Friday, August 28, 2020

Let's Hold Business Showers to Help Our Friends Start Their Business

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We hold baby showers, so why don't we have business showers as well?

Anyone remembers the original concept of Tupperware Party before it had a different meaning?

Always support and give much love to friends who begin their journey to becoming aspiring entrepreneurs.

Don't ask for "Kakilala Discount". Support your friends and their business ventures. Don't take advantage.

If you start a business and your target market is your pool of friends, don't expect much. Don't expect anything at all. Most probably your first customers will be strangers not family, friends and relatives because they're the ones who will definitely ask for "free taste and discount."

It is easier to sell to strangers than friends.
As jack ma said, friends will yield as you start, but when you succeed and celebrate, they are all present.

Most of the time, people that you don’t expect to support you are the people who will patronize your business and appreciate what you are doing. Your friends are just waiting for discounts, promotions or freebies and giveaway stuff.

They'll also pretend that they are happy for you but in reality "super inggit" sila sayo kasi posible kang umangat sa kanila.

Here, we'll copy the idea then flip it a bit to destroy the competiton. It goes against our ingrained crab mentality. Ang pinoy e puro talangka.

Just invite family and friends that also have a business, so they'll know its hard to earn money. And anybody who says: “Wala bang discount?”, or “Anong freebies for friends?”, their invites will be cancelled.

If you invite family and friends that has no business with salary man mindset only. Then thats what you get. A demand for discount and freebies.

Sadly, starting a business in the Philippines has a better chance to succeed if you keep it to yourself until it's done.

Well, this might sting, but has anyone heard of the saying - "Show me your friends, and I"ll show you who you are"

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