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#JusticeForChristineDacera: Should we believe Nicole San Mateo?

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Marami akong nababasa about that Philippine Airlines Flight Attendant and her cause of death which was firstly suspected as rape, then aneurysm (as second possibility) na could also be false reporting ng police. Nabasa ba ninyo post ni Nicole San Mateo?

I don't know if this legit or not because Nicole deleted her post then deactivated her account.

First of all aneurysm can't cause any bruises all over the body in just a sudden flash of time. And second how will you explain that the CCTV shows two boys were bringing her in her room. And she was seen in her bathtub 12hrs after New Year's Eve. It sure smells foul play.

Somebody investigate this girl who posted stuff defending the suspects. Correct me if I'm wrong but when you have the facts to expose someone, you wouldn't delete it even if there are many bashers blowing up your feed.

Obviously hindi accurate yung mga pinagsasabi nya kaya ngayon dinelete nya na at nagtago na siya because she can't get her FACTS straight.

However, we also know that we can't trust the authorities of this administration. The Philippine National Police has been involved in so many cases of abuse, killings, planting evidences, using scapegoats, etc. I would not trust them even if they are the last remaining capable investigating body with any crime.

This could also be an opportunity for distraction to steer away attention from the Mother and son Gregorios who were horribly killed pointblank by one of their cops. How come the case is still not closed and Jonel Nuezca finalized to serve lifetime jail for murder? This gangrape angle could be another fake news 

Fishy yung post sa FB nitong Nicole. Bakit kailangan magtago yung remaining suspects if wala naman pala kasalanan?? and sino ba siya? nandoon ba siya sa mismo?? lalo na yung Bun Yen, respect naman kay Christine Dacera. Stop bad-mouthing the dead saying she had rough sex with a foreigner the other night... It makes her look like a horny flight attendant.

Ilalaban mo yun kasi yun ang totoo dapat, otherwise baka isa siya sa nagpapunta sa iba doon and orchestrated it. Maybe now one of the suspects is blaming her. So now she's cleaning up her own mess. The question is if aneurysm yan bakit puro sugat ang katawan?

This is a loop hole right there, plus the posts were already deleted.

This Nicole is defending one of her friends, who's gay. You might know this person from a long time ago, but a person can hide one thing about himself/herself, that no one knows, or doesn't want people to know.

Who is this friend of yours Nicole? There are 11 of them whose names are out there. Name one if all the shit you're saying is true. Name one, c'mon dont be shy, pick one.

If her friend is really innocent, then bakit nagtatago? Why can't they defend themselves? Siya tong kuda ng kuda na wala naman mismo sa crime scene plus without basis and evidences din sinasabi niya. Be critical when it comes to this thing guys. I HOPE JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED!!

Otherwise, let the people do their jobs, because first of all, you're not in the crime scene. How can you really defend them? How can we know that what you are saying is true? By a lie detector? No, Evidence.

Evidence is the key to all of this. That's the only way you'll know the truth.

If you’re telling the truth, go be a witness or make a legal statement, not yell on Facebook. 

Every one wants #JusticeForChristineDacera, and we will only get it from credible witnesses and testimonies.

We speak to seek justice.

Make their names known: 

Instead of showing the victim's face all over the news, is it right to show the perpetrators' faces? Do they have to be known? Do we make their names known?

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

What do we expect, even our own president does it.

But since their names are already all over the Internet, I'm posting this as well. But not to condone but also to help protect them.

Both sides, from Christine Dacera whose being accused of being a horny slut, and the suspects accused of rape, needs to get proper justice. Whoever was guilty or the cause of such death, should face the law and not a trial by publicity.

Gregorio Angelo de Guzman
Louie de Lima
Clark Jezreel Rapinan 
Rey Englis
Mark Anthony Rosales
Jammyr Cunanan
Valentine Rosales
Eduard Madrid
John Paul Halili
John Reyes Dela Serna 
Rommel Galido


The guys in the photo were among the 11 suspects as listed. 2 of them however are already with the police.

It doesn't mean na komo gay ka is hindi ka na pwede maging suspect. Hindi man sila directly yung nang rape but hinayaan nila and they kept silent while nangyayare doon, it means kasama sila sa ginawang krimen. They are accomplices of this suspected gang rape. They should be held liable! Period.

Kaya mga babae, huwag sumama kung puro lalaki lahat kahit na may kaibigan ka pang bakla na kasama.

Possible na liquid ecstasy, perhaps very high ‘yung dose, because it appeared na yung ikinamatay ay aneurysm (not clear if brain aneurysm ba). Liquid ecstacy is dangerous and can cause brain damage caused by a decreased oxygen circulation. So please guys, stop using party drugs.

Also, should we stop shaming and blaming women for wearing what they want, going to parties and getting drunk?. Dapat ba blame and shame only those rapist and murderers who lack basic human decency because they can't control their sexual urges??

Ang pinaka dulo kasi nyan... Bakit sila nagpaparty? E dapat hindi dahil sa pandemic pa rin.

I’m f*ckin’ stuck and confused. Anong totoo? Lahat nalang sa Pinas kundi magulo puro fakes! Tang inaaaa! Balakayojan! 


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