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Filipino Comedian Tekla Exposed by Live-in Partner

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Comedian Romeo Librada aka Tekla is under fire for child abuse and marital rape. Could we still afford to laugh after this incident? I don't think so.

Masturbating in front of his kid and sexual harassing his live in partner is sickening. That's RA 9262 or Acts of Violence against Women and their Children.

Tekla, though he is the husband of the woman who complained to Raffy Tulfo, doesn't give him the right to just have sex with her whenever he feels like it. If napilitan ang babae na makipagsex sa asawa kahit may sakit or ayaw niya lang talaga dahil wala sa mood, that is considered forced aka marital rape. Consent should always matter, even though you're already committed in a relationship!. Though this is hardly brought up for complaints at police stations, or especially on national TV.

Tekla didn't even denied her spouse's accusations in the video. I don't get why some people are still "waiting for his side" when we all know he's just gonna try and clear his name up. 

We don't really know the whole story but based on the video, that should be reclusiĆ³n perpetua.

Is Tekla ready to face the consequence?

Goffman was right when he stated that actors, that includes comedians, conceal their true-self and manage their character based on the agreed-upon assumptions of the audience for the performer. We won't know the true character of these actors since they were trained to project attributes that could be totally different from their selves. Deceit and manipulation are their best traits just like con artists. But it's what makes actors flexible and versatile. It's a god thing if done to perfect their craft. Bad if used for other purposes.

Tekla is being cancelled only now. But even before he already said he's straight and he only acts as a gay person for entertainment just like the other comedians in the noontime show Eat Bulaga. It's an act to gain profit out of it,, that alone is already problematic itself..... because they are indirectly saying that gays are clowns that we should laugh at.

LGBTQIA+ are not just some persona for humour. They're real people. 

Also, this tekla issue is not a free pass to be homophobic / transphobic! That's a different issue.

So Tekla in reality is just another chauvinist straight man visually presenting himself as a crossdressing gay comedian. Was this his idea?

So disappointing. I thought he's kind. But, turns out he's not. We really can't judge a book by it's cover. 

However, though the anger you all have for Tekla is understandable, why is noone talking about how tulfo asked Tekla’s partner: 

“Bakit hindi mo na lang siya pagbigyan?” 

I find it ...uughh! We should also be angry at Tulfo. Not only is his show sensationalizing domestic affairs, he is quite repulsive in his questionings. But maybe it was intentional. All for the ratings, and his YouTube channel.

Raffy Tulfo to Tekla issue: "I can't believe I'm hearing this!"

I can't believe you too, Me. Tulfo.

Also, being in a relationship doesn't justify harassment in any form. It should still be a continuous show of love and affection, respect and understanding, just as how it was during courtship. The problem with most of us is we take our partners for granted when we're married or living with each other already. After marriage, does the love have to dwindle and we become just sex partners? 

Every story has two sides. You need to hear both before trying to judge. I don't want to judge Tekla because I still haven't heard his side, but I'm getting triggered because I feel sad for his family. They dont deserve this at all. 

The incident was recorded and posted online by his wife for the whole world to see. Now this is going to break up the family for good. Don't people realize that family matters are private matters. Once you post your family troubles online, you didn't just ruined his life, you also messed up yours and your children's.

Do rapist really do comedy show for a living to cover up their actions? Like pack it up Vic, Joey, Richie and Tekla.

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