Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Pro-Duterte group calling for RevGov; Mere distraction from COVID issues?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Duterte about Revgov people: "Hindi ko sila kilala."

Online footprint says it all. Nowadays its impossible to lie.

Now you know the reason why the COVID cases are going up every day. We have now 189,601 cases while deaths = 2,998. They are busy planning for #RevGov rather than planning to curb the spread of the virus. They do not care if you live or die for as long as they stay in power.

Just a thought:

Why did this RevGov attempt surface in Pampanga?

Could it be because this is the territory of the Arroyos & are now making political attempts with the regime and the traitor that leads it?

Payback time?

"The same people who pushed the corrupt, incompetent and murderous Duterte in 2016 are now pushing for revgov under zombie-like Duterte. WTF are these guys smoking?" - Sonny Trillanes

They are smoking the highly addictive drug called POWER. It has been scientifically proven to make people  hallucinate that having POWER makes them rich & invulnerable. It has also proven to make family members inherit the so called POWER to continue the hallucination.

These mga halang-ang-kaluluwa are clearlt smoking and shivering in FEAR on the onset that their precious cash-cow will suddenly disappear. It seem the real purpose of revgov is to suppress our democratic checks and balance and ensure no one would ask where is Duterte.

Pero ang totoo, nasaan ang presidente? Nagpapagamot? O nagtatago sa responsibilidad?

What will a revolutionary government do?? And why? Nakakatawa kasi usually those who call for it are against the current government. Pro-govt pero need palitan ng revgov headed by the same person?

A revgov led by Duts? He will revolt against himself? Many are revolted by him but i didnt realize there’s self-loathing too.

Kidding aside,  this is a pathetic ploy to retain power if Quiboloy fails to keep him alive. Meantime DDS is growing. DISILLUSIONED DUTERTE SUPPORTERS.

Revgov sa sariling gobyerno?. If ever, first time in the history of the world, makaka Guiness na naman tayo!

In a statement, PNP chief General Archie Gamboa said he ordered the CIDG to launch its probe, stressing that the PNP "has nothing to do" with the project.

Hindi na nga nagawa ang mga pinangako kahit 4 years na silang nandiyan! Ni hindi nag-improve ang performance nila, lumala pa.

Tapos tingin ninyo by using a “fabled” revgov biglang magic na maaayos ni Digong ang problema?

Hindi nga siya makabangon sa umaga, revgov pa?

I think they know that revgov won't fly. I wouldn't put it past these as$holes to try and get rid of the vice president so they can install Cayetano as successor. Is the Vice-President secure? Please ensure that she is safe.

I hope the Magdalo is doing something to secure the safety of VP Leni Robredo. Ang daming hunghang sa gobyerno ni Duterte!

They are so scared that they will all be accountable for their stupidity if their master dies before his term ends!  Imagine that, VP Leno Robredo will become the President .... and these minions will be in a lot of trouble!

Alam nilang if its Leni's turn, they'd finally take account of what they did and they're scared of that. Dami nilang katarantaduhan kasi.

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