Tuesday, August 25, 2020

VP Leni Robredo filling the void left by the "perpetually isolated" President

Wazzup Pilipinas!

In just 20 minutes, VP Leni Robredo was able to lay down plans on how to address the pandemic. She has once again inspired all of us. That’s what we need — Effective, efficient & coherent leadership. Everything’s just clear, genuine & encouraging. And lastly, hindi tayo pinupuyat.

I love how gave her address:

1. Primetime hindi midnight
2. Straight to the point, backed by data with proposed solutions
3. No blaming, finger pointing, cursing, red tagging nor threats.

Bakit ang hirap makiusap kay Duterte na maging ganto??

The message was clear. Just what Filipinos need to know.

This is what the fanatics and the admin itself just can't seem to accept -- VP Leni is a LEADER! An efficient leader and a data-driven decision-maker. She didn't even have to curse even how chaotic the situation is.

VP Leni’s address was like having a nice chat with your smart, sensible mom before your drunken stepfather shows up at an ungodly hour later asking for more money then cursing you for various reasons so you'll be forced to give in due to fear.

She hit the admin right where it hurts. May mapipikon na naman.

The timing was perfect. VP Leni's speech will be juxtaposed with somebody's later.

Ok lang sa akin na mapuyat, as long as I hear sensible plans from my leader. Kaso, matutulog ka na lang ay stress pa aabutin mo. Imagine yung lasenggo mong kapitbahay na dating sa tambayan mo lang nakikita, napapanood mo na ngayon sa TV.

I never heard any encouraging words from those in power, sa kanya lang.

Just listening to VP, nagka pag-asa ako at bumalik tiwala ko. 20 minutes lang yan. We need a TRUE & sensitive leader now.

I won’t say that she inspired “all of us”. There are still a lot of DDS out there who won’t know inspiring even if it bit them in the a$$.

VP Leni’s set design throwing major shade. One is the Constitution, and the other is “The Intangibles that Make a Nation Great” by Senate President Jovito Salonga, probably our finest statesman and opposition leader to Marcos. Another book is Thinking Beyond Politics: A Strategic Agenda for the Next President! I can't recognize the fourth one. Maybe it's "I'm Coming For Ya, Bitch". Just a wild guess.

She outlined every possible good action to take not just from the health standpoint but everything else. Given the pride of Malacanang, they will be eschewing everything she suggested. With not much good actions left, they will just resort to what's bad.

As she spoke, one could already visualize the roadmap if the recommendations were adopted.

Over & above what she said, one got the sense of someone in control, inspired confidence & more importantly, she assured that we are not on our own.

A brilliant chess move, indeed. All the king’s men are now in crisis mode, trying to rouse the man up. They have no choice - a pre-recorded message is a death knell. We can expect a grouchier-than-usual old man later. Or a late scratch by his minions suffused with apologies.

So we’ll see how much concern they have left for the Filipinos. If they don’t follow any of it because of pride, then it solidly proves they’re in power only for purely selfish reasons.

I love the part when she stated that what is lacking is , "timon." “Timon”, that small piece underneath the boat, but dictates the whole direction of the boat.

I'm imagining an aimless, meandering boat. And that's how exactly how this feels like.

We need a sober captain that steers it. I hope she will be our Captain, soonest!

What VP Leni did early tonight was a full masterstroke. If the madman fails to answer her tonight, it's precorded by all means. If he'll address her, Leni wrests the political initiative. It's all her show. Next time, she can ask for a peaceful transition. It's GAME OVER.

Kudos to VP Leni! Mabuhay po kayo! Your speech clearly showed the contrast! You have a plan, clarity of mind, compassion, patriotism & most importantly, leadership we seek at this time of the pandemic! Malinaw kung sino ang dapat ang mamuno!

IATF wants to get in on LGUS’ covid response programs; PCCI now wants to get in on IATF policy-making. REV GOV proponents trying to  push through extra-constitutional maneuvers .  Why don’t you ALL SIT THE F*CK DOWN AND LET LENI LEAD , ALREADY?

To borrow the words from DDS: (us to VP Leni) IKAW NA LANG MAG PRESIDENTE! Madam, please please please!

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