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Paglaki Ko, Gusto Kong Maging Pornstar: May Asim Pa Ba?

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I just came across this new movie project that’s currently in the works. It’s a Filipino movie titled: “Paglaki Ko, Gusto Kong Maging Pornstar” which translates to “When I grow up, I want to be a Pornstar” 

From the makers of #JOWABLE, here comes Darryl Yap’s fourth full-length film, ‘Paglaki ko, gusto kong maging PORNSTAR,’ featuring Rosanna Roces, Ara Mina, Maui Taylor, and Alma Moreno as themselves.

Coming soon from VIVA Films and Vincentiments. 

Honestly, we all want to excel in our chosen career, and a year before graduation there's usually a career orientation seminar held for upcoming graduates. That's where we are supposed to get ideas and inspiration to.make up our mind regarding the path we are going to take after graduation.

I used to want to be an artist before...not the showbiz celebrity but the one that dwells with the love for artworks like painting, sculpting and other fields that require the best and most meaningful works filled with creativity and imagination. But then my mother said there's hardly a financial reward if you pursue that so I was steered towards engineering courses.

During college, that's when I got to truly mingle with the opposite sex since during high school I just look at them as just friends, but it's only during the college years when I got interested with them with sexual intent....meaning I want to see what girls look like without their clothes.

That's because it was also the time when sexy stars were popular...that almost every movie production is making the genre. 

During that time, there was no such porn over the Internet yet, so we had to settle for Betamax and VHS copies. I still am surprised I once had a shop convert Betamax tape copies of porn movies so I could watch these porn on my VHS player.

Mukhang solid itong movie na ito featuring ka-childhood Pantasya ng Bayan ... I mean, except for Alma Moreno, the three other starlets were part of my childhood. Pinagdedebatihan... Wow Viva.. bagay na bagay iyan sa panahon ng pandemic at paghihirap ng bansa. Lol!

Stress reliever naman.talaga to masturbate while fantasizing on beautiful women that you could f*ck...even with just our imagination. Makakailang putol kaya ako? Depende sa pelikula kung how daring the scenes will be. Not so sure if we'll see some nudity from the stars of yesteryears, but I'm betting the three supporting casts AJ Raval, Ana Jalandoni, and Rose Van Ginkel will provide the steamy scenes. Unless you still beat your stick with the MILFs or GILFs stars, my only fancy here is the youngest among the four which is Maui Taylor.

Sa apat na bida, kay Maui lang ako titigasan, and most probably doon sa tatlong extra ladies na siyang malamang magpapatalbog ng kanilang alindog.

Minsan nang pumasok sa isip kong maging pornstar. Imagine having sex with women as a job. Pero lately gusto ko na maging porn director. Level up na kasi tayo men....dahil di ba sa pelikula pwedeng fake lang yung actual libog mo with your sex partner, pero after the movie, the director can have the power to take home the pornstar...and that's when you can go truly wild. Lol!

Minsan talaga ang hirap magalit kay Daryl Yap kasi aminin natin na despite his questionable morals, yung ibang gawa niya, actually makes sense & idk very unconventional also mumble core? 

Ok na sana kasu iba naman utong ni idol aj dito. Halatang super fake.

Oh, tinigasan kayo no?! Trailer palang yan, 2.5 MILLION VIEWS na across all social media platforms. 

Not surprising since we are the leading viewers of porn online. Hindi ko ikinagulat iyong vitality of the trailer. If you'll rate the "Asim" factor of the four leading stars

4. Alma Moreno

3. Rossana Roces

2. Ara Mina

1. Maui Taylor

Yup, si Maui ang pinakamaasim pa. But of course this list is only among the four of them. There are still other sexy stars back then that will better bring out the "libog" in me.

Abangan ang “paglaki ko, gusto kong maging #PORNSTAR” sabay na ipapalabas sa sinehan at VIVAMAX, January 29. 

Watch the trailer now:

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