Saturday, January 9, 2021

Burger King: Not a new but a return of an old logo

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"In case you missed it, world-famous Burger King just refreshed their visual identity by introducing a brand new logo for the first time in 20 years. The retro-inspired logo and entire brand overhaul was a collaborative work between their in-house artists and creative firm Jones Knowles Ritchie.

BEEN SCREAMING *~internally~* for the last hour, because I love a well-executed homage to vintage logos. That BK monogram alone is already my favorite design of the year. I thought it's neat, classic yet modern, timeless, and exudes so much warmth and positivity in a time where the world is uninspired and scared of bold changes.

Minimalism isn't always lazy work." - Dexter Balita

It is an old logo. That Burger King change of logo is not to a new logo, but an old one. That's their 4th logo in the 90s when they hit it big internationally. It is their lucky charm and they need it now in this pandemic. They changed their logo to the old to be talked about again just like what we are doing now. Their main message is probably - "We're still the same old yummy taste! We have not changed."

Pizza Hut did the same thing. It is now a successful logo return? Why? We're talking about it now! Now, get your phone and order a whopper now! Lol!

Looks meh and boring to me.
Can they make it any more simpler and any more uninteresting?

This is my blunt and personal opinion btw. I love the "retro" look with the blue ring better.

I'm a fan of minimalism but, this just looks like a regular bland burger...

The lone two colors do look kinda bland, but the orange for the buns strike me better honestly. I wish it wasn't TOO simple. The second and smaller logo is a bit genius though. The BK monogram looks cool!

Minimalism is an art movement where removing the unnecessary is involved. The process of minimalism is making something, then removing what's not needed. 

I refuse to call works "minimalist" if they skipped and jumped the process. That"s called "lazy."

In marketing, there are also factors of smell and music/sounds to consider. Unless my teacher and books were whack.

Human behavior is also studied in marketing, so even the subconscious thoughts of a person are considered.

I find these things interesting, especially since it explains how people might feel towards products.

Logos are part of packaging. With the technology right now, scripted advertising presentations are not that effective anymore because customers react fast and can talk to others immediately about the product. Who cares about the logo now. It's the quality of the product and the series of reviews/endorsements/criticisms of the consumers. You can't lie about the product or you're doomed. // The game right now is like buying a product online. Before you order it, you review first the comments/ratings of those who bought already. It is now a different ballgame in marketing a product.

That's called word of mouth, an old but gold study.

But, then again- why bother changing the logo if it doesn't matter? 

("who cares about the logo?")

They should've just kept consistent with their Angry Whoppers and mad better onions but they just won't listen.

Instead we get a "new" (actually "returned") logo.

Minute Burger"s logo has personality at least- minimalistic but with flavor.

Noticed the logo of Australia's Hungry Jack's?

Hungry Jack's is owned by Burger King apparently. Never had it seems to be exclusive to Australia.

The name "Burger King" was already taken in Australia so when Burger King opened a branch there that they had to pick another name.

Although it's a little confusing since now there's Hungry Jack's AND Burger King -- sometimes in the same vicinity of each other. But I guess it works for them? lol. 

Well, I hope the return of an old logo do wonders for the brand. Our businesses do need to perk things up because this pandemic has indeed made earning potentials almost at rock bottom. People don't order that much anymore due to the scare of the Coronavirus.

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