Sunday, August 23, 2020

James Gunn Went Deep Into the DC Library for the Suicide Squad Sequel

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"The villains I used come from all over DC & from different time periods. However the movie is deeply indebted to John Ostrander’s #SuicideSquad run, so I’d start with the 1st collection, Trial by Fire." - James Gunn

Holy shit! I can not believe I am actually excited for James Gunn's THE SUICIDE SQUAD!

It looks like a looney, colorful pop art war film! Harley Quinn has never looked f*cking better.

I haven’t ever been the biggest DC follower but a lot of the Suicide Squad characters I’ve never heard of..? Where should I start to get in on the @JamesGunn vision of Suicide Squad because I’m super pumped for it.

Here's your new batch members of Suicide Squad:

Harley Quinn
Rick Flag
Captain Boomerang
Polka-Dot Man
Ratcatcher 2
King Shark
The Thinker
Sol Soria
& Amanda Waller

So there's a movie where Peter Capaldi, Nathan Fillion, and Idris Elba get to team up with Harley Quinn, Polka-Dot Man... AND KING SHARK... with John Cena as PEACEMAKER?!

Margot Robbie is the only person who’s allowed to be Harleen Quinzel. That’s final.

God is a woman and I am in love with her. Everything about this film has me hyped and this look is so comic accurate, I cannot wait!

Our Harley forever.

John Cena came dressed TO PLAY! A fun part of this entire event was seeing how quarantine was impacting everyone’s grooming habits... lol.

Polka Dot Man is a character I thought we would never see in Cinema and I’m very interested to see how they portray him on the big screen.

And that Shark Man!

Yeah. I'm seeing this a ZILLION TIMES!

James Gunn went DEEP DEEP into the DC library! What a joy to see this really messed up Brady Bunch come to life!

I've been reading comics for decades, and I had *no idea* both the roster AND the cast went this deep.

Hat's off to all y'all.

Definitely should open up the comic access section now on the DC FanDome site so everyone can check it out.

"The greatest cast I've ever worked with" ~ James Gunn

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