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Senior citizens card may be a card employed to old people in India by the government to enhance their welfare. The aim is to supply an honest quality of life to those that don’t have any longer energy to figure. 

There are many aged people that haven't any source of income or pension in their old-age. The oldster card comes as a savior for of these people. a substantial economic restraint is faraway from the shoulders of old people. There are many benefits like tax relaxation, medical scheme’s, reduced fair of airways and railways etc.

Senior citizens card is important in many nations to enjoy the advantages given to older people. This card is issued following different processes in several nations, however, the essential steps remain an equivalent everywhere. to assist older section of society various toll-free helpline services also are in action.

What is KSRTC?

KSRTC is additionally referred to as Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation. this is often a government handled association of transportation services. It comes under the services of the government of Karnataka, India. This state government-controlled corporation holds the most important Volvo buses fleet as compared to the other state in India

Status of senior citizens card in KSRTC

Karnataka government and Karnataka State Road Transport corporation have made it easier for senior citizens to travel. they need decided to prevent distribution of any new senior citizens cards to the old section of society as of the year 2018. 
They need made the method of receiving the advantages of adulthood much simpler than senior citizens card. Now any valid identity proof provided by the govt are often wont to avail the discounts on travelling services in Karnataka.
According to KSRTC, the people that are older than 60 years aged can avail a reduction of 25% while traveling. this will be done by showing any of the government-approved card as age proof like driver’s license, aadhar card, passport, voter’s ID etc.

The identity proof which is issued by PSU is additionally valid. PSU is additionally referred to as public sector undertakings which usually falls under the control of union government.

The identity issued by PSU must contain the date of birth of the individual, the oldster directorate ID or welfare of disabled ID, the year of birth, along side photographs of the oldster to be considered as a legitimate proof, for availing the travelling discount by the oldster without senior citizens card.

Some facts:

●The state-wise data shows Kerala holds the very best population of senior citizens in India. this is often followed closely by Goa and Tamil Nadu.
●Prevalence of heart condition in old people is higher. the medical benefits of senior citizens card are very useful.
●The dependency rate in India on adulthood has climbed upwards from 10.9% in 1961 to 14.2% in 2011.

A wide chain of 37 passport offices of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, across the country handles the issuing and distribution of the Indian Passport along side the 180 Indian embassies and consulates established abroad. 

This document may be a necessity because it is an card for people to be identified as Indian citizen by birth or by the method of naturalization by the Passport Act, 1967. it's essentially required for those that wish to visit foreign lands either for education, tourism, medical assistance, to determine a business, family visits or pilgrimage.

Types of Passport:

The Passport Seva Kendra issues two different sorts of passports to individuals applying for the Passport. they're as follows:

Ordinary Passport: Ordinary Passport is issued to individuals for general purposes like travelling abroad or for business trips abroad. this type of Passport are often issued and employed by any general individual.

Diplomatic Passport: it's a passport issued to the individuals who are going outside for a few official purpose or duties given by their country. These are generally for sensitive purposes.

How to apply for Indian Passport?

Earlier the passport application process for a passport was a tedious task which is now reduced to a way simpler way through the utilization of a web portal. the web portal makes the method faster.

The steps involved are the following:

Government has made available the Passport Seva app and Passport Seva website to supply an form for the passport application.

The first step is to register on the web portal. After registration, subsequent step is to log in using the user id and password
The option of applying for fresh passport/ renewal of Passport reflects on the screen. Click on apply for brand spanking new passport option.

The application form appears on the screen during which all the required details has got to be filled as needed.
The next step is to seem for and choose the “pay and schedule appointment” option. this feature is out there under the saved application option.

After the successful payment by the payment portal, the appointment date has got to be selected. ARN has got to be noted down, which is an application reference number for future references. the appliance has got to be printed.

The next steps involve getting to the office face to face with original documents for his or her verification. a private has got to attend RPO ( regional passport office) or PSK ( Passport Seva Kendra) on the date of appointment.

Documents required:

Passport form
Proof of address
Proof of date of birth
Documentary proof for anybody of the known-ECR categories

Charges to be paid

The amount to be paid differs supported the amount of pages within the booklet and supported a replacement application of Passport or renewal.

The new Passport costs Rs.1500 just in case of 36 pages booklet. the value is Rs.2000  for 60 pages.

The renewal of Passport for 36 pages booklet costs Rs.3500 whereas for a booklet of 60 pages it costs Rs.4000.

Time required

The process usually takes less time and may be a hassle-free approach. This makes it easier for a private to urge a replacement passport issued. The visit to PSK ( PassportSeva Kendra) just takes a couple of hours. 

The Passport is then posted to the postal address of the individuals after 10-15 days when it’s perfectly working and prepared. a private is required to pay a payment amount of Rs.300-500 for the passport cover counting on the sort of canopy chosen.

Applying for a certificate online and therefore the issues with  it.

Applying for a web certificate are often an excellent help for people that have some online knowledge and know their way around an internet site. consistent with a survey conducted in 2004, across India, the Registrar issued 20 million birth certificates. 

Although the govt has done its best to simplify the whole process, it doesn't appear to be getting a web certificate is sort of there yet. they need even gone a step further and added prompts and tutorials on the web site to help with the method hoping that folks will use this as a chance to find out to use the web site rather than just avoidance and getting their certificates online.

What are the most reasons behind creating the website?

There were multiple reasons why the govt went ahead and created a web platform for people to use for his or her birth certificate. a number of the most ones are
●When handling getting the certificate at the offices of the Registrar of Births and Deaths, the method was taking an excessive amount of time, with long queues and too many of us.
●People travelled to the office whenever that they had a question  since the phone lines weren't always functional in order that they couldn't call in to urge it answered.
●Small issues just like the supporting documents or the proper forms needed a call since they didn’t have access to the present information, which usually entailed multiple trips to the office to submit the forms.
●Many stayed faraway from handling the method since it had been too tedious, so to extend the amount of individuals applying for and receiving their birth certificates, the govt thought an internet site would be ideal.
●Other than registering for a certificate, the Registrar allowed people to form changes like name changes, fixing errors or typos on the certificate or maybe applying for duplicate certificates.
What were the problems faced with the web interface?

The online certificate portal didn't affect the whole process, and in the least points, it coordinated with the Registrar. the first purpose was to scale back the amount of individuals coming to the office regularly, and in many places, it solved that issue. 
Most of the Indian states that were quite urban, like Maharashtra, Hyderabad, Karnataka, among others, found that tons of the people were using the web site, with the most important numbers coming from there. However, the remainder of the country, with a huge rural population, just couldn't seem to handle an equivalent.

Some additional reasons for this might be:

●People weren't educated enough to handle such a process and didn't understand how the web  worked properly
●Rural India didn't have the right technology whether that's computers or proper internet connections
●Most of the people there didn't see the advantage of applying for and receiving a certificate.
●Since most births were handled reception, they didn't plow ahead with applying for a certificate.

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