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Bato Dela Rosa says probe will only demoralize the PNP

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"Senator Bato dela Rosa, former national police chief and alumnus of the country’s premier military school, says it would demoralize cops if they were probed for the killing of 4 soldiers in June."

"It will rub more salt to the injury" Maybe you mean to the wound. Bakit balat-sibuyas ba ang mga pulis?

Whose injury? The PNPs? Excuse me. That quip is not a typical PMAyer's line. Papaano kaya iyang bokal na iyan nakapasok at nakagraduate sa PMA? Malakas ang backer?

It's plain and simple kashungahan. What happened to the rule of law, quo vadis, Pilipinas?! Did he just said to just sweep the garbage under the rug?

I think the Philippine Army and the Filipino people would want to find out if there are indeed links between the Jolo police and the Abu Sayyaf. After all, it's a small piece of land and yet the police could not seem to enforce peace and order in the province. I think you're reluctant to investigate those links because it will open a can of worms within the PNP ranks. It will reveal that the police hierarchy is festering with worms eating at its core.

B. S.! so what if they are demoralized?! That's they're problem which they have to deal with. That failure falls in the hands of the PNP senior officers. That doesn't mean justice will stop for these type of people. The soldiers were executed, they didn't have a chance to defend themselves and they were all shot from behind.

We believe the result of the probe will benefit the public more than the ego amongst few rogue cops whom this 'alleged demoralization' mostly would 'creep' upon. Not the good cops who are already satisfied with good salary and dedication to serve the country. Bottom line, find the truth, investigate with political will all suspects, no exception. Demoralization? This excuse is a thing of the past. It will demoralize the collaborators of true terrorists. Bakit mas mahalaga ba ang demoralization kaysa justice? Hindi kaya mas nakaka-demoralize sa mga matitinong pulis kung pati sila madadamay sa mga kalokohan ng ibang pulis?

Kaya malalakas sng loob ng mga pulis patola na yan e kasi may PROTECTOR! May ENABLER. What is this fool hiding? Sarap butasin ang ulo nitong si “sarap buhay” tapos hulugan ng piso para naman magkalaman.

Bababa ang morale nila, bibigat naman ang bulsa. May nag-utos sa mga iyan. They were mere pawns.

Kahit ibuhos pang lahat ang kaban ng bayan sa kanila sa pasuweldo, all government employees as well, hindi pa rin sila mawawalan ng reklamo. Walang pinagkaiba sa mga rallyists. Only we can enjoy lasting peace if saboteours are flushed out. Marami pa ring raket na nangyayari not only ths Abu Sayyaff thing

Demoralization happened several times before in the PNP and AFP, but never been a major issue to turn back to their  oath of alligance.

I have yet to hear something sensible coming out of this senator's mouth. No logic and obviously very defensive. There is no investigation yet, but he has taken a stand already. Clearly this guy is not worthy of even a soldier’s salute, nor of being called honorable.

This is a clear proof why we should not take Bato's recommendation of death penalty. He is just obviously showing that selective implementation of justice is ok for him. He is a one-sided senator. Puro pabor lang sa PNP ang iniisip at hindi ang pangkalahatan.

Sabi ko na nga ba hindi lang buhok ang nawala sa ulo ng senador na ito. Sa pagkalagas ng buhok, may nakasamang nasa loob kaya ganyan ang katwiran. Ingat-ingat sa mga buhok natin at baka may makasama sa pagkawala. Ilang sundalo at sibilyan ang namatay tapos gusto niya pagtakpan?

Seeing Bato in the senate is demoralizing and depressing too. Kaya siya pinatakbo ay para lang sa votes at mabraso kung anuman gusto ipasa ng admin. Shut up na lang sana siya. Walang laman ang ulo kasi.

Why not call for a fair investigation, instead? That will settle the issue. Let the probe put into effect. Majority of the people heading into the mountain barangays is because of the abuses of the PNP and not the military. Majority of people joining rebel groups are also the abuses done by the PNP. Yet, the military is the one trying to clear the mess being initiated by the PNP. The Senate and Congress should clean up the PNP. According also to a politician from Davao City, the PNP is the source of corruption in the country.

Justice should prevail because injustice breeds discontentment in the ranks!

Let justice be for the 4 soldiers killed because only the guilty ones will be prosecuted and it will not demoralise the PNP as a whole.

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