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Is Sharon Dacera becoming like the spitting image of Thelma Chiong?

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The wokes are now crucifying Sharon Dacera, mother of deceased FA Christine Dacera, branding her as "Thelma Chiong 2.0"

They also called Mrs. Dacera an "EJK enabler" because she sought the help of President Duterte in her quest for justice.

Sorry but I need to get this off my chest.

History keeps repeating itself. We never learn. 

It always started with the police needing a nice, fresh reputation. It always backfired, always put innocent lives as fall guy. 

I hate to say this but she’s definitely turning out to be like Thelma Chiong. God forbid. Sharon Dacera has the same vibe.

She literally cant accept her daughter’s death and all she can do is to place the blame to someone to save face.

Sa mga naku-curious sa Thelma Chiong trend, y'all should watch GIVE UP TOMORROW documentary. It's available in YouTube.

It is so hard to watch if you have anxiety.

I know na they're grieving because of Tin's death and I am sending my deepest condolences.

But the mom has something that is really off. (Telling Christine's friend "edi wow" ++ fake crying in front of media ++ calling her daughter "sacrificial lamb"). 

I feel bad for Christine though. Her life is now under scrutiny. Her death may become another humiliating proof that the Philippines has the worst investigators....and our police force are really not just "trigger-happy" but also "solved" agad even without evidence and testimonies.

I don't know bout y'all, but I cried & felt so much fear I never felt before for living in this country. With this crappy justice system.

Just a quick review, Thelma Chiong is the mother of the rapeslay victims, Marijoy and Jacqueline Chiong. Rumors are circulating that the siblings are alive and residing in USA while Paco LarraƱaga, the so called suspect was accused of the crime he was not really guilty of. Merong mga taong nagtetestify na nakita nila yung magkapatid na buhay.

The Chiong sisters' case is the reason why some started to grow interest in law & politics. Their story uncovered decade long injustice in our country and it's only one of the many stories. It's gruesome and infuriating at the same time.

Everything was believed to be political. During the murder, Paco’s friends testified that he was in Quezon City (CCA) but the judges said their testimony is irrelevant because they are friends with the so called suspect.


Di ba may movie din to? Si Meg Imperial at Donnalyn yung magkapatid? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Grabe! The Dacera case has flipped and the mother is now the subject of the ire of the netizens even comparing her to Thelma Chiong. Why? Because she asked Tatay Digong for help?

Namatayan siya ng anak. She's grieving and depressed. No parent should bury their child. But it feels like she's enjoying the attention. Grabe! Is it just me or are you also feeling the same thing? It keeps going on inside my head "Something's off with her." IDK, I seriously thought of Thelma Chiong the moment I saw her interview with the press. Was she intentionally exaggerating her emotions as if she was "acting" a role of a grieving mother which abruptly changed after seeing a familiar face? 

Also, why do I feel like she hates her daughter? Because the case is becoming a documentation of Christine's shameful existence. Her liberal ways looking like she's wild and uncontrollable.

Paint me surprised if this case picks up a Davidson Rusia along the way.

Hindi malayong maging isang Chiong case v.2 ito kung uusad ang maling persecution.

We feel like all this fiasco rooted because the PNP wanted to gain merits sa case and ofc that requires the family of the victim. Apparently, there’s still no clear victim because we're still unsure if there was foul play or more likely Christine was a victim of her own carelessness.

Hindi man lang pinatahimik yung anak niyang namatay. Ginamit pa sa pulitika. Pera pera din no. Kung meron mang may kasalanan talaga dapat talagang panagutin.. Pero if inosente naman talaga yung 11 gays e wag niyng ipagpilitan yung rape. She wants to kill more reputations. It's enough that Christine is turning into the bad girl in the story. I would suggest she just let the experts do further investigation to confirm what we are swelling in thought. Not the involvement of the PNP, not Pacquiao, not Duterte, not any politicians.

I'm sorry for your loss Mrs. Dacerna but you undoubtedly look like a reboot of Thelma Chiong.

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