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Xtreme Magic Sing : Extreme Birit for an Extreme Deal

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Hey, who doesn't love singing? Fellow blogger Rodel can attest to the fact that it gives us extreme joy to be able to confidently impress even ourselves as we hear our much-improved singing voice thru the amazing power of the Xtreme Magic Sing brand.

Even if we're not really good belting out like the pros and celebrity "birits", I am betting my entire fortune that each and everyone of us would like to sing our hearts out even just one of the latest tunes that we hear in the radio, or from what we see in the television. If we don't really know the entire lyrics, I'm sure we are familiar with just the chorus, or we hum out the song unknowingly.

It's a fact that many Filipinos consider singing as one of the national past times here in the Philippines. The videoke or karaoke became popular in the country because we really enjoy hearing our voices, and we don't really care if the neighbors curses us for playing the speakers out loud for everyone to hear.

"Kahit sintunado pa, tuloy ang ligaya" because there's something awesome about our singing voice sang out loud via our powerful amplified speakers especially when we sing using Xtreme Magic Sing.

I never knew fellow blogger Myrna could sing confidently in front of a large crowd, but when you are with friends there's really that added confidence and comfort knowing you will be forgiven if you sang out of tune.

Good for her asking for a duet, at least we will never really know who made the mistake of singing the wrong lyrics or losing her breath from the high notes.

Coincidentally, the song they sang was entitled "Breathless" but I think she never ran out of breath while singing the song...hehehe

Xtreme Magic Sing has somehow been magically turning even a simple and ordinary voice into something more spectacular. I've been a user since my school days and it never fails to impress me on what it can do. My classmates, friends, barkada, relatives and everyone else that visits our home never fail to enjoy singing with this incredible gadget that has revolutionized videoke.

And now they have technically improved an already successful product into something more majestic with their now high-definition video or image capable models, plus a lot more advanced features that made it better and a must want for every home.

They've been around for years and has a great reputation of making a party livelier and more energetic. With so many songs to choose from, and several song chips to further increase your choices, it definitely will give you hours of fun.

An extreme "birit" machine that is a perfect match for night barbecues, drinking binges, birthday parties, and whatever gathering you can think of. A party is never complete without an Xtreme Magic Sing.

Representatives from Xtreme Magic Sing has explained in detail the new features that came with their latest models that were priced reasonably that I am tempted to buy one for me.

We should also take note that the competition no longer carries the Magic Sing proponent since Xtreme now holds an exclusive distribution of the Magic Sing brand. That gives us an added assurance that we are buying the original brand that gave us total enjoyment throughout the wee hours of the night until early morning.

So far none of my neighbors complain of the loud noise since almost everyone in the neighborhood has the same setup in their household. A true testimonial that you'll never go wrong if you choose to invest on the Xtreme Magic Sing brand.

Proud to be a winner of an Xtreme Magic Sing unit, Earth is a lot more happier now that she has brought home with her one of the more affordable models of the Xtreme Magic Sing. Congrats to Earth!!!

With a manageable easy-grip plus easy to understand and user-friendly controls, there's no significant hindrance that's stopping us from maneuvering our way within the Xtreme Magic Sing system.

It's simply so easy to manage and work your way around the microphone controls. With superb features like the recording function that could actually allow you to have your voice immortalized your voice as a recording, the pro singers have something to worry about ...hehehe. Maybe I would submit a recording soon...hahaha.

I was also amazed at the cool possibility of having up to five microphones attached to one of their models. Perfect for the barkada who would want to sing all together. Maybe form a band someday.

Turn the ordinary TV into a full-featured entertainment center as you sing the night away with popular OPM or foreign songs that will surely keep your spirits high and your confidence to the peak. The Xtreme Magic Sing system will totally rock your world and keep you wanting to sing more and more.

It's amazing what Xtreme Magic Sing can do, and with a very reasonable price - I will surely keep on recommending this brand as a necessity if you want to please your guests at home.

Since it is also portable and compatible with any TV or sound system, its great to bring it along with you for outing or events so you and your friends, colleagues, relatives or family can enjoy top-notch quality entertainment.

We were actually introduced to three specific models priced below 20k, and the most affordable was a mere 9k in the average - not bad for what you will actually be getting. The song chips are even more affordable priced below 2k.

Below is the facts about the Diamond HD:

"Xtreme Magic Sing, the leading brand in portable karaoke, has revolutionized its latest lineup of products, making them “more than just a karaoke”. Now, you can experience HIGH DEFINITION (HD) picture and video background with the NEW Xtreme Magic Sing model….the Diamond HD!

The Xtreme Magic Sing Diamond HD is a multi-media system with 2 Wireless Digital Karaoke microphones that can also be used as a movie/video player with full media control and photo viewer/slideshow with music background. It has 2627 built-in songs (includes hit song Gangnam Sytyle & songs by Adele, Rhianna, Maroon 5, etc. plus 829 OPM favorites), 4 song chip slots to expand your library of songs and USB flash drive and HDD compatible for customized contents. It is a plug-and-play device – easy to use, no installation required."

Also available are the Platinum and the Karat models.
You can read about the detailed specifications and features from their website or Facebook page:

More pictures here:

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