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Baguio City : Fun and Horror in the City of Pines

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A city situated on top of vast and glorious mountain constantly kissed by the clouds, Baguio City is known for its cool climate and picturesque sceneries. Baguio is certainly one of the greatest places to escape the summer heat of Manila. It is a very relieving and relaxing escape from the intense tropical weather in the Philippines.

People herd the streets of Baguio City and its famous tourist attractions. Contrary to the beliefs of most people, Baguio City can offer more than a horseback ride or a rowing trip on Burnham Lake.

However, not many people see Baguio in the same light because it has been stereotyped by advertisements which really are unaware of the city’s true majesty.

We started our three-hour trip (supposedly six-hour trip) aboard in a Victory Liner bus. It was 2 in the morning when we started our journey. Anticipated as always, I stayed awake the whole trip. We arrived around 5 in the morning in the Supreme Court Compound, where we are invited and welcomed to stay. I planned to sleep the rest of the morning, but my well-slept, active vacation-mates prohibited me from doing so by leading everyone else to start the vacation tour early. I was completely sleep deprived by that time, yet I was forced by my empty stomach to go to our first destination, The Diner’s Restaurant.

After filling up our vacant stomachs, we went down to numerous destinations in Baguio City, which is too many to detail out (also, I forgot the sequence of our trips). I went through the whole day, sleep deprived and it was a real challenge for me to stay awake and active to show my family and their friends that I am enjoying the tour, since the place is metaphorically in front of a gigantic air conditioner set to cold. I ended the day with another interesting experience.

I was so hungry for sleep after our tour so I slept as early as 4 pm. I thought It was a good choice, but later I figured out it wasn’t. I soon recognized the two faces of Baguio City, the extravagant face of the Baguio day, and the horrifying face of the Baguio night. I went very early to bed resulting to an early wake in midnight. I went out of the bed, uncaring of the time, heading for the comfort room. I was in the middle of a “relaxing ritual” when sudden and consecutive banging was heard from the basement which is in pitch black of darkness due to its vacancy.

I ran back to bed to obscure my fear when my dad scolded me; “Ano ba yan at ang ingay mo naman!” He actually think I was the one creating the noise and we were the only ones awake by that time, I was so terrified that night that I wished I could manually bring daylight back. We had tons of creepy experiences in the house like when the blinds just went a sudden shake after we enter the place for the first time and the light automatically switching off in the basement (claimed by my aunt). . After the trip my dad also mentioned that he saw a young boy in pure white, peeking through the window of house situated diagonally across from ours, which my aunt (the one who facilitated our stay) claimed that it was left vacant for years.

After everything that happened, I can proudly claim that our vacation on Baguio City is truly my best summer experience.

Baguio City, The place of relaxation, enjoyment, fun and HORROR! (all statements above are TRULY based on my experience.

Contributed by Reinelle Jan Bugnot

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