence.

The message that is to be conveyed really differs if someone changes the tone of their voices, but I do know that Tulfo is a tough guy, so maybe that is the reason.

Also, somehow, in the beginning the girl was convincing because she showed heavy tears yet during the latter parts, I could really hear someone dealing with cards, especially where I could clearly see how her arms worked.

She was playing cards while being interviewed! That hit me. If she were so geniune about her complaint, she would have been focused on Tulfo. Her actions on the video compromised the veracity of her emotions. How she talked too was defensive.

"Sa programang #WantedSaRadyo ng Radyo Singko 92.3 News FM, binuweltahan ni Donita Nose at manager ni Tekla na si Rose Conde ang mga akusasyon ni Michelle Lhor Bana-ag laban sa komedyante. Si Bana-ag ang kinakasama at ina ng anak ni Tekla."

"#WantedSaRadyo | Ipinagtanggol ni Donita Nose si Tekla laban sa mga akusasyon ng kinakasama nitong si Michelle Lhor Bana-ag. Mahal daw ni Tekla si Michelle pero naging 'di na magandang impluwensiya umano ito kay Tekla dahil sa pagsusugal at paggamit ng droga.

Ayon kay Ogie Diaz, pinabulaanan daw ni Tekla ang akusasyon ni Michelle na pagiging manyakis nito at sinunog pa umano ni Michelle ang condo ni Tekla.

Buwelta naman ng manager ni Tekla na si Rose Conde, plinano raw umano ni Michelle at ng pamilya nito ang pagkuha ng mga video kay Tekla para idiin ang komedyante sa pagsusumbong nila kay Idol Raffy. Nanghihingi rin daw umano si Michelle ng perang pangumpisa mula kay Tekla bago sila maghiwalay.

Pero nanindigan si Michelle at desidido raw siyang kasuhan si Tekla.

A blogger friend has this to say: "...Kung desidido magkaso yung babae, sa witness stand din namang silang lahat mauuwi. Either they barf sa witness stand while lying or end up charged with perjury.

Sakto kakapanood ko lang ng "Inside Men" kung saan inexpose ng isang gangster ang slush fund ng isang malaking corporation in cooperation with politicians. So, ayun na nga, they smeared his name like saying na he engaged in sexual violence tapos adik siya. Reminds me of this. Kasi, ngayong drug war, ano nga bang best way to kill your credibility other than saying na adik ka? 

Ang galing ng nagdirek sa kanila. Feeling ko yung bulaklak ang pangalan. Ang galing ng inflections sa salita niya. It's so good it can be used as an example for speech class. Maybe she should act in a teleserye instead of managing people. No wonder he has confidence kahit na naexpose na siya because he knows he can rely on people who either believe that he is a good person who cannot do such (he is a good manipulator) or they are just into the 'pack/clique mentality' which I saw many times, covering ones arse someone is in the wrong already.

The best way to kill or distort the truth is to actually destroy the credibility of the one saying it. Nasa 'Art of War' yan ni Sun Tzu. Yan ang legit planted."

Why do people go to Tulfo? I mean he's not even a lawyer and he has a lot of pending cases. He doesn't satisfy those people and give the justice they want.

Para mabigyan sila ng ayuda ni idol at mabigyan ng abugado na makakatulong sa kaso nila at kung papaano magprocess ng sampa?

I don't blame people who seek help from Tulfo. My heart is for these people. What I'm saying is Tulfo could have helped them by endorsing them to proper agencies QUALIFIED to take on with their case: Public Attys Office, DSWD, Police etc.

However, pinagkakakitaan lang nila ang mga complainants. They are again victims taken advantage on Tulfo's show and YouTube channel. Realize that halos lahat ng nagiging cases niya di ba nakakatawa? They have made you the laughing stock on National TV. Their audience is watching you shame yourselves They maybe crying at your miseries but also laughing at your bloopers. Your private lives are gone.

Majority from what I see is he's ranting to people ACCUSED tapos hindi na niya binigyan ng chance pagsalitain just because of the statement of the part na nagrereklamo: WHICH IS TOTALLY WRONG.

I really hope that the recent scandal involving will not set as a condition precedent that if you are a victim of rape or sexual abuse, pupunta kayo sa Tulfo instead of the proper authorities.

Rape is rape. I get that! Pero issues like this dapat pinag-uusapan nila privately since mag live-in sila. I just don’t understand kung bakit issue ng mag-asawa ay kailangang ipaTulfo agad. Besides, we just saw the clips and we don’t know what really happened prior. Ang cheap lang ba? 

