Tuesday, June 18, 2013

All Hands Beach Resort and Zoobic Safari in Subic : An Alluring Experience on a Summer Paradise

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Whenever I hear summer, I always think of it as a stress reliever. Students like me are always looking forward on having a break such as summer. This year, my friends and I went to Subic, Zambales. We went to All-Hands beach resort and Zoobic Safari.

It was my second time in Subic but the view still took my breath away. The calmness of the sea and the warm smile of the people augmented the relaxing factor of this place. This beach also has beautiful white sand which makes it more alluring. I prefer to stay in beaches like this because it’s not crowded and it’s not noisy. Some beaches are made for partying but everytime I have my summer getaway, I want to spend it on a quiet and relaxing place.

We swam in the blue and deep water of the sea. We also experienced riding on a banana boat where four to six people get to ride on an inflatable banana boat and a high speed jet ski will pull the banana boat around at a high speed . It was a lot fun; I consider it as a highlight of my summer getaway.

We stayed in for the night and the day after, we went to Zoobic Safari. We rode on a van for us to be able to look around because walking around isn’t safe because most of the animals are not in a cage; they are free to move around. The main attraction of this place is the tigers.  Tigers are very majestic type of animals; normal people rarely see them especially here in our country. That’s what makes this place more exciting than other zoos that I have been to.

It was my first time to visit Zoobic Safari that’s why I was very excited when the tour started. First we went to lots of museums where animal remains were preserved and displayed. Then we toured around and we saw Camels and boars wandering around. We saw ostriches too, but these ostriches are rather aggressive, when we were about to pass their location, one ostrich started to run and chase our van. We had to speed up so that the ostrich won’t catch up with us.

Next part is a tour where tigers live. Tigers are known to be wild so we had to ride another vehicle with barred window for protection. We have a bucket of chicken for the tigers; we were able to feed them! 

It was fun for me because I am a very adventurous person but it was terrifying for my other friends. 

We also had a close encounter with tigers. There is an aisle between two cages of tigers facing each other, we walked on the aisle and had a chance to observe the tigers closely. It was a lot of fun but we were asked to be cautious because there are times when tigers piss on people; we were told that the odor of a tiger’s urine lasts for weeks.

That was the highlight of my summer vacation but I spent most of my time sleeping, eating and sitting in front of my computer doing nothing productive. I admit that I wasn’t able to use my time wisely but I think it’s a summer well spent.

We all crave for summer vacations and other breaks. We want it to last forever but at the end of the day, we still have to go back to reality and face the struggles in our lives.

Contributed by: Roma C. Aguirre

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  1. This is really great :) In summer vacation, people usually stay at home or go to the beach and pools. Instead, you go to Zoobic safari which I think is very cool. It adds more of "adventorous" part in your summer. Overall, your article is really good including the pictures shown. No errors in sentence and paragraph too.


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