Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Aroma Beach Resort in Aklan : Hidden Paradise…Undiscovered Gem.... Family Outing Is Best


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Have you ever been to the beaches in the province of Aklan those with fine sands, clear water, and also some beautiful Rest houses? Often when people will hear the word “Aklan” and the beach, they’ll always think its Boracay but how about their other beaches, isn’t also as beautiful as Boracay. (Look at the picture above)

This undiscovered gem that I’ve found to be our hidden paradise is where my family and I spent our Family Outing during the summer. It is called The Aroma Beach Resort. It really is so wonderful that even if I am having some problems about some private matters, I completely forgot about it. I don’t whether it is because of the place or maybe just because I am spending it happily with my family. But I’m pretty sure the ambiance of the place helps it.

Our timing is pretty great because we’re given the chance to take so many silhouette pictures. (Samples below)
I really like this picture. I don't know why. But maybe because it's the photo of my own.
my sister
My younger sister doing her favorite jump.
my brothers
These are my brothers. The so-called Escalera Brothers. I really love this guys. I bond with them most of the time rather than my sister. People call me 'Tomboy' because of that.
my sister and I
My sister and I doing a side-by-side pic.

Our family enjoyed it, especially my brothers. We took so many pictures that actually filled up the camera’s memory.

One of my sibling is not here, the youngest among us. We tried to form a star but unfortunately it's not that perfect.

Before, I don’t actually know on how I will spend my summer. I always think that my summer this year will be boring because we always pay a visit on that place. I don’t know whether I made the right decision to come to our province because I was actually begging for my mother to left me on our house a week before our flight. I beg because I want to attend some important matters and I also do believe that that important matter will be so much fun. But now, I realize that nothing can really beat the times you can spend with your family. Summer is the only time we can really spend the time completely with our family. Admit it or not you really don’t spend your time with your family during Saturdays because most of us will cram about our assignments or Projects to be submitted on Mondays. It is the times were you’ve got the chance to visit some mesmerizing places and be happy. But I hope that even if we can’t come to this kind place we can still have the kind of happiness our family felt. That even if we are just in our home we can still be happy and fill our minds with happy memories because “Life is short” we should learn to value those people around us by spending time with them. Time is the greatest gift that we could give to our family. It can’t be bought in the market. It can only be given and added with happy memories.

I’ve been to a hidden paradise… an undiscovered gem… and I’ve spent it with my family… that makes our family outing the best.

Contributed By: Kate Anthonette L. Lilang

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