Thursday, September 17, 2020

DICT Head Honasan Says Internet Speed in the Philippines is "Not Bad"

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"“We are not doing badly. We have improved a lot.”

For DICT Secretary Gregorio Honasan, the county’s average internet speed of 3 to 7 mbps is not as bad as it seems, even when compared to neighboring countries with internet speeds of up to 55 mbps."

Is he serious? Not doing badly? We pay for a speed of up to 100 mbps, but get service for only between 3 and 7?! Isn’t that robbery? Just saying...Let us wait when the 22 million students go online on October 5.

Does this ex-military and former senator know how the Internet supposedly works and how things can be efficiently and effectively done with better services? He does not know what he is talking about... and yet he heads the DICT! The best and the brightest talaga.

From the looks of it, Honasan is not a good fit for the DICT. A DICT Secretary na walang alam sa speed requirements ng online work and schooling? Hanggang Facebook lang siguro alam niya as function at silbi ng Internet. Magresign na lang siya dapat! Hindi yung laging ibinabandera ang incompetence at ignorance nila.

Actually, thats very BAD. He better resigns asap as he cannot understand basic technology needs. This has got to be the most recent idiotic statement I've heard lately.  It's like saying if you ignore the nasty taste, it tastes good.

Well, this government has a fair share of square pegs in round holes. This is what we get when we appoint unqualified people to the post.

Just because we're used to the Internet speed does not mean we have to settle for it. The slow Internet is making us less productive and far less efficient at doing what we ought to do, especially now that the Internet is our most convenient form of communication (Be it for education, work, or simply ordering online).

Anyone who has come from a different country and arrived here can definitely attest that the wiFi here is absolutely terrible.

Specially now that mostly, if not  everything, is done on-line. This is the time that telcos should step-up and give it their best shot. Our students and employees (working from home) highly depend on them.

The government often settle for less; they settle for below mediocrity, but at jacked-up prices so they could keep high kickbacks for their personal gains. They do not aim for more. This is the reason why we often get poor services. Stop mediocrity. Filipinos always deserve what is better, if not the best.

Self-interest is more important than the public. They wouldn't say that if they will not receive something on their end.

Sadly this kind of corruption has become a blatant and common practice amongst the elected and appointed officials alike.

We should also criticize and obligate the telcos to provide faster and better Internet service since they were the ones granted the franchises.

3 to 7 mbps for the prices that we have to pay for is a slap in the face for the clients. The best thing to do here is either to lessen what clients have to pay for Internet or upgrade speeds that is appropriate to what people pay. 3-7 mbps for more than P1k tapos lagi naman disconnected, nawawalan tapos mahirap pa mag contact ng customer service is a disservice to their clients. 3-7 mbps is a far cry from 55 mbps. Palibhasa, high ranking officials do not have the same Internet problems as normal people do. He may be enjoying the highest speed avaible at both his office and home, while our tax is paying for it.

We have the slowest internet speed bit still being charged the highest among countries with internet services. We should get the one we pay for. But if we pay for 50 mps, and not even get 5, it's called cheating the customers.

The people are not satisfied. We don't care about other countries' Internet speed/services. Fix ours because clearly there is a problem, and he should stop sugar coating his every statement. If he can't fix the problem, then resign and let the capable ones fix it.

We need to fix this problem the soonest. You will definitely see improvement in our country once you do. We'll stop being a third world country once we get the lead on our Internet experience.

It's frustrating that we have to settle with mediocre minds that are satisfied with what is less than average. Wouldn't it have been better to target for the stars and to achieve something extraordinary.

But most of our government officials are not reaching for the stars but their pockets instead.

We definitely needs some infrastructure upgrading for the Philippines!

Comedic. Hasn't Honasan gotten out of the country to really know how substandard our Internet speed is compared to the others.

3 to 7 Mbps was the average Internet speed in Thailand 12 years ago. Now you'll just be paying around 1,100 pesos (in Baht equivalent) for a package with 1,000 mbps download and 200 Mbps upload.

In France you can have 5 Gbps download and 700 Mbps upload only for 1500 pesos equivalent, with 100 TV channels included.

“We have improved a lot.” Nag-improve KA nga naman talaga.

From an old Nokia 3210, Information and Communications Technology Secretary Gregorio Honasan has upgraded to a smartphone.

“I am happy to report to you, Mr. Chair, that I am actively involved in using my smartphone.”

Honasan as Philippines’ ICT chief: Does he meet DICT law requirements?

With people like him in government, I believe it's not going to happen even after 100 years in the Philippines.

If Honasan says yes to this then he is part of the problem accepting mediocrity. Paano tayo uunlad kung very good na ngayon ang “puede na” ?

Mindset na "pwede na" ay "ok na" kaya ayun masyadong naiwan ang Pilipinas ngayon. Yung mga walang alam sa puwesto ang pilit inalalagay, kaya sobra atrasado na ang bansa natin. Hindi mo alam kung utang na loob, o kung ano man kaya sila na appoint sa puwesto na wala silang alam kaya mismanaged ang government agencies or bingi sa mga hina-ing na serbisyo para sa mga Pinoy, at kaya parating catch-up ang Pinas sa ganyang mentality.

Tone-deaf statement. When a politician says.."we're not doing badly, that usually means, we're doing badly.

Basically, "we should be happy with mediocrity" is what he is saying. It's funny when we sometimes feel that we are on top of our game and suddenly realise we are nothing but BENCH PLAYERS only.

Would it kill him to acknowledge that this is a problem and then say they're working hard to bring the country's internet up to speed? It would have been a good chance for him to enumerate what his team is doing to work towards a solution.

Now, all he has done is give people ammunition to say, "Ah, you see! Government officials are out of touch and really don't have a f***ing clue."

When we put clowns in our government's offices then sure enough we get a circus. But in this case, we are not laughing!

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