Monday, January 4, 2021

Meet Ryan Kaji, the 9 year old top earner on YouTube

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Just in case you wanted to hate your job a little bit more.

Meet the top earning YouTuber & he’s just 9 years old. 

Ryan’s World YouTube channel earned almost $30 million. Whoah! That's about P1.4 billion.

Ryan Kaji, who reviews toys on the said channel, has been named by Forbes as YouTube's top earner in 2020.

His channel has more than 12 billion views and it's his third consecutive year at the top. He made $22 million in 2019. 

He really continues to rake in record amounts of money, even topping his earnings from the past years to become the platform’s highest paid star for the third consecutive year.

He's made over $200 million from his branded toys and clothes, clinched deals with M&S, Nickelodeon,etc

This really blew me away.

And you think education is the key and not the key holder.

Our parents are nagging us for playing with toys and games all days. Maybe I would have become a millionaire by now too.

And I'm here, doing "...not pale, anicteric, acynosed, afebrile...."!!! 

Chai!!! This life no just pure at all!! I really need a change of career!!

Ryan’s power is his distribution - 43B channel views.

Where he monetizes 3 ways: 

    1. Consumer Retail & Licensing 

    2. Digital Licensing

    3. YouTube AdSense

1/ Consumer Retail & Licensing 

Ryan has over 1k products in 75k stores, including Target and Walmart. 

Sales are up 500% in 3 years. 

      2018: $42m

      2019: $150m

      2020: $250m 

2. Digital Licensing  

This is David’s next frontier - digital goods. 

In Dec, Ryan launched his own virtual world inside Roblox. 

Ryan’s World location will sell gems for digital goods. 

Owned Distribution

This is Ryan’s unfair advantage, he has $0 marketing costs. 

His channel is a free commercial driving kids in-store & into his digital world.

3. YouTube Ad Revenue

Ryan was the top earning YouTuber in 2019 & 2018. (2020 numbers haven’t been released) 

       2018: $22m

       2019: $26m

Together, Ryan is creating the modern entertainment franchise.

The most important thing is that ryan is a child and with all these stats behind him is never pressured to do anything! The brand comes from his love and passion for toys not forced content. 

Just a little note for anyone pushing their kids into the light.

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