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Polident Gives You Healthy Life in Every Bite

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With all the junk food and so called "fast food" available everywhere and in every corner and almost everywhere you look, one can't help but wonder if the eating habits of Filipinos will ever be improved. But sadly, there is a need to go horribly fast especially in the busy business or commercial community of the Metro.

Unless you're the business owner or an executive of the company, such busy schedules forces us to succumb to buying quick and less quality food. It also makes us want to hurriedly eat fast with monster-like chewing that we both damage our teeth in the process and do not properly digest our food due to huge chunks coming in making it a great effort for our digestive system to deteriorate our food. What us worst is for the senior citizens who are wearing dentures. They can't afford to eat fast due to the worry that their false teeth may slip or dislocate while they're chewing on their food.
Old age sometimes becomes a burden when our physical abilities of yesteryears has diminished into a weak physical state. This includes our previously stromg teeth which most of us may have lost one by one due to decay, and replaces by dentures to keep up appearances.

Do you want to stay more productive , and athletic even if you are on the sunset of your life. It’s happy to know and be known that there is one brand and medications that help maintain life in its maximum level.

She used to be the most energetic and lively person in the world, but gradually, your mom started to look tired and fatigued. She used to love cooking Sunday lunches for the family, tirelessly laboring in the kitchen to serve her specialty Kare-Kare. Now, Sunday lunch is a rare occurrence, and during the times it happens, your family would just order take-out food.

Your dad used to be the “athlete” in the family. He used to play Tennis, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, basketball on Tuesday and Thursday and Golf on Saturday. On top of that, he had an 8-5 workday. He used to be the busiest man, but now, it seems that he has lost his zest for life and has transformed into a couch potato.

Sounds familiar? One need not look far to encounter issues such as these. It’s a common scene across families and with loved ones. These are just some symptoms of the unrecognized health issue amongst the elderly, which may arise from improper nutrition.

One major factor why it remains an unrecognized health issue is because we normally assume that as long as a person eats and exercises regularly, he/she is naturally healthy and not malnourished. But the truth is, a proper diet and food absorption is key to being a healthy.

Studies show that the proper mastication of our food is a major contributing factor on whether we properly absorb its nutrients. While for most of us, chewing is not a major concern, 28% of the population may have trouble chewing their food because they are either toothless or are wearing dentures.

And simply having dentures is not enough. ‘A lot of denture users are not aware that there is a proper way of wearing it. It’s not enough that it fits, it has to fit properly”, says Dr. Nunez, DMD, RDT. “This is because an ill-fitting denture will prevent a person from properly chewing their food, thus the body will not absorb the nutrient that it needs which may lead to an undiagnosed case of malnutrition.” More so, if a denture is ill-fitting, the denture wearer will usually avoid foods that are challenging to eat such as nuts, fruits and vegetables.

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