Monday, June 17, 2013

Spending Time with Family Is the Most Meaningful

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For me, summer vacation doesn’t means that you need an expensive vacation like going to the beach, hanging out with your friends in the mall, travelling outside our country, or etc.

For me vacation is the only moment where you can spend your precious time with your family in 2 months. Because I think the 10 months of spending your time in your school is also like spending your time with your friends especially when you’re out doing some projects and in that way, you and your friends somehow bond together that’s why it’s enough for me to spend my 2 months vacation with my family together with my UPCAT review.

I also admit that summer vacation is the one that I have been waiting for this year.

In 2 months many things can happen, like you can make closer bonds with your parents, siblings, and other relatives that’s why I really give much importance in that given chance that I can spend time with my family. The chance where I can spend the times when I’m not with them especially that most of the times I’m in the school. I really value the times that I’m with my family, because I can’t repeat those memories of mine again.

Every time I think about the word “vacation” all I can remember is my vacation this year 2013. Me and my family celebrated vacation in a gathering in a restaurant. It is an all-in-one celebration because we also celebrated Mother’s day, the birthday of my grandmother and of course a very special kind of a reunion every summer vacation. 

In that simple yet memorable gathering I learned that time is the most precious gift that I can give to my family and friends. That day I realized how lucky I am to be with them. I know that their smiles in their faces can’t be replaced by luxury or money.

By the way, I also spent my vacation reviewing for the UPCAT in a review center in Sacred Heart Academy of Pasig. The review program started last May 15, 2013 and ended May 28, 2013. There I met a schoolmate of mine from Pasig City Science High School. I also met those who are in other schools. I am glad that students from other schools are so kind to me even though we do not really know each other very well. I’m also glad that I make many good friends.

I'm really happy that I have an experience of kind of vacation like that. I’m really looking forward to my next summer vacation. I hope that my next summer vacation will be that of my summer vacation this 2013 or I hope that my next summer vacation will be happier than the one I have. I also wish that everyone will also share their most memorable summer vacation.

Contributed by: Belle Angelica Rolle

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  1. I agree that the most precious gift that we can give to our family was our time.Im touched because I’m like that too, in the sense of all my time in vacation was with them.Im happy too because we make our vacation the most memorable summer. Great Job!

  2. Some people tend to give unnecessary things in order to compensate for the time they didn't share with his/her family. The people around us might leave us after they got what they needed from us, but our family will remain golden no matter how long time passed by. They will always be there for us even if we went mad.

    So, I salute the writer for choosing to spend her summer days with her family.


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