Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Former "Bomba" Star Vivian Velez Calls VP Leni Robredo's Address to the Nation as Worst Political Branding

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"They want her to look smart with those glasses and books on the table" - Vivian Velez referring to VP Leni Robredo's address to the nation

“The worst political branding… it’s so fake,” Velez, who is an avid supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, said in a Facebook post.

As a child of the 80s, I know of Vivian Velez. Up to now, as an adult, I have no clue as to why she is relevant. And what's her claim to fame for her to call Leni "boba"? Siya na sumikat sa "bomba" era?

Matanong ko si Vivian Velez before she criticizes the Vice President. What was she wearing and doing during that infamous video tape of her and Farinas? 

Ang alam ko lang sa kanya, may betamax scandal siya. Maybe she wants to get appointed too to a higher position? Reminiscing the not-so-good old days of the kleptocrats.

The double standard coming from Vivian Velez. Do you judge Duterte's outfit? No. Why?

And FYI, Vivian Velez is a government paswelduhan. If I'm not mistaken, she gets the same salary as NEDA Sec. Karl Chua which is SG 31 or 262,965 per month of our hard-earned taxes.

Yes, she is the not-so-qualified director general of Film Academy of the Philippines. She was pro-ABS-CBN shutdown at walang itinulong sa mga artists na naghihirap sa pandemya. She is another Mocha Uson.

Savage nga si Vivian Velez as in barbaric, uncultured, classless. Do you expect a class act like VP Leni to stoop down to her level and talk trash to her too?

Such a lousy comment. That's all you can say against Leni? Give us a more objective and intellectually stimulating comment, please. It only goes to say there is nothing inside the head of Vivian. She's fine with a lazy and incompetent President.

Vivian Velez's calling VP Leni "boba" confirms her idiocy. FYI, this “boba” that you are calling had an undergraduate degree in Ecom at UP Diliman, finished law at Nueva Caceres and went for master’s degree at Beda. Who are you Vivian Velez? Anong tinapos mo at san ka nag aral?

Vivian Velez's FB post against VP Leni reeks of envy and misplaced pride -- incidentally, 2 of the 7 capital sins.  How could she not be? Leni has shown during the pandemic tha she and her team are capable of handling a crisis.  Institutions and businesses support them because they have faith and trust that she and her team can deliver.  She's decent and more importantly results-oriented.  She has shown that even with minimal funding and support from this government, that she is able to produce more. A stark contrast to what Vivian's idol has shown since taking the seat in 2016.

Do you know who inspired Vivian to put up her business? She told PDI that she entered d aviation biz coz of d “untimely death of DILG's Jessie Robredo in 2012, whom she greatly admired."

The audacity of Vivian Velez to call the VP Leni Robredo as "boba." Hey kiddos, when you wonder who is this laos porn-star-turned-bangaw lashing out at VP, just turn to Google and type “Vivian Velez Betamax”.

Now, if you want to know what the hell Betamax is, just simply type Vivian Velez. Happy viewing!

That's how DDS do it. They comment on issues without hearing the entire conversation. When criticisms against the president are obvious and true, they attack the choice of outfit of his detractors. Do not emulate them. Do not be like Vivian Velez.

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