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Is Kris Aquino the Right Choice as Endorser for Shopee?

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"Shopee, after choosing Kris Aquino as its brand ambassador, unwittingly endorsed Lazada." - Thinking Pinoy

Shopee, claiming to be the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan (just second to Lazada), welcomed Philippines’ ‘Queen of All Media’ Kris Aquino as the new Brand Ambassador for the 11.11 – 12.12 Big Christmas Sale...but that could mean the end of them.... at least from the DDS community.

It's a 'rare second chance in a lifetime:' Kris Aquino says she cried after getting one-year contract with Shopee. That's because she no longer has a career. TV5 turned her down and noone else is getting her as an endorser.

Mag uninstall/deactivate daw ng Shopee app ang mga DDS kasi si Kris Aquino ang bagong endorser. Go lang. Me and many others did the same when Manny Pacquiao was chosen as the endorser. Until now, I’m not using it.

Good morning to @krisaquino214 and Kris Aquino only.

Kris: Have you always been single?

Contestant: So far, yes..

Kris: How young are you?

Contestant: 33

Kris: Ah ok, that's the age of Jesus when he died.

And I'm DEAD. Iba siya talaga. 

Seriously, I may not like her as a person but she works as a comedian. The tactless and brutal sister of Noynoy and daughter of Cory and Ninoy, cousin of Bam and mother of Bimby and Josh is the mother that's pa-sosyal since she has the money, but not so bright like the joke about blondes being beautiful but dumb. But don't get me wrong, she's highly intelligent but just lacks being polite and sensible.

She's the typical lady who's going to mess things up but is funny as a laughing stock that you'll never get angry with her unless you're at the receiving end. You're safe as a spectator but in trouble if she has her eyes on you.... 

People do have negative stories about her

However, people do have negative stories about her...

But it's her. That's not what makes her .... Hhhmmm.... appealing, but how good she is in projecting a fake persona. She will look nice infront of the camera and the media and bloggers, but she's so arrogant and rude in real life. 

I think the only people Kris was nice too was her kids, her family and relatives, media and bloggers/vloggers, her fellow celebrities, directors and producers, sponsors and her fans club...which are still a lot. But definitely when she's all alone or in the company of her staff, she's not that nice as seen on national TV, 

But most people don't really mind since she hardly hangs around and stay to mingle or chat with others. 

So as a comedic endorser, she's going to be iconic. Does it matter if she's faking it? It doesn't for the fans since she's what we call a novelty...not only because she was related to the two former President of the Philippines and the acknowledged hero that got killed causing the overthrow of a dictator Marcos and family, but also because she's Kristeta, the shrewd left by former husband James Yap, the father of Bimby... as well as other men including Philip Salvador, the father of Josh.

Kris' story is both laughable and pitiful. She represents a past that is still trying to be relevant because people cannot put her animated life at the back of their minds. She will remain to be someone we can't stop laughing at because of her Prima Donna attitude, and lifestyle to boot, that needs some spanking from beyond the realms of reality.

The DDS can't praise her or any of her relatives because the current President is more inclined to ally with their past conflicts, and so wondering why until now they've not pushed to find out who killed her father.

With all the money and connection they had access to, there was never any news updates on any effort to find the killer of Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino.

By the way, Kris Aquino revealed a possibility of appearing in the 'Crazy Rich Asians' sequel. Though she had a cameo on the movie, it was forgettable since the scene can be omitted and the movie will still be a success.

If Kris was not affluent and had no connection to high society and media people, she would have been irrelevant by now. 

But without any doubt, she's still effective to call your attention because you can't really make up your mind if you'll love her or hate her for what she is. 

She's not famous, she's infamous!

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