Sunday, September 13, 2020

Aiming for Organic Growth Media for your Plants

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If you're one of those plantitas or plantitos or plant mom's and dads, you probably already know that successful gardening also mean having the best growth media for your plants, whether ornamental or veggies.

I recently bought the soilless package of carbonized & non-carbonized rice hull and the coco peat at 20-25 kilos each per sack all for 1k only from Earth's Harvest. I was lucky that they had a spare set while they were doing their deliveries within our area so they were able to bring me one set on the same day I sent an SMS. I initially sent a message on their Facebook page but there was no reply, so I texted them instead on their mobile number posted online.

But I still need to have garden soil and vermicasts to complete the mix. I could also add some of my compost, then mix with some Fermented Plant Juice, Fermented Fruit Juice, Fish Amino Acid and Calphos. Are the coffee grounds, grinded egg shells, sliced banana peels, "hugas-bigas", MSG, etc., they add as fertilizer or growth stimulants, effective or not? I have used all except MSG....and my plants are doing great.

A licensed agriculturist recommends that for growth media, 1 part ordinary garden soil, 1 part vermicompost or manure and 1 part coco coir dust or carbonized rice hull. Soil, manure or vermicompost should be sifted. Add LABS or IMO po for beneficial microorganisms if you are aiming for organic growth media.

Labs is Lactic Acid Bacteria Serum. IMO is Indigenous Micro Organism. Now you have to research separately on how to either buy or create DIY these microbial inoculants. You could also opt for EMAS or Effective Microorganism Activated Solution, and JMS or Jadam Microorganism Solution. These are useful for bokashi, whether it's anaerobic or aerobic.

Bokashi is a Technique/Technology from Japan means "Fermented Organic Materials"

Anaerobic is made with using Sealed container and longer process of Fermentation (at Least 1 Month) - long life span

Aerobic is made with open area without using container for Fermentation (at Least 7 days) - short life span

Other options to use are Fermented Plant Juice (FPJ) , Fermented Fruit Juice (FFJ)
Fish Amino Acid (FAA). These are basically adding molasses or sugar to plants, fruits, and fishes, respectively, and fermenting them.

There are several videos on YouTube to learn how to create them but you just need to know the amount per ingredient to mix the said concoctions....and some gardening supplies shops sell them too if you have money to spend.

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