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Netizens slam Celine Pialago for drama serye remark against a grieving mother

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"Netizens slam MMDA spokesperson Celine Pialago’s recent Facebook post for calling out critics of the government’s response toward detained activist Reina Nasino and the death of her three-month-old baby.

A portion of Pialago’s post read: “Masyado niyong ginagawang pang drama serye sa hapon ang paghihinagpis niya. Tigilan niyo!”"

MMDA Assistant Secretary Celine Pialago's remarks did not sit well with many on social media still reeling from the horror and disbelief of how Baby River's burial took place on October 16, heavily guarded by jail personnel.

A minute of silence for the recently “PASSED AWAY” brain of Celine Pialago

Celine Pialago, a woman, shows zero empathy towards a grieving mother. I hope she has no plans of bearing a child. 'Di siya qualified. 

But what's with the quotation marks? Is she quoting someone or quoting herself?

Her title in that post vs. her introduction “walang kinalaman sa traffic” napaka**** kahit kelan! Kumusta naman yung ‘she passed away’ na iyan? Wansapanataym beauty queen wannabee.

Celine Pialago should know that Nasino is grieving because her child passed away. Legit na 'passed away', hindi yung hinimatay lang okay?

Looks like someone's brain truly passed away. Celine Pialago and her utter stupidity deserves no respectful response.  her brain cells and thus mind really passed away and... Nausukan siguro ng maraming maruming usok.

Remember when Celine Pialago tried to file a case against an online satire page because she felt attacked? That was hilarious.

Fact-check muna Asec.

Hindi pa convicted si Reina Mae Nasino. She’s innocent until proven otherwise. 

What she posted was totally unbecoming of a spokesperson and public servant. Putting this receipt here. 

With all due respect, you don't know what you're saying because you're not a mother yet. I do hope and pray karma doesn't bite you back with your statement.

Apparently, Celine Pialago reposted her stupidity through a screenshot and is now deleting comments and actively blocking users from commenting or reacting. Stupidity, of course, wants to go unchallenged. 

Btw, she claims it was one of her page admins which she says are a lot. Aba, maraming budget na pampasweldo. 

Dear MMDA Spox and Asec Celine Pialago,

Did Baby River die? Yes. As a matter of fact, it was an inhumane death, one that could have been prevented. 

If you are, as you say, a Filipino, then how do we explain the furlough given to politicians charged with horrendous crimes? 

PDL or not, we must respect the grief of mothers. 

Where's your humanity? 

Celine Pialago is another type of Mocha Uson. She sounds like an intellectual during interviews, but really, her statements are irrelevant.

Celine Pialago started working for the Liberal Party in 2015. Her first assignment was as PR head of then Makati City OIC Mayor Kid Peña. She later on joined the presidential campaign of Mar Roxas and when Duterte won, she went straight to Davao to personally apply to Duterte. It clearly shows her personality. 

This character is what political ambition sounds like when backed by no personal talent: gross.

From one PA to the next PA

From Passed Away to Philippine Army

From Red Carpet to Red Tagging 

— the story of a former pageant contestant who became MMDA spokesperson and now paid influencer of the Philippine Army, the group behind EJKs in the provinces and fake Facebook Pages.

Ayusin ninyo nga muna ang traffic bago ka kumuda. Hindi nga din maayos ang performance mo sa isang “beauty” contest eh. Buti na lang naging thank you girl ka doon kundi kahiya-hiya.

Dapat ibalik sa kanya ang sinabi niya na pag-aralan niya mabuti ang dahilan bakit siya nakulong. Walang awa.

Iyan siguro epekto sa kakatanggol ng dolomite.

We learn from documentaries that the NPA doesn't torture AFP forces captured alive. It treats them as fellow human beings and provides them food, medicine, etc.

Meanwhile, we have government officials like Celine Pialago who have lost their humanity and sold their souls to Duterte.

Is Celine Pialago still sane? Everytime you politicize your viewpoint on a situation, turn to your morality and principles first. Because it is disappointing and embarrassing as hell if you fail.

I'll make sure your future child sees what you posted. 

Apart from her Facebook posts, she also put these up on her Stories. 

And in the comments section of her repost, Pialago maintains that she is "very proud" of her statement. "Walang halong pagsisisi." 

Never mock a situation you have never been in nor give a senseless comment on a pain you have never endured. She is a grieving mother to her child. We, humans, by nature, should at least sympathise. 

I pray that Celine Pialago will never experience the pain of losing a loved one especially a child.

Please, bumalik ka nalang sa time na isa ka lang meme for not knowing the difference between passing away and passing out.

Ang tayog ng lipad mo madam ASec ha. Nakahanda na rin ba ang parachute sa paglagapak mo?

"Let's be a rainbow in someone else's cloud"

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