Sunday, June 16, 2013

Revelatory Vacation at Home

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What is summer? It is a season where every one gets a vacation and travels away from home. But for me, it is a "two-months" rest at home, recovering from the intense drama of the last days of school and the time of requitals of parents who wants to bother their child by doing tons of household chores and unnecessary tasks. What did I do last summer?

During summer, I forced myself to become productive. On April 1, it is when we were allowed to acquire our report cards and enrollment forms. On that same day, it is also the birthday of our friend, Isabelle. I felt happiness and at the same time, I was crazy. I was able to ride the actual back ride and I consider it as the silliest thing I had ever done. Few days later, we welcomed by our adviser in her home and I went home afterwards while my classmates went to see the renovated Rainforest Park.

On April 10, it was the start of our review for our college entrance test. I was surprised to see our neighbor which were going to have summer classes and our former classmate in elementary. The most unforgettable thing that happened that day was seeing a terrible typographical error of my name. How come my name became "Dianna". I found it amusing though I should have felt insulted. On that same day, it was my sister's graduation.

On April 17, it was the day of our enrollment and I was so exhausted with dealing with my stubborn mother. She kept on reprimanding me to calm down while I was experiencing extreme hunger. Few days later, I received a call from the ID maker to clarify things. Martha and I talked about it the next day. We ended our review on April 25 or 26 and it was the start of my boring summer.

Though "envy" is one of the mortal sins, I envy my sister because she has it all. She is the reason why we were able to celebrate occasions in such expensive restaurants namely BonChon and Tramway. I always thought that she is out parents' favorite because they always compare her over me and takes her side when there is conflict between us. We celebrated her birthday. Though we did not celebrate our eldest dog's birthday, I am happy that she is still alive despite of her weak senses.

During the month of May, many things happened. On the 10th, we celebrated my brother's birthday at home. After a few days, my father's arowana died and I was asked by my mother to dig its grave. You should have seen how I worked hard and I had not been taken care by my mother inspite of my burnt-out look. Later on that day, my mother and sister went to Maybunga Elementary School to vote for the 2013 Election. May is also the month when my brother started his swimming training and I come with them when I'm in the mood.

For me, this month is sweatful, if there is even such word. I forced myself to do yoga and pilates. I spent several hours doing most of them and I would only stop until someone gets mad at me. I enjoyed every session but I always take a break which I think is improper to do. My favorite pilates instructor is Cassie Ho with her fun pop workouts in youtube. I find it embarrassing to write this kind of topic wherein I describe how exercising affects me. Honestly, I had lost 5 kilos and I am feeling lighter.

I had always visited the site of University of the Philippines so I can prepare what course I will take. UP is my dream school and I am feeling excited to take the exam because I have read different tips from UPCAT passer whenever I got bored. I also watched dramas like Koizara, Missing You, You are the Best, Flower Boy Next Door and Dating Agency: Cyrano. I cried my eyes out upon watching Missing You and my father was surprised to see me at that kind of state.

Can't you imagine your first love being taken away without you noticing it while she is carrying a huge grudge over you. It made my heart break thus crying all over and over. My favorite KPop girl group, SNSD's Sooyoung had her first drama wherein she is the protagonist in the story. I was so excited and up until now, I am still waiting for the next episode to air.

I may not have cited everything I did last summer but I believe, even though I stayed at home during vacation, I did something productive anyway. I am not fond of taking pictures of everything but I will always remember what I had experienced. I felt almost every emotion last summer. I felt depressed because of the way everyone acts towards me. I felt happy because I know to myself that I am unique and I could always find someone who can understand me. I felt butterflies in my stomach because of the stories I have read in wattpad. I felt excited because there would be a day less in waiting for something to happen. I am looking forward to my next summer vacation.

Contributed by Daniella Sumagaysay

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  1. I can say that you spent your summer productive with those stuffs. Its good to know that you focus your summer in reading books which you can learn a lot of lessons. I like your summer bc I am also a Kpop fan. I spent summer watching korean dramas and movies thats why i am so much relate to ur article:)) goodluck to your upcat!~


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