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Poctoy White Beach in Marinduque : Push the Summer! Full Power!

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“What time is it? Summertime! It’s our vacation. What time is it? Party time! That’s right, say it loud. What time is it? Time of our lives, anticipation. What time is it? Summertime! School’s out. Scream and shout “, a song from High School Musical. Summer is a season where we can do various things after the school period and move away temporarily from the problems we are experiencing. It is the time to relax and enjoy the days we couldn’t do during the work days. People have different ways and styles to have fun in summer.

First week of summer, I’m just surfing the net, watched television and eat bunch of foods until me and my mother decided to have a little yet productive summer job for me where I sold sandwiches and coolers and I earned a lot from it. Thanks to my dad who provided me money to start my business.

Month of April, my family and I went to Marinduque, our hometown, to celebrate the 50th birthday of my dad in Poctoy White Beach.

We Marinduqueños give a special treatment for the one who celebrates their birthday or to welcome our guest, we it called Putong or Tubong, a traditional song wishing them to have good health, good luck and long life. The sun was brightly shining causing me to become darker, I hate this part but still it’s fun because I’m with the whole clan. We also visited my grandfather in Suha.

After that we went back to Manila because the following day was my enrollment to school. I got hangover! After the enrollment, I didn’t do much, why? Because I still had hangover from the vacation trip in Marinduque. Surprisingly, my cousins visited us and do various things. When they left, I just continued my mini business until the last day of the month, how sad.

Month of May, we did a lot of things in this month. We had a road trip from Manila to Pangasinan and it was fun. In Tarlac, a restaurant called Isdaan caught our eyes because of giant statues of Buddha where it looked like we were in Thailand. We didn’t eat on that place but we took pictures as remembrance.


We went to Manaoag Shrine to give thanks on what we have and to wish on what we want and when we came out of the shrine I became annoyed because of the importunate vendors who wanted me to buy their souvenirs.

Going back home, one of the tires of the car blew up while we were crossing the NLEX. Good thing my cousin have reserved tire. While he was fixing the damage, my other cousin and I took pictures on the highway. It was dangerous but we make fun of it.

On the next day, my cousin from Qatar, arrived on our home telling us who what to have a part two vacation in Marinduque and I raised my hand. Yes! Back again in Marinduque. I forgot to say that we stay on my aunt’s house. We had adventurous last two weeks of vacation. We had spelunking or caving in a newly discovered cave in Bonliw.


The stalagmites and stalactites were impressive and different animals live in that place. The next day, many fiestas occurred, well, we eat a lot. The next day again, we went to Maniwaya Island for the first time but before we reached it, we rode a jeep where me and my cousins were sitting on the top of the jeep. Then we sailed with a boat and the waves were fine. The crystal clear water and fine sand welcome us. I swim and swim until I became tired and then I collected seashells for my designs for my upcoming projects. I walked around the shoreline of the island and I saw how simple the people live here.

After that in the same day, we decided to visit the tomb of my grandfather, grandmother and my auntie. We prayed for them and sing a birthday song for my grandfather because the next day was his birthday.

We left Marinduque packed with unforgettable memories.

Don’t forget what we do during summer because memories will stay on us and it will be a remembrance of our past until our last breath. #pushthesummerfullpower #itsmorefuninmarinduque

Contributed by Franz Angelo Palmero

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