Sunday, September 13, 2020

She's Not Allowed to Jump: Is Janella Salvador Pregnant?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

CHISMIS ALERT...... charot!

There's a rumor that Janella Salvador is pregnant. Is it true? Abangan!

Janella and Markus Paterson recently revealed the status of their rumored relationship via social media (a sweet kiss captured on video moment via Instagram Live), and fans had mixed reactions because of the JoshNella love team.

Janella Salvador is a very private person. I've always felt like she would never admit until engaged na siya sa lalake. Her declaration of love means she found happiness and sincerity in Markus.

Stay grounded, Jea! Happy for you!

I just remembered, Jea really isn't touchy. But the fact that she was the one who immediately hugged Markus softened my heart. I teared up watching the vid like "sana all!"

"That's my baby" LMAO. Now that Markus and Jea already revealed their relationship, I guess it's safe to say that JoshNella was veeeeery cringy during The Killer Bride days.

I am still baffled at the fact na Joshua was so touchy on Jea. I know he knew that Jea and Markus are together. But that's just me you know. It could be for publicity or anything but I cringe everytime I remember all of it.

I remember Jea's face the whole time during this event especially yung pagiging touchy ni Joshua. It only shows na tama yung sinasabi ng lahat, magaling siya when it comes to publicity/promo.

Akala ko ako lang din nakapansin. She's clearly not happy with all the touching pero she needs to do it. Uncomfortable lang talaga tingnan for me and I think we all know na she and Markus already had a thing.

Hala! bakit yung mga super fans ni Jea ay naging super bashers na saying things like "freezer na naman" and "know the priority sana" stuff. What the hell?! Let the girl breatheeeee. Enough with your BS. Happy siya kay Markus kahit ano pa mangyari sa career niya. Fans lang kayo. know your place.

Can we stop bringing Jea down? I know a lot are sad, disappointed, or whatever, but can we just be happy that she's happy?Maging happy kayo for her. Hindi niya naman pinipilit na magustuhan ninyo rin yung guy. Don't compare her to other artist, because she's Jea and not anyone else.

Sabi sa akin ni (can’t mention her name but from someone who works at ABS-CBN. Sorry hindi ko pwede sabinin name niya for privacy and safety. Kailangan ko lang sabihin yung ugali ni Markus off cam para malaman ng tao how bad he is. Sa work daw Markus is lazy, tapos walang priorities. Yan ba ang responsible actor and boyfriend? But I guess love is indeed blind.

Everytime I see him hindi ko malimutan yung sinabi nung niligawan nya sa YouTube na mabilis kuno magpalit ng babae. Meh. but I hope maalagaan niya si Janella. People do change for the better....and Jea could have changed him... especially if they are truly madly deeply in love with each other.

On the other hand, he's Jea’s choice. It seems she doesn’t listen to the advice of her ate & kuya. She probably won’t learn until it's too late.

Is the rumor true? Buntis ba si Jea?? Please enlighten me! Janella is really pregnant?  WTF! What's with Filipino celebrities getting pregnant so young? Y'all are not the Kylie Jenner y'all want to be.

Hala siszt!!? Jea literally said after seeing a bug: “I almost jumped! And I can’t do that. I’m not allowed to do that.” Not the exact words though. But is she really preggy?!?!

Si Markus lang ang nakaharap sa camera and Jea was having a photoshoot with her mom sa garden nila Markus. She didn’t know he’s doing an IG Live and did Markus just called her mom, “mama”?! Hahahaha ang chismosa ko naman. But I can see they’re so happy though!

Kasi sumenyas pa sa bandang dulo ng IG Live si Markus kay Jea na naka live daw, so I assumed she has no idea. After nun, in-end na niya yung Live.

I am just so happy for Markus because even if andami nagbabash sa kanya, even if coming from Jea's fans and joshnella also, still he loves Jea so much. Happy for them. And I think totoo yung rumor so no harm since both of them are madly in love.

Congratulations, Janella and Markus! We are so happy for the both of you!

Your happiness @superjanella is also our happiness. We will always support you in all your decision. Kung sinuman ang mahal mo ay mamahalin din namin. We love you and we are happy for you!

We will support whoever Janella loves the most, & it’s you @markusrpaterson!

and for @superjanella, finally, the love you deserve is here!

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