Saturday, August 29, 2020

Namjoon of BTS Compares their relationship with fans is like “Nutella and bread” and Jungkook went “What!?”

Wazzup Pilipinas!

“Describe your relationship with your fans in one word”

Jungkook: love... love
Namjoon: Nutella and bread
Jungkook: .... what?

Namjoon’s brilliant mind is always on like standardized test mode. ARMY is to BTS as NUTELLA is to BREAD. Get on this level, y’all. 

Namjoon said their relationship with Army is like “Nutella and bread” and Jungkook went “What!?”

Namjoon first saying their relationship with army is like "hamburger and Coke" and now saying its like "Nutella and bread"

When someone speaks food to you, there is a deeper soul to soul connection there. As they say the way to a man's heart is through his tummy or stomach.

He is in exploration to find a word that exceed the word "love". And he nailed it everytime.

How about Soju and beer next time?

Or is that just the headspace I’m in right now??

"Joonie" has been expressing his love for Army through food pairing analogies and this is just another reason to love him more. Though that is three words...hehehe

Why is Namjoon the cutest person in this world?

And Taehyung said Army are his BFFs. He keeps saying we’re his best friends?? Im so endeared.

Though, while everyone keeps talking about JK’s little WHAT?!, have you noticed Tae’s WTF face & Hobi’s fond smile when Joon said “Nutella & Bread”?

"If you ever feel alone, just remember that Taehyung called us his best friends, Jungkook called us love, Joon called us Nutella and bread, Jimin called us his future, Hobi called us his hope, Yoongi said we’re always together and Seokjin called us his Earth."

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