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JK Rowling's Latest Harry Potter Book is About A Murderous CIS Man Who Dresses as a Woman to Kill His Victims

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JK Rowling's latest book is about a murderous cis man who dresses as a woman to kill his victims

"The “meat” of the 900-page novel is an investigation into a cold case: the disappearance of a woman in 1974, believed to be a victim of a cis male serial killer whose modus operandi is dressing as a woman.

“One wonders what critics of Rowling’s stance on trans issues will make of [the] book”

Quickly, Troubled Blood was criticised on social media." - Pink News

I legit thought this was a satire news article like The Onion but... it's real....??? What the hell!?

Oh, for forks sake. This trope is very damaging and so untrue. Amigo viu essa? I cannot believe! She ain’t even trying to hide it now. On second thought, don't go write something else JK. Continue beating harry potter to death. Never liked Harry Potter anyway. Joke!

In 13 years JK Rowling went from retroactively making main characters from Harry Potter queer to becoming obsessed with hating the trans community. It’s almost dizzying.

The latest JK Rowling news took me from “love what you loved about her past work without giving her any new money” to “f*ck her, Harry Potter, and all of Hogwarts forever.”

I know there are still people, even trans people, who still draw strength from how you learned resistance from her as a child. 

But as for me and my house, we will cancel JK Rowling forever.

Yes, we’re viciously intolerant of transphobia. To be super clear, she’s writing trans exclusionary propaganda. On purpose.

I’m often ok with artists I appreciate having different views than me on many things. But there is a point at which an artist becomes so abusive that I can no longer consume any of their work. 

Propaganda to harm people I love is definitely in that category.

Something about Harry Potter stans using the fact that JK Rowling is literally endangering trans women's lives to get views on their fancams does not sit right with me.

JK Rowling isn't even known for Harry Potter anymore, just for being a giant Transphobe. Went from writer of one of the most successful book series in history, to "That Bigoted Bitch".

Maybe our mamis were right calling Harry Potter satánico the way JK Rowling's been behaving.

JK Rowling must be catapulted into the vacuum of space as quickly as possible.

When I saw the hashtag #RIPJKRowling, I thought JK Rowling has died.

What's a cis lol (no for real, idk what is that term)?

Looking it up, it means you identify with the gender assigned to you at birth :)
Harry Potter dominated such a long portion of my life that seeing all the transphobia is truly heartbreaking. 

Today is a really hard day. She ruined one of my favorite things in life. I cannot believe how horrible she ended up being for someone I admired so much.

Better for it, since Harry Potter is full of antisemitic tropes.

Actually in Harry Potter every man wears a dress. I’d wear so many dresses. Ron literally dresses as her aunt at some point. Dresses look super comfortable. I'm gonna start wearing them unapologetically. 

Meanwhile, in Scotland, they've always been forward thinking! Enjoying the breeze on their arse cheeks.

In Harry Potter terms, JK Rowling has become Cornelius Fudge, unwilling to believe she’s been wrong all this time and doubling down on her transphobia. 

She supported Voldemort the whole time.

Being unwilling to admit/accept that there HAVE BEEN a number of transwomen who have raped & killed women achieves what, exactly? We can admit that people in general are poisoned with misogyny, but not transwomen? We're ALL raised in a patriarchal culture that rewards misogyny.

And there I was yesterday, standing at the bargain bin outside a bookstore, contemplating whether I should buy Lethal White for $1. I didn't buy it, mostly because of these newly ambivalent feelings towards her.

But also why do these books have to be 1000 pages long?

Too much power, no editors to challenge her?

See also 9 hours of Hobbit movies.

I'll never see this characters the same way as before after all of this.

Are we just a bunch of narcissistic fetishists and cosplayers mocking a woman who dared to speak the truth? Should our self centered fragility is nobody else's problem?

But it does sounds like she is rewriting Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho or Norman Bates who does the same thing.

This was already a Brian De Palma movie. I’ve been thinking that ever since I heard this news! At least when it was Brian De Palma, we all knew it was going to be sensationalistic pap going into the film. I doubt Rowling is equipped with that level of self-awareness.

1980 movie Dressed to Kill but why would she bother with an original idea this late in the game? 

They say transvestitism is a very common paraphilia among serial killers. Can somebody confirm if that is true?

I always thought I would one day share Harry Potter with my future children. But JK Rowling's transphobia is simply too much to enjoy the world she created the same way.

I think the Potter films hold up better than the hooks, given Rowling’s transphobia, as films are very much collaborative efforts—the product of hundreds of people working together. 

Daniel Radcliffe is Harry. The lovely Alan Rickman—not Rowling— will always be Snape.

I've made it a point that as soon as I can retrieve my books from storage, they're all going into the Goodwill bin. And I'm still not sure that I wanna do that instead of the trash but at least this way they'd be a tax write off. 

Are there plenty of books to read by authors that aren't transphobic?

Jk Rowling isn't transphobic in the same way the Nazi's weren't antisemitic.

She is revenging, using her only weapon.

It’s time that we retrospectively look at the hook-nosed goblin bankers, the Irish wizard who blows things up, the Chinese witch sorted into the ‘nerdy’ House in Harry Potter and recognize the stereotypes not as accidents but as bigotry deliberately written into children’s books.

Are you patiently waiting for JK Rowling to die so we can enjoy Harry Potter again?

The Harry Potter fandom is at a crossroad. I see a lot of "what about the HP fans, who worship her without question!!!" every time JK Rowling lets her bigotry fly. 

There are still plenty who need to lean away from the hero worship. But I need you to know the questioning started a long time ago. 

I’m worried for the young trans and nonbinary readers who have been betrayed by Rowling. I think about the responsibility we all have to end our support of her.

I'm struggling with this myself, with Rowling and Ronald Dahl specifically, along with a good amount of others.

I came to my conclusion I'll continue to enjoy the art, while for any living artists, stopping to support them financially.

But it's a tough place to be in.

In memory of JK Rowling, she’s not dead but she killed her career by being a transphobic piece of shit.  

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