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Among Us: Toxicity in the game is dominating on the phrase "Pinoy pride"

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So we're proud even though we're being called toxic? The amount of stupidity in people nowadays. Is this what happens when you can't get out for days?

As of now, toxicity is dominating on the phrase "Pinoy pride". Wala na silang pake kung 'toxic' na tawag sa atin ng mga foreign people kahit totoo naman. It's not funny y'all, even if it's "sArCaSm" yah sayin! We're being hated by other countries. What a huge shame on us.

Already expected this to happen when Among Us started to gain traction. I understand that some Filipinos are not well versed in speaking english but you have to keep in mind that Filipinos aren't the only ones playing the game.

Wrong grammars are fine as long as you can communicate with each other. Also for the people being toxic in-game you may find what you're doing entertaining but it's pretty annoying to the people around you. Just stop! You're giving others a hard time. I know toxicity will never disappear and I agree, and being toxic from time to time is pretty entertaining, but it's getting out of hand to the point that it needs to be stopped or lessened one way or another.

Of course, I'm not trying to generalise. I know not everyone's like this. I feel like I'm gonna get alot of hate after writing this, but screw it, somebody has to speak out.

Do you realize these behaviours can sour a person's look towards the majority of Pinoys? As a Pinoy myself, I am sometimes disgusted for being one. Why? Because of what the majority of media see of us Filipinos. And that's why its a BIG issue in our community.

They ruined my playing experience too, but I don't think I will eventually learn how to play this game stupidly like how they play it. What was supposed to be a puzzle/strategic game, becomes a joke for Pinoys.

Is it justifiable when it comes to fellow Pinoys because most grew up in a toxic environment? But remember, others didn't and we have to treat them with the proper respect and care they also grew up with.

Ano ba mainly mga ka-toxican ang ginagawa ng ibang mga pinoy? Hindi ba kabilang na doon pagta-Tagalog sa English servers? It's called common courtesy.

Also, common sense na dedicated na nga ang server for English speaking peeps tapos magta-Tagalog pa tayo? Gawa na lang tayo ng room, name it "Filipinos only" or whatever suits us. Other countries don't care if our English is perfect. The point here is to know how to respect.

IQ is not even a measurement of how good we are in English...Look at China, even Korea or Japan...  All of them have better educational systems than us, but most of their citizens do not know how to speak English. Whereas, most Filipinos can communicate with foreigners well even if our grammar or sentence construction is not that good.

Ewan ko ba kung bakit ganyan halos lang ng Filipino. Well, that's one of the reasons. Ang mas malala talaga is yung mag bo-vote tayo ng walang ka-clue clue man lang.

For those planning on trying the game, pero mukhang discouraged na dahil mga "I don't care, lolo niyo long hair" aabutan nila doon.

IDK, but some are saying they are now getting a lot of hates from foreigners, even other Asians too, just because they're Filipinos. This never happened to since Among Us came out. Many had fun with foreigners and now when people know you're a Filipino, they'll diss you.

I respect many players having fun with no toxicity or death threats. But for those others going wild, they are obviously sad, ugly and lonely trolls still living in their parent's basement.

With retards like those causing toxicity in the game, we'd soon be equivalent to Chinese tourists known for shitting in the middle of the road, being loud and obnoxious and spitting at staff members when they're not happy. Continue showing we're dumb and uneducated so we'll soon be called the online Chinese tourists.

Do you really think "having fun" is an excuse for being toxic? I guess eto talaga ang effect ng immaturity sa mga pinoy gamers noh? Hindi titigil kahit nakakasakit na ang pagiging toxic. Hindi lang naman tayo lang ang naglalaro sa game eh. Learn to be considerate sa ibang players. Patience can reach a certain level. That's the problem with most Filipinos, we don't know when enough is enough.

We're probably one of the most hated countries on the planet now. Heck, even our fellow Filipinos hate their nationality. I really care much about how others view us though. I know that we ain't all bad, but we should encourage our fellow gamers to be more considerate and kind.

To the minority of Pinoys who know respect, is it best that we hide our race in the dark to avoid being shamed by the international media?

I think being toxic is a part of us. We're hospitable in person but IDK why some become toxic when it comes to online games or any online application. Are these suppressed feelings wanting to get out? Is there too much hate inside of us?

All I could say to our foreign friends, please don't judge a country as a whole just for a few or even many citizens being rude or misbehaved in the game.

I don't talk much when I play, I also say that I'm new to a game if I play a new game so they won't expect much. That is how we should be playing in any game - disciplined and respectful, even in the game we call life.

*Cover image credit to Mark John Solver

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