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Applying Online for a birth certificate, passport and senior citizen card

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The Indian Government has made receiving a birth certificate the right of every Indian citizen. It is an official document that is mandatory for availing various services and benefits offered by the Government.

More importantly, however, it is the first step that the child takes toward establishing an identity. It contains the name, gender, parent's names, date and place of birth of a person. It's a crucial document that serves various purposes, but its primary one is to prove the individual's age.

A birth certificate if needed for a lot of other processes and of the other benefits of registering for a birth certificate are
      For admission to schools
      As proof of age for employment.
      For proof of age at marriage.
      To establish parentage.
      For enrolling in Electoral Rolls.
      To find out their age for insurance purposes.
      For registering in National Population Register (NPR).

These are not just the benefits of a birth certificate, but it is mandatory for all of these processes.

Society first acknowledges a child’s existence and identity through their birth registration. The right to be recognized as a person before the law is a critical step to make sure they are protected and is very important for all their other rights. 

In India, however, there is a significantly high percentage of children without registered births. Although these numbers are getting better with every passing year, as a country, India has a long way to go.

When should an individual register for a birth certificate?

Applicants have to register all births with the concerned local authorities within 21 days of its occurrence, which they can do by filling up the form prescribed by the Registrar. The Registrar issues the certificate after the verification with the actual records of the concerned hospital.
In case the birth has not been registered within the specified time of its occurrence, they issue the certificate after due police verification ordered by the revenue authorities. Additionally, they can register it within a year by paying a nominal late fee.

If there have been long delays, the registration can be made any time by submitting the affidavit before the first class magistrate or executive magistrate. The magistrate verifies the details of the affidavit and issues the order to Registrar to enter the entries of birth in the birth register if the information checks out. 
The format of the affidavit is available at the Registrar office, and with a notary, where people can make affidavits. They have to pay a late fee for a delayed application form.

Furthermore, a self-attested copy of Matriculation certificate, Aadhaar card, PAN card if attached with the affidavit will help in the easy completion of the process.

To assist with improving the system some websites handle the coordination for a birth certificate. They also provide a lot of information about the process for people who want to go through it. A dedicated target under Goal 16 of the Sustainable Development goals aims to provide legal identity for all, including birth registration, by 2030.

Interesting facts about foreign passports

There are several requirements when applying for a passport, and these are regarding the submitting of specific documents, the design and requirements, when clicking pictures, and, generally, the right thanks to fill out the forms.

While all the appliance forms for getting a passport are available at the State level passport office, applicants need to fill them out correctly. the small print added to the shape need to match the supporting documents and certificates provided, otherwise, they might delay the appliance process. 

An equivalent rules apply to the passport process when it's being done through the passport website, which needs applicants to upload scans of their supporting documents.

India currently has the third-largest number of passports issued round the world with only the us and China having a better number. These numbers do add up since China features a larger population than India.

What is the foremost convenient thanks to apply for and receive a passport?
With the Ministry of External Affairs improved the system for people to use for passports and moving to a web platform, tons more people have begun the passport application process. 

While Indian nationals are the sole people that can apply for Indian passports, people round the world can use the web site to coordinate with the passport authorities. Although the method is taken online to the best extent, the applicants still needed to travel to the passport office to urge their fingerprints scanned.

Passports are usually sent to the address mentioned within the forms, therefore the applicant doesn't need to pick them up from the office. this is often only done after completing all the document checks and police verification.

Some interesting facts about country leaders and passport applications

Presidents and their immediate families are among the officials who receive diplomatic passports which permit them visa-free entry into many countries. In some countries just like the us, this is often taken a step further with the President given a diplomatic passport for all times, and it remains valid even once they leave the office.

The uk, on the opposite hand, has slightly different rules. Queen Elizabeth doesn't require a passport since she issues all British passports in her name, so she just has got to say that she is that the Queen. However, the remainder of the royalty still need one to travel abroad.

Other than adding something significant a few country on the front of the passport, tons of nations add facts about their culture or heritage to the insides of the passports also.

If you shine a UV-A light under the Norwegian passport, it lights up with the northern lights that the country is documented for, but Norway isn’t the sole country with a stimulating passport.

Under UV-A light, the Canadian passport displays the country’s major landmarks, while rock bottom right-hand corner of the Finnish passport features a drawing of a moose that becomes animated once you flip through the pages.

What is senior citizens card and the way to use for it?

A senior citizens card is documentation provided by the govt to profit the older section of our country with various added advantages. The senior citizens in India sometimes haven't any solid source of earning, this card comes as a bane in such situations, providing economical support to old people. 

A particular limit is about to enjoy the advantages of senior citizens card i.e. 60 years or above. Age proof may be a compulsory document that has got to be submitted for verification of eligibility of a private applying.

What is the method of applying for senior citizens card?

It has to be taken into consideration that senior citizens card comes under government duties. The oldster card is provided by the bulk of states in India. the appliance procedure depends on the standards set by the government. the principles also vary from state to state.

The process of applying for senior citizens card has been brought online to form it simple and hassle-free. Old people usually face problems in browsing tedious processes. They get tired easily. Standing in long queues seem ruthless for his or her age. 

 Bringing the entire process of applying online has erased of these difficulties successfully. Now with a couple of clicks, it's possible to use for senior citizens card, from home.

How to apply?

Every state has different applications procedures. during this article, the method of applying for senior citizens card in Delhi is explained intimately.

          The initial and most vital step is to go to the web portal of , so as to use for senior citizens card.
          On opening the web portal, an option appears on the screen for logging in. an individual can log in by clicking thereon option, by entering username and password, if have already got one.
          For people that don’t have an account on the official portal, they need to check in first.
          An individual is meant to enter their mobile number also because the date of birth. Press the submit choice to continue.
          The form has got to be filled in with all the knowledge requested. the small print must be true for information.
          After completing the entire process successfully, the person is meant to verify their documents.


There is no application fees or any quite charges for applyin for a senior citizens card. This service is freed from cost in Delhi. a person older than 60 years aged can apply for this card to enjoy various economical benefits.

The oldster card is merely issued after proper verification of all the documents. this is often to avoid any cases of fraud.

How to reach out for help?

To help the old people further with the entire application process for senior citizens card, various officials are employed. The guidance services are provided on-call, toll-free. Sometimes the web procedure is confusing for old people. This help option resolves their doubts helping them in numerous ways.
For Senior Citizen Card Form please click here.

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