Monday, September 14, 2020

China's bootlegging prominence has conquered the world

Wazzup Pilipinas!

No, I'm not sleeping yet. I'm just showing off my gray hair....errrr... I mean the bootlegged bed cover and pillow cases that my wife bought from one of the unit owners of our building. We have a group chat where majority are selling all kinds of products from food to clothing, to all sorts of other knick knacks that you'll believe everyone has turned to online selling.

This fake product with the famous double G logo of Gucci employing the two interlocking, bold “Gs” of the father's – Guccio Gucci' speaks highly of how China has defied ethics and the law. Yet, we have let them to seemingly "propagate" their wares like the weed or grass we should never have in a decent garden but kept using them as if they're the very useful mulch.

Yup! This obviously came from our president's BFF country, China.

They're very cheap but seems to be good enough for the middle class like us as it's a lot more soothing to the skin compared to the expensive branded one I bought more than a month ago.

Which makes me wonder why there were authentic brands that put up stores in the country despite the rampant proliferation of fake products from China which many of us have been greatly patronizing because it's so outrageously cheap.

It could only mean that there were still a significant number of buyers coming from the affluent class....or they were selling at unreasonable prices that even a few bought from their stores will already propel their investment.

With this pandemic now greatly affecting both local and foreign authentic brand due to the many businesses that closed down or had to retrench their operations, people will surely settle for knockoffs, and China has been leading the pirating of products for decades.

We have very little choice,... unless we want to drain our savings since we still do not have an idea when everything will go back to at least close to the previous normal. This "new normal" terminology is doing nothing but conditioning us to accept we will never go back to the usual.

Have we lost all hope to return to the "old normal" we once knew? And now we have fallen for not just the convenient availability and affordability of China-made face masks and shields, but even for these "imitations" of branded products.

Wake up world! It's not yet time to sleep. You need to keep wide awake before China fully conquers the world!

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