Sunday, January 3, 2021

Ellen Adarna, I trust in you as my new favorite philosopher

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Who are your favourite philosophers?"




Ellen Adarna

I really love Ellen Adarna not just for her beauty but for her personality as well. 

Ellen Adarna is trending ok. I still remember the last time she did break Twitter with here  quote:


‘Ay ko’g labda- is the way, the truth, and the life’ by Ellen Adarna. Let this be our 2021 mantra. Let us not be toxic, and let’s stay away from any type of toxicity. 

"How to stop overthinking?"


Si Ellen Adarna lang ang malakas

QUESTION: Your oppa Hyun Bin is confirmed to be dating Son Ye Jin. Who is your new oppa? 

ELLEN: Do you see my oppa tree? There are a lot of oppas. I'll just choose who is still single.

QUESTION: What should I do? We've been flirting (Iring-cat) for 5 months now but there's still no improvement.

ELLEN: Be straightforward. Maybe he's just shy. Tell him you're tired of being a cat (flirting). And would prefer to do doggie style instead.

QUESTION: Both of us were drunk. And he told me he likes me but he's not doing anything to reach out.

ELLEN: Girl, that means, he only thinks you're pretty when he's drunk. Get him drunk again.

QUESTION: Is it okay to snoop into your boyfriend phone?

ELLEN: Only crazy, insecure, and ugly bitches do that. So no.

QUESTION: What if he takes too much time to reply? Is it a sign that he's not interested?

ELLEN: Girl, that means, if you're just waiting for his reply, you're just like a dog that doesn't have a life. 

Let these sink in!

Ellen Adarna's IG story will teach you realtalk realization. Always savage but I love her transparency. It somehow made her become a strong momma.

I'm always stalking Ellen Adarna IG story but can't understand the Visaya language. lol

It needs a subtitle.. beke nemen Ellen Adarna. Hahaha! It's our loss if we can't comprehend everything she wants to share.

Can I have Ellen Adarna's mindset? I'm interested on how to manifest her energy. She needs to be added to my list of spirit animals. It is a MUST!

She never failed to make me laugh! Whether it be kalat, one of her stories, or pocpoc moments, she always made sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces! Our Gmeets are so hilarious, and I always look forward to listening to Ellen Adarna. Charot! 

Ellen Adarna needs to publish a Visaya book about self-worth. We need Ellen Adarna's spirit and vibe. Sumanib sana 2021's sake. 


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