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MMDA Spox Celine Pialago and her 70 Facebook Admins? Or is this Snow White and her 7 Dwarfs?

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Wow! 70 Facebook admins is bigger than an event's trending team where they viciously post about updates of an ongoing event to make it go viral on Twitter. I can imagine what the rest of them are doing while one is on Facebook. The others are probably busy with other tasks needed for her social media account. But some would have liken this big number to a troll farm or what the government has been calling their "advocacy" groups. Lol.

Seriously, she did however retracted this statement reducing the 70 into a 7 (dropping the zero), but she also revealed that it was other people, including his younger brother, (who would of course most probably would not deny this claim), that answered for her. Saan napunta yung 63? Aber "passed away" na siguro?

First, it was her 70 admins who took her post down. Now, she's saying it's only 7 and it's her brother who made a mistake. Anyare? What is her brother's business in speaking in behalf of her? Syempre her brother knows her more than other people. So granted. We can accept that excuse. But hanep ... ang kapatid ay empleyado at pinasasahod ng pera ng taong bayan? Why not? Sino pa ba unang tutulungan mo kundi sarili month dugo. Very good sister!

Kaso, kahit 7 lang yan at let's say Ang suweldo ng bawat isa ay minimum wage of 15k, that's 105K monthly being paid to administer her FB account? That's a minimum of 1.2 million yearly. 

Is this the wisest expense? Siguradong sasabihin niya personal expense niya iyon. Maniniwala ba tayo?

So bale ano tawag dito? Hindi na "Drama Serye" kundi "Admin Serye"?!

Sanga-sanga na tuloy ang isyu sa iyo, dear. Sana kasi kung walang magandang sasabihin, tumahimik na lang. Don't throw stones if you have a glass house. Mababasag kapag matyempuhan ng malakas mambato.

With these revelations, then that means we are not assured who wrote every message you posted on social media, and in this particular case who posted, deleted and reposted your controversial remarks and then boasted about the mistake of your 70 admins and how proud you are of your post.

Though it is not surprising for a politician, just like our celebrities, to have social media managers or admins, the number of her supposed admins is still big. I understand there are a lot of inquiries for the MMDA, but I think 7 is just still too much. How are they distributing tasks and shifting schedules among themselves?

Aside from a half-baked apology about her "drama serye" remark, what is terribly wrong about her is she passed the blame to somebody else publicly....and the worst, she points to her brother. Definitely not the qualities of a good leader, and a sister. Bakit mo ipinakanulo ang sarilinmong kapatid? You want the public to curse your own brother?

Is it safe to say that the number of Celine Pialago's Facebook admins is higher than her IQ. Guess which number am I talking about.

And while she continues explaining herself, that's more nonsense talk from her, and more blunders we have to laugh at! Sige lang Teh! #GisaPaMore

Hugas kamay na. Akala ko ba walang pagsisisi. Biglang kambyo ang ale ah. Nawala ang tatak na yabang. Nakakatawa. It's your account, so it's your responsibility. Iharap mo nga kapatid mo sa media para sabihin na siya nga ang nagcommit ng "honest mistake."

So if you have 7 Dwarfs, I mean admins, do you also have a Prince Charming? I bet I know who it is. Lol!


"I don't know but one of 'MY' admins accidentally deleted it. Here." - Pialago

"Yes. 'I' have 70 admins. Soooo here it is. Reposted.  At ipopost "KO" ulit ito ng walang halong pagsisisi. Good day everyone! " - Pialago


"Bro's honest mistake!"


My brain just "passed away"!! 

It's not honest mistake. You boastfully repeated that indeed you have 70 admins!

Ghorl, 'wag nang gawing tanga ang mga tao. Panindigan mo 'yang sinabi mo. 

Even if you have an admin, he won't post any statement unless you gave him permission. Can an admin think for you especially on sensitive matters not even related to MMDA? If it's truly an admin, he won't post your insensitive remark because admins also take care of the image of a brand, in your case, or personality.

Don't play with fire if you can't stand to get burned. If you throw stones, expect what to get in return. If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. Likewise, if you're going to pick a fight, be prepared to face a backlash!

Huwag magsumbong sa NBI Cybercrime Division.  Fight the battle you started, personally. If you have nothing to hide, then you don't need to ask for anyone's help. The people themselves will defend you.

Regardless if it's a personal o private opinion, you posted it on social media, and add the fact that you have other people managing your account? That's not the definition of either of the terminologies. 

Once na inilabas mo na iyan sa socmed hindi mo na pwedeng sabihin na "pribado" Ang buhay mo. Buti sana kung ikaw lang nakakakita...and FYI, you are a "public servant" which means you serve the public. Your Facebook name even contains your government agency and designation. Please understand that.

When you criticize in public, be sure you are also ready of the backlash from the public. There is no single line of response that you will encounter. All angles, both adjacent and opposites, can be thrown against you.

That's why you should be responsible of your words since you're not just a normal citizen to criticize but someone who have influence. With great power comes great responsibility. But kalimutan mo na si Spiderman, your beauty queen experience should emanate the characteristics of a role model, and sadly criticizing the situation of a grieving mother is very unlikely of a queen.

Magbibitaw ng mga salitang pwedeng makapanakit sa kapwa tapos hindi naman handa sa mga consequences?

Pero kapag mga ordinaryong tao ang magreklamo sa cybercrime division ng NBI ay hindi papansinin. Sasabihan pa, manatili sa bahay dahil pandemic, or sasabihan pa ng "Think before you click" eme...or pababalikin ka dahil they have urgent matters to attend to. Luh. So fed up with these feeling entitled officials.

As a government official, your statement affects the majority especially if it's on social media. That's why it's important to be able to filter statements thrown online. Just like writing your research paper, before you submit the final draft you need to do several revisions. Same with personal statements on social media especially if you're a government official, your statements will be supported by some and be criticize by others. You may or may like other people's opinion but as a government official, the decision and the responsibility is still upon yours because you have the authority and others don't.

Sayang ang ganda mo dahil panlabas lang pala. Bukod sa wala kang puso, Hindi na kami sigurado Kung edukada ka nga. Hindi ka bagay manilbihan sa gobyerno. 

Her sense has passed away a long time ago.

"There's nothing wrong with having a personal opinion.  The problem is when "faces" and "voices" of government agencies start spewing their personal opinion on social networks.  Obviously this will cause unnecessary confusion which will compel heads of agencies to defend or make clarificatory remarks.  It could have been avoided if government people just learn to shut up on social media. Unless of course, that's their marching order."

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