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DepEd strikes nerves again with erroneous teachings on music

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Students be like: "MAPEH lang yan wag na tayo mag effort"

I just saw the video about the lesson on Rhythmic Patterns by DepEd. 

We should really start looking into teaching its subunits separately and not collectively.

The teacher on the DepEd TV is teaching wrong and misleading content. I'm sure real music experts would understand why it is only giving confusion. Mali yung way of clapping.

Sobrang mali ng laman ng video. Itinuro ang rhythmic patterns at note values sa pamamagitan ng pagpalakpak. Sa video ay walang differentiation sa bawat note dahil sa bawat count ay pumalakpak ang guro sa video.

Kasi kung ganon lang din naman ay dapat puro quarter note na lang.

The notes are to be held based on the TIME value or # of beats (quarter = 1, half = 2, whole = 4). 

Also four-fourths? FOUR-FOUR! Di yan math! Di yan fraction!

Hindi natin maikakaila na ang DepEd mismo ang nagbigay ng content para sa lesson na yon. Sobrang fucked up lalo na at kung ikaw ang guro na nag-deliver ng lesson na yon na recorded ay wala kang magagawa dahil pwede kang mareport.

Inaalipin ng DepEd ang mga guro.

Sobrang laking dagok para sa mga guro at sa mga nais maging guro ang mga kritisismo na natatanggap ng institusyon pagdating sa laman o paraan ng pagtuturo.

Pero sana ay maalala natin na ang bawat guro ay lumalaban para sa kapakanan at sa pagkatuto ng kanyang mga mag-aaral.

Sana ay maalala natin na kung ikaw ay iisang guro lamang, at ang lalabanan mo ay ang bulok na sistema na nagpapairal ng ganitong klase ng ganitong pananaw. Na ang bawat guro ay hindi dapat kinukuwestyon ang kagawaran pero dapat ay sumusunod lamang at sumusuporta.

Sana huwag ang guro ang puntiryahin natin tungkol sa video, pero ang DepEd na siyang gumawa ng lesson para sa video na iyon.

Patuloy nating panagutin si Briones at ang DepEd para sa laki ng kakulangan na dinala nila sa mga guro, mag-aaral at sa buong institusyon.

Minor subject na nga ang MAPEH, maliit pa tingin sa mga subtopics na nakapaloob dito? 

Since MAPEH (Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health) is trending, I just wanna say eventhough some may think it's the shittiest subject next to Math due to how useless it is for like almost every single student in the Philippines, do not blame the teacher, but the system of education that does not separate teaching of each component. 

Ang pinag tuturo kase sa public schools ay HINDI MAPEH major. Dahil sa walang teacher applicant ay kung sinong newly hired na teacher ay siya ang pinag tuturo kahit ano pa ang major niya.

Everytime ma a assign sa iyo this subject, hindi ka maka complain kasi sasabihin ng school head na, "Elem Ed ka, dapat generalist ka." Which, I think, is so wrong. 

We are lacking teachers, sadly when ranking comes, the system just utilized hired employees who are excess on their field to teach MAPEH. Thus, the mismatch and inexperience happens.

In some opinions, this should now be replaced with a subject that focuses on teaching computers and technology related to doing things through the Internet better since a lot of things are now online. In short, the education system should adjust and adapt with the times, and stop with the less useful subjects.

But we may not be clearly understanding the significance of the lessons learned in these subjects. MAPEH may be seen as the weakest subject but I know that it teaches sophistication, healthy living, and human expressions. Math also gives us the basic skills necessary to go through some tasks but those more complex topics should just be thought for specific career tracks. Like if the goal.of a student is to someday become a lawyer, he doesn't really need to learn more than the basic computational skills.

What most people hate is how people teach it. Sometimes, we can read a book about every subject and learn more about them rather than when it's taught to us. The reason why many are calling it useless is because if no one understands because of improper ways of teaching, no one would apply the lessons learned in their daily tasks.

The problem is not the subject but the teacher and teaching methods. MAPEH is put in the curriculum to expose students in the basics of the subject. Yes, we can learn it on our own over content we'll find in the internet but the question is would we do it on our own initiative? Would we rather limit our focus on our own special interests, rather than study everything out there? Since learning something new could also influence us to change our perspective and develop the passion towards something else.

