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The COCC Summer Program and a Summer-ful of Great Experience

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I remember waking up on my bed and I peeked in my phone to check the time. The screen displayed 11:17 am. I threw my hands in the air and screamed" YES! It's the start of summer vacation!" Of course, I only screamed inside my head. Anyway. I was very happy because I just can feel the feeling that all the 'stress' just drain away in my body. I was not force to wake up 5 o'clock in the morning for school! Hell no! It's summer vacation already! My mind was set to wake up only in early afternoon for the rest of the summer. I just got excited because I can relax and totally enjoy the summer.

But there's one big thing that bothers me that morning. It's because it's 5 days away before the classes will resume again.

My happy summer vacation actually happened 5-days before the classes will resume again. Now for the rest of my summer, it was not a "vacation" at all. But it was a happy one. And a very memorable one. :)

Even before the summer to officially began, I already had plans ahead. Plans I need to accomplished. I am happy about this because, at least, I have something to do in summer.

One of this was to attend a review classes for the UPCAT. My mom found this certain review center in a website. The price was higher compared to the one offered in our school. But I have taken it since I believe it pays the quality. Anyway, it was the Brain-Train review center!. It is in Taguig City and the classes starts at 8am and ends at 3:20pm. So for my first day of review classes, I must wake up 4:30am. Because my hometown was far away from my review center.

For our first day, they gave us our Manual Books. It contains discussions and quizzes for different kinds of lessons.

The teachers were really cool and fun. I learned lots of stuff from them. They made me commit and settle my mind to aim and target only and only UP because it is the best. One thing I won't forget about them was all the jokes they told us inside the classroom. Ha ha. Anyway.

It was a little scary in the first day of my review classes because I am all by myself. As far as I know I was the only Pascian student who enrolled there. So that means, all my classmates in the review classes were all new faces. I was assigned in a section where all of us belongs to a science-orientated school, and It was a good thing I think. After 4 meetings, I finally have friends. They are from Pasay Science, Makati Science, and Cayetano Science from Taguig City, and many more.

Brain-Train classmates

I learned the things they do and the comparison from my school. It was a very fine and fun journey. There's a lot that I don't know about them that I didn't expect. They also said about what is C.A.T. inside their school. I learned that in some of them, C.A.T in their school was only a community service. While others, the C.A.T. was removed. And the rest, they told me it was fun. I also told them what is C.A.T. to our school. Since I belong to it.

I spent most of my summer to the C.O.C.C. Summer Program. But not all of it.We are required to attend this Cadet Officer Candidacy Course Summer Program for us to become an officer for the next school year. With my fellow buddies, our summer must be really stressful. Because we filled our schedule with meetings instead of just staying at home.

But I think, that was the best part! This awesome people are my companion for the rest of the hot days. We often meet to discuss about certain things, to jog together, to work out together, to talk about stuffs, to have a picture taken, or sometimes just to watch a movie. And of course, for the Summer Program.

Watching a movie with fellow buddies

 Picture take in a photo studio

After the swimming

After the swimming

After watching a movie

While watching a movie

The whole Summer Program really rocks and made my summer. But it was all a mystery and must be kept untold. Finally, after the whole program. We celebrated the summer with a great splash. We felt that all our hard work and sacrifices are for the good. After restless days, we knew we are champions and we made through it all. I also guess we are the only one who share this feelings and thoughts we have this very moment. It was a very memorable time because I knew that things have and will change forevermore.

Class Masidlak :)

After that, I knew what my section was for the next school year and met my new classmates.

This is where I end my summer and where I start my 5 days summer vacation.

I remember waking up on my bed and I peeked in my phone to check the time. This time the screen displayed 4:30 am instead of 11:17am. I threw my hands in the air, but not to scream. But to stretch and yawn in the cold morning. I can feel my cold face and must have been pale. I bow down and pray. I was very happy that morning. But this time, it is not because I am feeling all the 'stress' just drain away in my body. But because I made a very great journey. A journey I'll always remember. A summer that is full of faith, hopes and dreams.

I filled up my journal with the best things that happened in my summer. And at last, I can finally say that Summer ends here and SENIOR YEAR STARTS HERE.

~Time to close the book. :)

Contributed by: Mary Erestain

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  1. Honestly, I envy the alumni CAT Officers because they experienced having summer training. They spent one of their summer vacations “unforgettably” with their buddies. I think having summer training is the most important part of being an aspiring CAT Officer. Why? Because in 5-day training, here we can prove how strong are we, not only in physical aspects but also how strong our minds in dealing with different circumstances we may encounter in our lives. This will give you honor and leadership traits that a respectable CAT Officer has. And yes, after a year of being an aspiring CAT Officer, here I am! An adjutant! Thanks to Class Masidlak CAT Officers for being good officers to us.


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