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Did the hotel CCTV footage redirect the fault towards Christine Dacera?

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"Just saw a CCTV footage #ChristineDacera WTF how wild! Guess she really wanted that "only girl/princess" treatment. And not to blame her but, who, in her right mind will book a room, party and get drunk (drugs?) with 11 MEN?? Tapos ikaw lang babae? COME ON!"

GMA just released a new CCTV clip and I'm still confused how others are turning this into a spectacle?? I know we are all curious to know the truth but some are treating this like a netflix show. SOMEONE DIED. Can't we be at least respectful?

People are now focusing on how "wild" Christine Dacera was just basing their judgements on that short CCTV clip they saw on TV. They're now coming for a dead person and sort of slut-shaming the victim, ultimately blaming her for her own demise. 

Ang chi-cheap talaga ng mga Pinoy. Ginawang teledrama series. Kadiri.

Many are now slutshaming Christine Dacera because of those CCTV footages.

"Not to blame her but..." then proceeds to do exactly the opposite. “Not to blame her” but the rest of hee tweets contradicted her sentence. Not to blame her, pero yung statement mo, bineblame mo siya. 

Pick a struggle, bish. Tang*na ng mga kababaihang katulad mo! Shunga!

Tang*na they're putting her under a light that she's so DIRTY.... like can't we just let her rest in peace! I understand that we needed to find the truth but when shortened and cut video clips are shown, then it could mean somebody just wants us to believe on a certain angle.

I know the PNP has something to do with this because they should just give the full video for us to get the real context. It is obvious that Christine Dacera was drunk that moment and many of us either go limp or wild when intoxicated with alcohol.

Valentin Rosales, who's one of the prime suspects of the Christine Dacera Case, released the full length CCTV footage after the mainstream media only showed the screenshots of the said footage in which the suspect cries for full transparency. 

But still kahit babae man ang may gusto kung nasa tamang pag iisip ang lalaki sya ang iiwas dahil alam nyang mali. Hindi dapat pinabayaan. Pero paano kung yung babae ang makikita at para wala ng away ay pinalampas na lang dahil lasing nga.

The said suspect is still at large and was given a time period for their surrender before the PNP implements the "man-hunt" for the remaining suspects.

Rosales claims Dacera was just acting "wild" similarly on just how she is when drunk. He also claims that he has the full video to give the proper context that it was Dacera who initiated all the kissing, and that he has a boyfriend, Gregorio, the son of Claire Dela Fuente.

However, anong manhunt pa ang gagawin nila? Eh pinarelease na nga yung mga dinetain nila illegally.

How were they at large and what man hunt if there is no filed case and arrest warrant?

Do we really believe that dragging someone down will make us look better? Hey PNP and whoever was responsible in releasing the edited video clip, we know what you're trying to pull.

Also bakit parang sa kahit anong anggulo lalaki nalang ang palaging mali? Will you not blame the woman? Try natin baliktarin paano kung lalaki yung nakainom tapos may kasama siyang babae, hinalikan siya nung lalake. Malamang doon pa lang madedemanda na siya. Where's the equality in that? We are mostly going through a double standard discriminatory act in our society.

Malinaw naman siguro na after the previous judging of the suspects like almost crucifying them with the rape-slay story and calling them rapists, na huwag munang mag-judge sa whole situation coz wala pang matibay na ebidensya.

They were all intoxicated kasi may scene nga na naging aggresive siya and hinalikan yung isang lalaki before pumasok sa room then another na binuhat siya pabalik kasi wasted na talaga siya but then another scene na nagtetext siya sa loob ng kwarto . Putol putol pinakita sa media.

But we did ask for the CCTV footage, yet we never specified if we needed the full or only the part that concerns the case. They couldn't show the full length for that couod be several hours long.

GMA NEWS TV, sakanila lang official na binigay nga CCTV FOOTAGE kaso puro cut cut binibigay sakanila kaya di talaga clear ano real na nangyari.

As you can see on the CCTV footage infront of Christine Dacera 's hotel room 2209, Tin is like having an argument with one of the 11 men. As she pushed the guy and they were being separated with the other guys.

I think something went wrong that day which led to Dacera's death.m. But that's just me. 

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