Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Binangonan, Rizal : My Bizarre Summer at my Grandma's House

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In a stressful and hectic schedule that was happened last school year.

In a hectic and stressful days, my whole system shouting to have a break! That is why we have a quality time with my family. And our first destination My Grandmother’s place.

My Bizarre summer was like this, we went to my relatives in Binangonan, Rizal - a simple place but rich in mango trees. From our house in Pasig it takes 30-45 minutes to go there. As we travelled, I felt so nerve breaking because it takes 1 decade to finally be back where my oldest siblings spend their childhood days. And the fact that meeting again my grandmother named Godofreda.

I don’t spend quality time with her before when my family decided to move in the city. But I heard a lot of good things about her. And the thing that I admired to her was despite of her age (She is 92 years old) she is still stronger that we can’t really imagine.

According to their official website, Binangonan means, “The first established town around the lake.” It is considered a first class municipality, that lies between the foothills of Sierra Madre and the shores of Laguna de Bay. It is composed of 23 mainland and 17 island barangays.

Binangonan is a major supplier of freshwater fishes from Laguna de Bay like dulong, ayungin, biya, kanduli, and gurami to Metro Manila, Laguna, Cavite and Batangas.

Binangonan’s major source of income comes from agriculture, where 49 percent of its total land area are devoted to agriculture and livestock industries, while the source of income of residents in its coastal barangays are mainly fishing and aquaculture industry. Other sources of income come from manufacturing, commercial establishments, real estate, and public utility services.

Binangonan's tourist destinations include the Petroglyphs, the Thunderbird Resorts, theEast ridge Golf and Country Club, the Talim Island, Mt.Tagapo, and a few scenic places at Barangay Tabon.

Finally, we arrived at grandma’s place. Traditionally we made “mano” to my lola, and I can see the happiness in her eyes.

After my vacation to my relatives, my best friend Rio Mae Abellar planned to go to boardwalk and were totally insane because we ate at the beanery and after eating we put nail polish to our fingers. We had much talked and laughed because we are remembering our past when we are elementary students. And of course talking about our lovelife I mean her lovelife because I’m totally single and planning to focus on my studies. I really missed her so much so we walked together until we reached our endpoint where we will separate each other because our was different .She’s going to the right and I’m going to the left.

Going back to my relatives in Binangonan, Rizal. In a just simple visit I know to myself that I made my Grandma happy even though we couldn’t have much time to talked with.

And after a long vacation, I’m going back to the reality where I will face the new challenges that God’s planned. It’s okay because I’m so thrilled to meet my new classmates and friends. And the memories still linger in my heart and that’s my bizarre summer ends.

Contributed by: Noemi N. Sales

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  1. For me Noemi is right, because summer is really that important especially for students who really wanted a short but memorable vacation with their family and best friends. For me family and friends is really that important because without them we will not feel complete.

    Summer is also the time for special gatherings of family, relatives and friends.

    It is also nice that as teenagers, we don't really forget our way of respecting our grandmother or grandfather. I hope that I will also visit place like that.

    -Belle Angelica Rolle IV-Copernicus


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