Since some may not understand why they are ranting, this is the result of undermining the arts (particularly Music). Some of the teachers who teach Music are not really graduates of Music courses.

Imagine letting a nurse do a heart surgery just because they are in the same (medical) field.

This just shows how poor the quality of music education in our country. This is sad because namimisrepresent at nawawalan ng interest 'yong mga bata.

Pandemic na nga, mahihirapan pa tayong lahat lalo na 'yong mga elementary na i-grasp 'yong mga lessons kasi misled sila.

Kaya puro TikTok lang magaling ang Pinoy lalo na ang bagong generation. Wala naman paki ang gobyerno na ipalaganap ang ating sining, kultura at musika the best way possible. Kahit simpleng lecture ay nagiging palpak dahil teachers are wrongly assigned to teach subjects they do not have expertise, and therefore somehow abused.

This is not the first time this thing happened, DepEd. Andami na I swear! If this is the quality of materials you are giving away, dumb fuck bakit? Wala ba kayong mga legit music teachers na pwedeng magturo or magcounter check ng materials? Anlaking insulto lang sa craft ito!

I think this pandemic exposed the quality of education we provide. imagine if not exposed, we wouldn't have known the kind of education our taxes pay for.

It is also somehow not the fault of the teachers. Minsan kasi kahit hindi nila field, yun ang binibigay sa kanilang slot. No choice naman si teacher, otherwise wala siyang work....and considering how low the salaries of teachers are, it doesn't attract the most qualified to effectively teach.

“If the teachers are lost, how do we expect our students to be exemplary.”

For the students, maybe it also comes with age. MAPEH in gradeschool is sometimes boring but also fun and interactive. MAPEH in HS seems to be the deal breaker. Going through life, we could suddenly have a change in heart. Our love for something may weaken when we find something new for us. Thus the education system should understand how to make this lessons a lot more apt and interesting.

We get stressed memorizing things that we should have been applying instead like Music and PE. tapos may pa "girls do chores and take care of baby and boys work and make money" in traditional books. The norm is so outdated, thus the standards are also primitive.

What is the purpose of studying the arts and music of the 18th century if we're not going to get a hands-on experience? and what is important about knowing all the rules and regulations of different sports if the student don't even know how to play them? Learning about the facts and theories alone are not that useful. There should always be an actual training to accompany the words.

The advent of technology is promoting sedentary lifestyle mostly among the Gen Z and our bodies were designed to work better when we are physically active.

The only reason why they keep teaching us the old facts is to maintain preservation of culture for arts and music, while sports were supposed to keep students physically fit and energetic.

Math is really hard to teach especially for real life integration pero the feeling of making a student undertand the process of solving is priceless. 

Gasgas na ang salitang FLEXIBILITY. Shutang flexibility yan gurl dahil hindi tayo gymnast. 

As teachers, we always need to be flexible daw. Like, kayanin mong ituro ang subject na assigned sa iyo, though not your specialization, kasi dapat "flexible" ka. Medyo nakakawalang-gana na rin minsan lalo na at alam ko sa sarili ng teacher na she can't give a quality teaching of the subject.

I’m sorry to hear that ‘Yong resiliency at flexibility ay nilalagay sa maling context. Ang lungkot. 

A MAPEH teacher, tuwing nagtuturo siya  ay sobrang makikita mo yung kawalan niya ng interest sa pagtuturo kasi hindi niya major yun. She is probably a Computer major pero inassign siya as a MAPEH teacher. 

Minsan hindi niya naiintindihan yung tinuturo niya pero pinipilit niya pa rin na aralin yun para ituro sa amin para may matutunan kami.I think the problem is the education system not the teachers.I believe we have talented passionate teachers kaso hindi sila binibigyan ng chance.

One cannot teach what s/he does not know. And we are most confident in the subject we majored in. Nakakalungkot nga lang kasi some teachers are forced to teach other subjects.

DepEd shouldn't randomly assigned teachers in fields that doesn't fit them.

The system is breaking teachers apart.

DepEd should focus on funding in a way wherein they can give proper training and seminars for our teachers. Our educators needs the stability because not every educator is a generalist. Iba pa yung situation kasi we're in a pandemic at back to zero lahat ng teachers.

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