Nagmasturbate sa harap ng bata. You still want to reason out with that? Asking help is "cheap lang"? Do we really think this was a one time thing? Obviously the girl wouldn't resort to Tulfo kung hindi ito paulit-ulit na nangyayari. Shaming the girl for asking help?

But we should not call the victim “cheap” because of how they chose to cry for help. Whether publicly or privately, they have every right to do so. 

Plus, this will help a lot of victims who know nothing about marital rape. If she kept her silence, if she did not approach TIA, walang trending sa socmed ngayon hence hindi magkakaroon ng awareness about this topic. Tekla’s or Tulfo's fame, or infamy, helped a lot to spread this news.

Let us not stay SILENT FOR THE ABUSE OF MEN. Let our voice be heard not only to help ourselves but to encourage other victims to speak up and let them know that they can do something about it.  

However, we all hope that Tulfo will know how to draw the line between cases that are already sensitive and in need of court intervention than those cases that can be amicably settled.

Victims are entitled for protection and televising them will not help their case but causes more psychological trauma.

I remember the case re: marital rape (People v. Jumawan) that the name of the wife and children where omitted and given only aliases for their protection.

In the recent scandal, even if their true names are omitted, people will still figure out.

And this incident will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Point is, we condemn rape and any act of child abuse but we don't tolerate that this kind of incident be televised and be the talk of the whole country without affording rightful protection.

Hindi rin natin maiiwasan na meron pa ring stigma regarding victim blaming which could've been avoided if the incident was not broadcast.

Y'all should stop hyping Tulfo and encourage victims to consult with lawyers instead. Tulfo is not the law!

The way they treat Tulfo is like he’s the father, the son, and the holy spirit. It speaks that our justice system is rotten to its core. People be finding justice and accountability somewhere.

The persistence of Tulfo is a testament to our failed justice system and its inaccessibility to the masses.

Tulfo has become the poor man's court because our justice system only caters to the rich and influential.

Saka madalas biased si Tulfo so I don't really trust that show. They are just a bunch of boys who like to talk shit about other people's problem. Lol. 

As mentioned earlier, these drama seryes are good publicity stunts? It maybe helping the complainants in a way, but they are also being used. Is that exchange deal fair?

What is not fair is the state of our justice system. Tulfo's show will never be popular if our justice system works.

So I guess we do have no choice but to follow the saying "Ang gipit, sa patalim kumakapit" 

Tulfo's show may be using people to get views but they are also helping as compared to our faulty justice system where the real victims are the ones who are sent to jail.

Though, please still read the Twitter thread below which is also available online:


 1. Tulfo is slowly becoming a Filipino culture. Kesyo pag may conflict sa lupa, magkarelasyon, mga personal na away ng mga private citizens; MAJORITY of the people that I know or probaly see in public or in private space ay yan ang sagot.

2. Ipapatulfo kita. Which I find it very wrong mainly because people tend to find justice through TRIAL BY PUBLICITY which is totally wrong. What I see in ths Tulfo show is ordinary people come to the show to slut shame, humiliate other person accused just to reap intended justice.

3. Which is very saddening dahil ang ganap ay si Tulfo ang nagiging batas. Na porke ikaw ang nagreklamo, the other person is obliged to defend himself despite no criminal case has been filed. I used to watch one episode na di na nakapagsalita ung accused kasi natrashtalk na ni Tulfo.

4. Mas nakakalungkot knowing the fact that a lot of people eh umaasa sa show na ito dahil magastos ang pag-issue ng formal complaint. Yes, seeking justice here in the Philippines sucks. A lot is very desperate na hihiyain nila ang sarili nila just to get justice.

5. Just imagine the girl na ka-live-in ni Tekla daw. Dahil sa walang mapagkunan ng pangkain dahil ALLEGEDLY ginigipit daw ni Tekla, hiniya ang sarili by televising to the world about her personal problem. I mean these issues could have been solved privately.

6. Pero sino ba naman ang aasa sa pagpunta sa Police, file complaints, etc., then going back home unfed. Nakakalungkot dahil I know all would agree how inconvenient the justice system works. Maybe nakakatulong nga somehow si Tulfo but I dont find sincerity.

7. kasi kung kawanggawa ang hanap natin, why PUBLICIZE every ISSUE and every detail of each cases. Unless you want to take profit from it talaga given its a norm for Filipinos na makiishoso at makialam sa buhay ng iba.

8. Lastly, I'd like to generalize that the whole arrangement of this Tulfo thing reflects how the people sees the government as secondary medium to get justice from social inequality. Sabagay, mas ok naman talaga pumunta kay Tulfo, minsan mabibigyan ka pa ng pera kaysa pumunta sa pulis.

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